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    The crazy things people say

    One of my staff is doing "no sugar" this month. But it's ok, she can have organic honey. Sigh.
  2. KayKay

    The crazy things people say

    This thread is making laugh, but it also makes me want to cry about our society's screwed up notions of what "healthy" is. I thanked my 9-year-old for never "rubbing it in" when she eats something non-compliant (after someone told me her daughter teased her about an ice cream sundae, saying "ha ha, you can't have any!") and now my daughter sweetly pats me on the back each time she eats a treat and says, "Sorry, mom." LOL Not sure which is worse at this point!
  3. KayKay

    Fed Up!

    I watched a mom let her <1 year old baby drink from her can of Coke tonight at a school BBQ. I was floored! We saw Fed Up last weekend and loved it. I struggle with feeding my kids, and the guilt that goes with both letting them have treats and not letting them have treats at other times. My nine year old says I'm mean for not filling her lunchbag with junk. But I know she'll thank me one day.