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  1. lilypad

    Days you have the "hungers"....

    Thank you all - I feel like I ate through the vegetable drawer yesterday. However, I didn't go off plan. Today I brought snacks with a higher fat and protein content to work. Hopefully, that will help take the edge off the hunger.
  2. What do you do on the days when you just are hungry - like keep on eating and still want to eat hunger? Today is one of those days for me and it is taking everything not to just eat everything in sight. I am eating on the program, but even too much food can't be good. There is no way I should still be hungry. I have also had a TON of water, so I know I am not thirsty.
  3. lilypad

    Top 10 Whole30 Staples

    So far: Eggs Berries Spinach A good sirloin or ribeye (makes me feel like I am cheating) Canned tuna in olive oil Coconut Milk Ground turkey Avocado Homemade Mayo Roasted Chicken
  4. lilypad

    Primal Bread?

    Off topic, sorry, but I am totally addicted to pinterest and finding paleo things.
  5. Thank you Dana! I thankfully have some really understanding friends, so the only time I am going to have an issue is with work functions. I work in a male dominated environment, so I try to not appear high maintenance if I can help it. I still get *jokes* about my "12 week vacation" (i.e. maternity leave). Definitely stealing the club soda with lime idea!
  6. I am definitely going to be as good as I can...order steak and vegetable or whatever sounds the most compliant. I just don't want to get into special cooking methods and such. I am already going to get a hard time for the no alcohol.
  7. I am not talking about dinner out with friends, where I can make a choice or ask questions of the server. I am thinking more, business dinners, or company functions where I need to participate and it would be incredibly frowned upon to do anything other than order direct from the menu and smile at the client. Do you just do the best you can and know you are going to have some things that are not completely Whole30? Should that extend the period of the Whole 30?
  8. lilypad

    Really dumb question - sardines?

    Thank you! I just didn't want to open then, try them, and THEN realize they needed to be cooked or something.
  9. Do you just open the can and eat them right out of the can, or do you have to do something to them? I told you it was dumb - I just have no idea and for some reason find them to be incredibly intimidating.
  10. lilypad

    Yeah, this kinda sucks

    The first week is so hard! I was a mess on Day 3-4...I just wanted to curl in a ball, and like you, I thought I was eating pretty well. It does get better. Take it easy on yourself during this first week. You are going through a lot of changes and your body feels it.
  11. lilypad

    Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)

    Thank you! It's for a savory dish. No fake treats, I promise!
  12. lilypad

    Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)

    Is unsweeetened cocoa powder allowed in a recipe?
  13. lilypad

    Starting fresh...

    Thank you Brenda! It is good to know that others are in the same situation! I hope you are doing better and feeling more energized. Thank you Jeanye. I agree - it is so nice to have a support system, especially when my husband is skeptical about all this.
  14. lilypad

    Starting fresh...

    Good luck to you too!
  15. lilypad

    Day 1 today!

    Good luck! The first week was tough for me, but it is so much better after like Day 4. I agree that you can't force it on your family...hopefully they will see the progress you are making and make the choice to join you!