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  1. Thanks so much for the reply! Ya I didn't eat the whole bag so that's I guess a good sign. I was def craving salt and crunch tho so I feel like that's a bit of a mental cheat. I am hoping to do Whole 30 a little longer so I guess it's all a way in the end - although I really do want to be able to say I did it for 45 or 60 days 'for real' lol . I'm trying to dig into why I crave the snacks at night time so that I can rewire that habit. Thanks for the kind words about hospital workers; to be fair there are people in far more exposed roles than I am and they are the heros. It's
  2. Hey Tristacia I've had this before on previous rounds. For me it was food boredom essentially. I just had no appetite. I've found that trying a few new recipes that look exciting, or even having a favorite meal Whole 30 style (for me it's something taco related - taco salad or something I call a potaco which is a potato loaded with taco topings) makes a huge difference. Also if you've been eating the same foods for each meal, try varying it a bit. This will pass as you get used to and start looking forward to various Whole 30 meals. It may also be that when you are eating quality and
  3. Hello ! It's been a few years since my last Whole 30 and I recently started (Apr 13) another round. I reviewed some material on the site quickly before starting , just as a refresh , and have been feeling pretty good and having varried menus etc. After a month of horrible eating due to being in lockdown and essentially being in 'vacation mode' , I decided it was time to get things in order. Anyhow; I hit the grocery store a few nights ago after work (I work at a hospital so we are still working) and I was hungry and my blood sugar was off (makes me fuzzy headed) and I ended up buyi