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  1. EatingSun

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    I am on day #6 now. Feeling pretty good other than really bloated which is weird but maybe detox. i am feeling pretty good overall. Eating is fine - my husband made Indian curry cod last night and it was delicious. We ate it over cauli rice vs regular rice and if I would not have undercooked it :-) it would have just as good as rice. I was kind of in weird "why bother" mood and almost had a piece of chocolate thinking Paleo is good enough... which is true - but not yet. I am glad I held out. So far pros: sleeping like a log, energy is pretty good, eating is fairly easy (my weekend prep is still sustaining me) Challenges: was dizzy/vertigo a bit on Monday which was a bummer, still getting hungry between meals but know that will pass, not noticing any changes in how my clothes fit. Need to drink more water for sure, I am terrible about this in general. @AriSaysShesTired saw you are giving up caffeine - wow you are brave. Might I suggest dandelion tea? The roasted root variety has a really nice flavor similar to coffee. I drink it all the time including making a chai tea that I drink with home made almond milk. It's tasty! Also, do you have a Trader Joe's by you? They have a jalapeno hot sauce that is compliant. I have been known to shake a few drops on a half of an avocado in a pinch. That plus small baggies of almonds and sliced apples. I also always have shredded mixed veggies (zucc, onion, sweet pot, carrot, whatever I have) in my fridge for a quick hash. @Alexd8 - our photos are similar :-) I am a repeater too... I only lost 5.8lbs last time so was super disappointed, went to Amsterdam and ate dutch pancakes the day after I finished. As you can imagine things unraveled fast. This time I hope to shift to paleo when done. I don't expect to lose much until after the Whole 30 as that is what happened for me after Whole 30#1. Anyway, here we go!
  2. EatingSun

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    @NalaPlus3: if you do Amazon, nutpods are available. I've ordered before when I couldn't find it locally. Expensive but tasty in coffee! Recently I've seen them pop up though in stores. My local Haggen had them on sale for $2.99 so I bought 5 :-) Day 4 for me. So far, so good. Slept well last night and have really good energy today. I am so glad I did a lot of cooking over the weekend to make the week easy. Frittata for breakfast with avocado and half of an apple. Today will be my first big day of exercising (I am a figure skater) and I am curious to see if I will feel full enough after a good skate. To prep over the weekend I watched the documentary, "The Magic Pill" and started reading, "Real Food, Fake Food." Like others I am viewing this as more of a kick-start to longer term health focused eating. I also started my veggie garden with lettuce, kale, arugula and spring herbs planted. With the amount of lettuce I am about to eat (big salad is my favorite lunch) I'll need the 36 plants that went in. @sjlogghe The book helps when starting out. As does the website - lots of good shopping lists and quick and easy ideas to get going. Eggs, chicken, veggies are a good start! Happy Monday all
  3. EatingSun

    Start Date Sunday March 11th

    I am on the journey. I started Friday so just 2 days ahead. Hubby is out of town so I figured it would be easier without him here to tempt me. This is my 3rd Whole 30. First one was amazing, second OK, this time hoping for it to turn more in to long term good health habits. I am in! I hear ya - planning is key. I think I have gone to the store 3 times already and have been chopping, cooking, prepping like crazy. I also went through the pantry this morning and pitched - everything that was no longer necessary. I seem to do well when prepped, when shopped and cleaned out as I grab and go - and if healthy I'll grab and go that too. cheers, Michele
  4. EatingSun

    Start Date - March 3/12/18

    Hi, I started my 3rd Whole 30 on Friday. Tips from my past 2 go-arounds: Prep. Go to the store and chop, cook and plan the first few days in advance. I find it far harder to bag it when I've just spent all that $$ and there are containers in the fridge staring me in the face. Think about what might be the hardest (for me it's an afternoon snack, I get hungry about 3 and if I snack all hell breaks loose) and plan for it. So I eat lunch at 1 if I can (and eat a lot including lots of fat) to carry me through to dinner. And since this is an issue for me I do not snack as eventually this does go away. Since this is also developing a new lifestyle I do try and replicate the "OK" or not an issue for me things like morning coffee. Coffee and a creamer of some sort is a must-have. Just a cup and that is it for the day. So I make almond milk to use as creamer. Do cook awesome food. The first time I did this we (hubby did it with me) evolved to really love creating and making new and delicious food. We searched blogs, tried things posted on the facebook feed and suggestions here. We ended up just loving not only how great everything tasted but cooking together and then how good we felt after. It will make it feel less like a chore and punishment vs something you evolve to enjoy. Eat enough food. This was hard for me at first but I found a very important transition was the 3 meal per day thing. In time you will get less hungry and naturally eat less to sustain between meals. I am sure I'll think of more but those are the biggies for me. I am on day #2 and so far so good.
  5. EatingSun

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    Hi all, I started my whole 30 on Friday but close enough to March 12th as I'll be really early on to it. I started Friday as my husband is out of town and I thought it would be easier with him not here over the weekend... and then he'll be forced to join me :-) when he gets back! I've already completely cleaned out the pantry and tomorrow will do the fridge/freezer. Tonight I plan to make red coconut curry with chicken and veggies. I am already getting excited about the food! This weekend so far I've made a frittata for the week and shredded veggies for a hash I make for breakfast that keeps me full until lunch. This is my 3rd Whole 30. The first, amazing! The second, so-so. I struggled and didn't feel like I got many victories out of it. Perhaps it was my attitude :-) This time it's more about kick starting a more true paleo lifestyle for longer term brain, gut and overall health lifestyle. Yep, want to lose some weight too but figure if I re-work my eating habits and feel better it will come in time. Two things on coffee (it's a food group for me so I don't mess around). Cold Brew - I make cold brew which is less acidic and easier on the tummy if you drink it without a creamer. Second, nutpods or make almond milk with half the water. I do both - nutpods a little expensive but delicious which is why I tend to make almond milk. I have recently begun drinking roasted dandelion tea which has a similar flavor to coffee and no caffeine - I drink it as an afternoon or evening small snack. Looking forward to the adventure!
  6. EatingSun

    Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    Hi all, I am very late to this group but wanted to say hi. I am on day 2 of my 3rd Whole 30. Yes, I started on a Friday but I did for 2 good reasons, 1) husband is out of town so easy to just do what I need to do to get as solid start as by Sunday when he's home I'll be in full swing and 2) him being gone means I was able to clean out the pantry, fridge/freezer without him here :-) I am sure he'll love that when he gets home. But I did warn him... when you get back, join me and he said OK. We did our first about 3.5 years ago and I stuck with it for 6 months and felt amazing. My second one, about a year ago didn't go as well. I struggled the entire time (but did it) saw limited NSV's and lost just a few lbs. So I felt cheated and frustrated and well as you can imagine didn't stick with it. Plus, we headed out the day I finished to Amsterdam and well, dutch pancakes... So there you have it. My motivation is a bit different this time. Using Whole 30 to kickstart a more true paleo lifestyle which is the optimal way of eating for me. I know it and I am ready to feel better, have more energy and if the truth is in the cards, lose some weight along the way. The more I read about brain and gut health, the more I know this is the way to take control of my health. Look forward to 'meeting' you all as you continue on and finish up before me.
  7. EatingSun

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Lisha!! Hello!! Nice to hear from you! Summer is going really well. Our weather has been freakishly nice and hot so my garden is exploding. For me that is fun as growing things in the Northwest is typically an ordeal. But I do it anyway. I had no idea how easy it is to grow things when the sun is out and it is warm every day. I am working part time this summer which I am loving. I've never really worked anything other than full steam ahead so this is a nice change of pace. You are so right about the older we get, the more time flies by. And the more I seem to be aware of not wanting to waste it. Which really just adds pressure. I am doing pretty well living Paleo. I eventually lost 23 lbs but then have been completely stuck here since May. No movement despite really adhering to Paleo. The past few weeks I am definitely veering and dabbling so need to do another too. I can see how a reset can keep you going longer term. Thankfully there are no kids here and I shop and my hubby tries to eat what I eat as I know I'd have it far harder otherwise. If there were salty things around <my vice vs sugar> I'd probably eat it too. I suppose it's time to up the exercise. I never really got that going. I still struggle with vertigo and vestibular migraines. That has been the biggest issue for me. it started last fall, it hasn't stopped. I can hardly drink any wine which is a drag. I am in the hunt for a new doctor who will hopefully have some good ideas as I am tired of feeling crummy on a daily basis. Is it perimenopause? One theory or hormones or just bad "headache head" luck. That is it for me! I did a 1 week was good, felt good but I can tell I really need to do a full 30 days. Thinking August... you?
  8. EatingSun

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Hello... it's been since February since I've been out here... either of you still here?
  9. EatingSun

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Thanks. I don't feel OK. Every day I wake up and the scale is higher, my pants feel tighter and I have a headache (they are back but not the whoppers thankfully). Something is way off again. All despite continuing to follow Whole 30. Pretty much to the letter. Can't even blame it on a little wine now and then as I can't drink it right now. Gives me an instant headache. At least I am finally sleeping. That took months to fix. Pondering adding in legumes and creating my own modified version as heck, this is not working for me. Not in mood, nor physical improvement. Both in how I feel and weight loss. First, I miss them and second I wonder if some slow release fiber may do me some good since I am exercising daily. Still feeling like why bother as no matter what I do/eat/don't eat/how much I exercise/drink water, etc... it just goes up, up, up. I don't get it. Super discouraged as I can't even say well at least my pants are baggy... as they are not, they are getting tight. It is all causing quite a funk. I don't want to have to get radical. I don't want to have to feel hungry or exercise a crazy amount. I thought we didn't have to go that route don't this. I am OK with slow improvements but sure didn't expect a swing the other direction. I can't really blame it on the weather either... here we are having the most bizarre winter. 50 degrees and sunny almost every day. I worked in my garden this weekend. My asparagus is up and I've eaten a few stocks. The mint is sprouting. I planted a plum tree, I transplanted mustard and lettuce. It's nuts. The rest of the country is buried in snow and we are like California up here...
  10. EatingSun

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Hi Guys.... madscience? livin4lish? you guys out there? Saying hi and saying that man I am losing steam and not sure why. Maybe because the moodiness has returned? The emotional roller coaster has come back in to town? The feeling great and motivated is waning? And of course the scale takes over all. I've lost nothing in a month despite being 100% faithful to "the plan" and exercising. And actually I am up 2lbs from my low. Seriously??? Let's make it all worse! Add it all up and teetering on "why bother" which is not a good place to be. If I felt great, full of energy and my mood was in a good mode it would be easier but with both of those gone it's hard. I didn't expect the physical and mood improvements to normalize back the old way despite continuing to faithfully eat according to Whole 30. It's a bummer. It is so easy for me to keep at it when I feel great and am getting the emotional boost. How are you two doing? On one hand I could say, is it time for another and on the other that seems like the last thing I can stomach right now. Debbie Downer signing off...
  11. Hi PoukieBear - I just noticed your post... it's old but wanted to respond. How are you feeling now? I did not have boundless energy until after my W30 was complete sorry to say. I am in my 4th month of following the eating plan (less strict now but do follow the eating plan and template just less rigid about labels and have a glass of wine now and then). I didn't feel many of the benefits until after. It just took that long despite being close to paleo when I started. I also ended up with a seasonal migraine/vertigo that was unrelated that lasted 3 weeks. I was a mess during my W30. I do find that 1) eating enough is essential for me - especially at breakfast and 2) yes, yes on the fat intake! 3) I need carbs. I eat a sweet potato daily mostly via a hearty hash I mean for breakfast. I do need to be conscious about eating more when eating this way and I am losing plenty of weight. You won't find my rate on the front page of the site but oh well. I am down almost 20lbs since end of Oct, I feel great, have seen a lot of positive changes, eating is totally under control and the weird stuff is gone. Migraines did not get better and are managed via meds - oh well, can't have it all. Much else did improve by doing a W30 so as you can see I am sticking with it! Hope your symptoms went away!!
  12. EatingSun

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Congrats!!!! Day 30, Whole 30 #2 in the books!! Really impressed!! Great news on your mom and her 9lb weight loss. I have to say it went so fast or maybe it just seemed like it was pretty easy for you. I love how you focused on other life changes as a part of the experience. So inspiring!! Also sounds like while you did this with your mom, you still felt like it was worthwhile. I do ponder doing another... I know I could only benefit. I fear slightly no wine for 30 days. Not that I drink a lot, it's just that we are super-foodies and gosh I enjoy my half glass of wine with dinner... I definitely am up for a strict paleo challenge for 30 days. Congrats again!! Finish line!!!!!
  13. EatingSun

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Day 29!! WOW that went fast!! Or at least from my side of the fence it went fast! holy moley tomorrow you are done. Inspiring! How has your mom done? How does she feel? Do you feel any different this time vs last? Love the added "ingredients" approach. So cool. Whole 30 really does inspire lots of good changes in life doesn't it? Love, love, love the tattoo!! Gorgeous. Seems like you found an artist that could really create your vision congrats!! I think it is cool.
  14. EatingSun

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Hi to you both - sorry I've been MIA. I've been swamped and had a hard time popping in even to say hello!! It is crazy how 1 day can derail you... nothing so terrible... but one day of over-eating and my motivation nose-dived. Sunday we had a group over, made some good stuff, people brought some other good stuff, it was all paleo, I just ate too much. Yesterday I felt off, hungry all day and oddly didn't care. I had the intention when I woke up of doing kind of a re-set as my brain wanted to get back on it, do a reset, didn't like how I felt, didn't want things to unravel, etc. All day long all I wanted to do was snack. I was hungry by 10:30am despite having a breakfast that should have been plenty and followed the template. It was hard to make it through the day and I did graze and feel tempted more than normal. All from 1 day! This after 4 months and getting to a place of more or less easy street. So we'll see how today goes... @livin4lish - how are you? I am glad you liked the sausage! I am envious of your source of grass fed ground beef!! Good for you for keeping it Paleo :-) And even better for not dwelling on the slips. I think that is the true secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dwelling cannot be good for us. I think it falls in to the stress category...and we know that is not good... @madscience You must be close to the finish line... how many days in? I'd love to see a picture too! Love how you go for it - tattoo, activity, dance, all things!! Your zest for life seems to come through these pages :-) Hope you two are doing well. Michele
  15. EatingSun

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    hi folks, a quick hi, I am swamped this week, not even a moment to read and catch up! @livin4lish so glad you are still out there @madsciencem would love to see a picture will pop back in as soon as I get a chance. hope you are both well and the storms don't have you housebound! keep warm!!