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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. I will certainly be sticking it out for the full 30 days, regardless....I'm doing this with my partner and our pact is that if one of us breaks, we both have to start all over again! Plus I don't like being a quitter. It's taking a big leap of faith, though. I feel like I've joined a cult. There're a lot of theories about what our gut flora is doing....but are there any studies where some microbiologist has actually examined the composition of the bacteria in different parts of the colon, and how it's changed in response to various diets? I bet there aren't.
  2. I know it's a common problem on W30 but it's making me a bit crazy. So, I've just finished day 9 of my first (and prob last) Whole 30. Prior to this, I've always eaten basically well, including all grains, legumes and dairy, but never enough vegetables or fruit, and way too much sugar. I had sugar in tea and coffee, frequent chocolate, and lots of biscuits and sweet treats! So I'm doing this to reset my diet and get rid of my sugar cravings once and for all. Normally, my digestion is very good, and although I did get bloated after a carb heavy meal such as pasta, once I took steps to reduce