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  1. I had unexpected company over the weekend, and ended up going off plan. So that was 21 days for my first streak of eating whole30-style. This log probably doesn't actually belong here, as I'm not doing a proper whole30, but am rather keeping track of my eating and how it effects me in general. Maybe I will wrap up here and move to the post-whole30 logs, which is where this probably belongs. In regards to going off plan on Sunday, I don't feel that it was necessarily a poor choice. I made a deliberate choice to eat something that isn't particularly a problem food - barbequed short ribs, p
  2. Hmm, sleep is still a bit weird. Also today I don't have much of an appetite. I wouldn't say it's food boredom - just, eating at all seems like too much trouble. I feel like I have had this with whole30 in the past, so I don't think it's really weird and it will probably pass in a few days. Last night was pretty rough - the only reasons I did not go off plan were that I didn't have any baking supplies in the house and the weather was lousy so I didn't want to go out. I've found that no matter what it is, I can do pretty well for two weeks - an exercise plan, eating well - and then after
  3. What a weird night ... I've been having restless sleeping - lots of weird dreams and waking up off and on through the night. But I don't usually have a problem falling asleep. It's more like, I'll wake up briefly at midnight and two and four ... But last night, I could not get to sleep. I was really sleepy and went to bed just a bit early, right around 10 ... and laid there for HOURS. I was sleepy enough that I couldn't seem to get myself up to read or potter around the house for a bit, but also wasn't able to fall asleep. Around 2 I finally got up and read for a while - super sleepy the
  4. Well, that was a weekend. I accomplished many annoying chores that I'd been putting off, including the plumbing repair which, as all plumbing repairs do, took approximately four times longer than anticipated and required two trips to the home improvement store. The result of all this productivity is that I absolutely did not want to cook. Since it was the weekend, all my batch cooking for the week was pretty much gone. Without technically being non-compliant, I definitely had some meals that were not ... ideal. Did I have one meal that was just bacon? Yes, yes I did. I also had way more
  5. Congrats on halfway! Trying to sleep can be so frustrating - you can do everything right but if your body just won't sleep or sleep well, you can't make it. Hope you have a better night's rest!
  6. I know it's just that she's worried, but some days hearing about the importance of fat free milk and raisin bran for the calcium, iron, and fiber (can't get those from meats and vegetables, you know!), or the dangers of red meat, egg yolks, and all fats, drives me crazy! The 90s have a lot to answer for ... Yesterday was almost too calm! But I got a lot of cleaning done. The house needed it - I don't think I'd done a really thorough cleaning since before Christmas. After my cleaning binge I didn't feel like cooking much so I just made eggs and vegetables. Eggs and vegetables are my "I'll
  7. Yesterday did NOT calm down. I ended up working late in order to repair a giant rip someone had torn in the stage curtains and it was an extremely tedious and time consuming repair job. So I decided to let the faucet drip for another day and used my truncated evening to cook a good supper and relax a bit. Definitely a wise choice. I was tempted to go off plan following such a frustrating day but I knew nothing short of half a large pizza and a bag of chocolate would be satisfying, so instead I had the salmon, red potatoes, and broccoli/cauliflower I had planned. And it was pretty gosh darned g
  8. What a morning ... nothing terrible, just one little thing after another. Woke up late, faucet handle broke in my hand, didn't have time for breakfast, hair decided today was a good day to be frizzy, no staff parking spots left ... But, rather than stop for a double-chocolate muffin I brought a little extra food in my lunch - today is my weird double mini lunch day so I'll have lunch one a little early and make lunch two a little more substantial. But it would be nice if today would just calm down a little. I was going to do a chicken stir fry last night but wasn't in the mood, so i
  9. One week down. My sleep is still somewhat erratic but my energy level seems to be stabilizing - not high energy, but consistent throughout the day. No mid-afternoon crash. I attempted sweet potatoes on Saturday. I sauteed half a small sweet potato with chicken, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts and cooked the other half with ghee and cinnamon. It was ... fine. Didn't hate it, wasn't particularly excited about it either. I think it really is a question of exposure - I'd never even once tried a sweet potato until I did my first whole30. My family just never had them and I never really thou
  10. Very low energy yesterday, so I just had eggs and vegetables for supper and didn't tackle the sweet potatoes yet. Am I putting them off? Maybe a little ... Sometimes I have what is almost a slight fear reaction to trying foods - scary foods! It's not at all a rational thing - after all, if I really don't like it I can just not eat it. And I've had sweet potatoes before and it's not like a hate them - more like, eh, I don't really like this that much. It's not like they're fish heads or something. Very sleepy last night and went to bed early, but then couldn't sleep and had a restless nigh
  11. Keeping fresh vegetables on hand is such a challenge when you can't get to the store frequently - and frozen just isn't quite the same. Even frozen vegetables are hard to stock up on unless you have a big freezer. Congrats on the good sleep!
  12. Sweet potatoes acquired! It was a struggle to not grab a "treat" at the store. Not because of the intense cravings but because I've been doing that automatically every time I get groceries. Need to pick up some groceries, grab something sugary on the way out. You know, body, it's not really a treat if you have it so often that you grab it on autopilot and eat it without thinking about it. I have a weird schedule on my Tuesdays and Thursdays right now - no matter when I take a lunch break, it will always be 7 hours away from one meal. I can either eat lunch 7 hours after breakfast b
  13. Agreed - it can become such a big THING if you tell people - they tend to get anxious. Oh no! It's the weird complicated diet thing!!! Yay!
  14. Many of my favorite foods are nightshades ... it sounds so sinister! Fun fact, when I moved into my house the back yard was overrun - and I mean overrun - with poisonous nightshade. Like, nightshade instead of grass. I actually did some research before planting a garden just to make sure it couldn't accidentally cross polinate my tomatoes and peppers. Yesterday was a day. It was so cold and I wanted hot cocoa! Also I didn't pack quite enough lunch and was super hungry by mid-afternoon. The first time I did Whole30 I had no appetite for quite a while. It was all I could do to eat an egg a
  15. Day 1 went well - didn't try anything new, just some old standbys - eggs and broccoli, meatball vegetable soup, and chicken stir fry. A friend got me a tiny little lunchwarmer crockpot for my office, which is awesome - I can pack my soup in the removable inner section, put it in the crock pot at work and warm it up for lunch without needing to wait for a turn at the janky old microwave in the main office, and then take the empty inner container home to wash and refill. Truly a useful little item. All sounds excellent! I was debating on putting them in a dish with other ingredients, mix
  16. Grrrrr ... Completed my second Whole30 last May and felt like, this is it. I have arrived. Peak health, here I come! Nooope. The minute I relaxed my standards, I tumbled down a rabbit hole of junk food. So this time, my plan is to just keep going. Not that I'm planning on a WholeEternity - that would be a little impractical - but let's just see how far I can go. The rationales: 1. While foods like grains and dairy do contain nutrition, I am not at the point where I have the willpower for reasonable serving sizes, and overindulgence leads to pain and discomfort. 2. Ref
  17. Ghee is the best! The flavor is so much richer than just butter.
  18. I used left-over chicken with left-over chicken and onion gravy, carrots, and green peas (which I'm super excited are now allowed, but you could use any kind of vegetable you liked - celery, green beans, probably even spinach or kale ... I feel like broccoli might get soggy, though), and then left-over mashed potatoes whipped with ghee on top. Or you could use mashed root vegetables or cauliflower, if you wanted to go easy on the potatoes. You probably have, but have you checked out some of the paleo cooking websites? Sometimes you have to modify a bit if the recipes have honey or someth