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  1. stealthstitcher

    The crazy things people say

    Ah, yes, the "the food is not allowed to touch" diet. Lose hundreds of pounds on this miracle diet by simply not letting any of your foods touch each other! I think my all-time favorite (that I just heard again recently) is "How can you have eggs if you're not eating dairy?" Seriously, the number of people who firmly believe that eggs are dairy ... The latest person to say it to me explained, "Meat is when you eat an animal, and dairy is when you eat something that comes out of an animal. We learned that in school."
  2. stealthstitcher

    The crazy things people say

    Yup, those meats and vegetables are dangerous. You have to watch out for them. Besides, you're missing all the vital nutrients contained in flour! Saw a man leaving 7-11 this morning (around 8:30) with a giant size red slushie. Mmm, breakfast of champions.
  3. stealthstitcher

    The crazy things people say

    These gems from today: Coworker: "But if it's just for 30 days, won't you gain all the weight back when it's over?" Me: "It's not really about losing weight. Also, I'm planning on continuing to eat better foods even after 30 days." Coworker: "You can't do that! Eating like this all the time can't be good for you!" (later, same conversation) Coworker:"You're not supposed to weigh yourself? Then how will you know if it's working?!" Me: "It's not really about losing weight." (Maybe i should get this printed on a t-shirt.) And finally: "Oh ... so it's basically Atkins."
  4. stealthstitcher

    The crazy things people say

    Oh, holiday meals with relatives ... "I don't think we need to have a vegetable today, because we're having one tomorrow." Heaven forbid you eat vegetables two days in a row. And the next day's "vegetable" was green bean casserole. "I wouldn't trust a turkey raised on some farm. Factories are able to keep meat in ideal conditions, so it's safer." Yup, "factories" are known for their ideal conditions. Whereas, raising poultry on farms ... who does that?