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  1. Dee55555

    Spaghetti Squash

    I put my spaghetti squash whole in the microwave for 30 seconds and then easily cut through it in half. Then I take all the sets and stringy parts out and either put it in the crock pot or roast it in the oven. So easy and I have almost sliced a finger trying to get through that outside in the past so the microwave is the easiest for sure but will try just putting it in whole in the crock next time and see what I think.
  2. Dee55555

    Day 10 NSV

    I can totally relate to this. It's funny how once you're done with the cravings it's not acceptable to use food as a crutch. When I'm eating junk food on a regular basis ( a little chocolate here, a bagel there) and then something really stressful happens it's the first thing I go to. When you're really aware of getting 3 meals into your body a day and eating until your full it's not really an option. It's a much nicer way to live.
  3. Dee55555


    Yes, sweet potatoes or butternut squash doesn't make me want to eat more carbs. If anything it makes me full longer and gives me better sleep and energy throughout the day. I also like to eat soup in the morning for breakfast with protein so like a chicken soup without the noodles.
  4. Dee55555


    I added a small sweet potato or butternut squash to breakfast. I've stopped eating eggs every day as well. Today I had 2 compliant pieces of sausage with spinach and sweet potato with avocado. I won't be hungry for hours by adding the carb and due to work, I probably won't eat until 2pm (6 hours later) and that will be fine for me.
  5. Dee55555

    NSV's & so much more!

    Such a great success story. Weight Watchers made me nuts too and I was alway hungry. LOL! Congrats!
  6. Dee55555


    When I started sleeping correctly, about a week ago, that is when I finally found Tiger Blood. I also added a carb to breakfast and that has helped me tremendously with Tiger Blood. I'm counting weeks for my whole 90 as days feels depressingly long. So starting Week 6 today and made some new dishes for the week to avoid boredom. Anyone getting sick of eating meat/veggie/fat yet?
  7. In a year that would be 72 pounds if you continued to lose at that rate. I think that it's great you lost 6 lbs and how nice has it been not to be hungry? Every diet I have ever done has left me waiting for my next meal, snacking all day and sometimes going to sleep just so I didn't eat anything else for the day due to hunger. I am not weighing myself today, and I will be continuing with the program, but I made a list on my phone about what I hope to accomplish from doing this program and what I'm seeing now that 30 days has passed. Focus on all the good and try not to think about the scale. I broke up with the scale last year and it has been the best thing for me. Good luck and congrats!
  8. Dee55555

    tossing and turning

    Hi Praxiproject - Yes I was thinking along the same lines in regards to getting blood work done. Before I started the Whole 30 on Jan. 1 I wasn't haven't any trouble with sleep, but it has never taken me this long to actually work out a sleep issue with this way of eating. I think blood work is in order, so thanks for echoing my own thoughts.
  9. Dee55555

    tossing and turning

    Hi Praxisproject I had no idea really about magnesium and I read about health a lot. I have been under enormous work stress for months now and so by doing the Whole 30 this month it has been nice as eating well is one less stress for my body/mind. I was very tired until I started getting sleep so I switched over to yoga as I felt too tired to do super strenuous workouts on a regular basis so maybe I've done 1-2 of those per week and the rest very gentle yoga. Now with the Natural Calm I am back to my old self with energy so it's been great. I need to work on less stress and better ways to handle it, but I do love Natural Calm and I'm grateful to be able to take it as my sleep has been perfect at 8 hours a night. I'm extending my Whole 30 as I would like a month of good sleep and good eating under my belt.
  10. Dee55555

    tossing and turning

    Thank you Ladyshanny!!!! Me too.
  11. You look incredible, but I love everything you have gained from doing this for so long. I hope to have similar results. I'm doing a Whole 90 as I think it will help the way of eating changes stick. This is my 3rd Whole 30. I'm curious if you constantly change up what you eat or if you sorta stick to the same things. This Whole 30 I have been eating new foods/recipes each week and it has made a big difference in that doing it for longer than a month should be easy as I'm not bored.
  12. Dee55555

    tossing and turning

    I seriously love Natural Calm. I sleep so well with it. I don't know if that means I probably was deficient in magnesium, but since I started taking it every night I feel amazing and get very deep sleep. I can't recommend it enough if you're having problems.
  13. Dee55555

    tossing and turning

    Wow! I literally have had 2 awesome nights of sleep and I'm shocked as I'm on Day 24 so it took me 22 days into the program to figure out how to finally sleep through the night. I took a few nights off from the Natural calm as sugarcubeod had suggested and then took 1 tsp the last 2 nights. I had awesome sleep and today feel amazing. Yesterday I was sorta groggy, but today I woke up with energy and hungry which I haven't woken up hungry since I started. I do think that's a good sign. My GI problems from the Natural Calm seem to have subsided. I'm interested to see how the rest of the week will go and want to continue the program beyond the 30 days to get myself into a healthy rhythm with all of this. This is my 3rd Whole 30 and I never had such a hard time with sleep but I am also under the most stress I have ever been in so I guess that is playing into all of it. Thanks again! It is so nice to sleep!
  14. Dee55555

    tossing and turning

    Thanks Sugarcubeod. I will try that.
  15. Dee55555

    tossing and turning

    Sleep is still not happening so I'm not taking the natural calm. 1 tsp has not helped, but maybe in a few days it will. I doubt I can take much more or it will effect my bowels as I'm on the cusp of having problems right now. I'm hoping it has a cumulative effect and in a few nights starts to kick in. As for energy I'm great. I do think it was my sodium levels.