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  1. I have not been officially diagnosed with hypothyroid but I do suspect it. My mom has hashimoto's and thyroid issues also run in my dad's family, I have been gluten free for 4 1/2 years and paleo on and off for the past 2 or so years. This is my first official whole30 and though I have seen improvements in mental clarity and mood my energy levels have been a different story. And I felt like I lost some water weight but now my clothes are fitting tighter again. I'm on day 22 so it's a little frusterating. I thought maybe I was eating too many sweet potatoes so I cut them down over the past couple days and felt a lot more energetic but now today I just feel like I could sleep all day. This post makes me think I need to up the starchy veggies again though. I have about 30-40 lbs to lose so it's so easy to focus on that but I'm really trying to focus more on how I feel but that's hard to do when you just feel tired :/
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    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I'm not on BC and my period was about a week late. My husband had a vasectomy about 4 years ago but I was starting to think one may have snuck through lol. I started my whole30 pretty close to when I would have gotten my period normally so maybe that's why it was late? I also read somewhere that estrogen is stored in fat cells and is released when you lose weight, maybe this has something to do with it too.