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  1. Last week when I started my Whole30 and noticed all the information on nightshades, I kind of pushed it aside and figured naah not a problem for me. Well I think I've been proven wrong. Although my digestion/IBS is doing well - which I talk about more in this thread and overall I'm feeling better rested and better in general I am still dealing with a fair amount of nasal congestion, sore throat, and fatigue. This happened in a big way many times over the summer (read 5 serious bouts lasting 3-5 days) that I thought I was getting colds/flus from overworking. However, the symptoms were never accompanied with fever, bodyaches or other flu like symptoms. Just the sore throat and painful ears usually on one side or both and clear phlegm (not colored or cloudy like with a cold or flu. Sorry for the details but it's important in figuring out the cause!). Important to note that I have hypothyroidism (treated since 2008) and despite my blood levels indicating it's well balanced, I have fatigue and cycle issues that seem to indicate otherwise. Last night I used a new to me Mrs. Dash spice blend and last night and today the right side of my throat and right ear canal or SO painful and I am phelgmy. Looked at the ingredients I saw that it contains black pepper and chili pepper high up on the list and then red bell pepper further down. Considering my dinner consisted of... Roasted Chicken Roasted sweet potato topped with coconut milk and Sauerkraut (from a local farm made with nothing but salt) I really think spice blend has got to the be cause of my symptoms. So nightshades are gone for a while to see if it gets rid of this really annoying and hurtful inflammation. My questions are... *Do you agree with my possible self-diagnosis? *What symptoms do you (other people that have nightshade issues) get when you eat them?? *Am I missing any nightshades on my list of things to avoid.... All peppers Tomatoes and Tomatillos Eggplants Potatoes but not sweet potatoes (thank goodness!) Paprika and other pepper based spices Hot sauce and salsa (I've heard blueberries as well but am unsure??) Thanks so much guys!
  2. Hi guys! I just purchased the Kindle edition of 'It Starts With Food' and am really enjoying it. The reason I bought it and am now going to start the Whole 30 program tomorrow is because for the last 18+ years I've struggled with IBS symptoms of the diarrhea, cramping, and bloating type. It comes and goes in severity and frequency but it's always there. I'm fortunate that it's never gotten to the point that I've been bed ridden but the symptoms certainly interfere with my health (obviously), my energy levels, and my ability to work. Case in point, I recently stopped working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor because I was so drained (I was working too much overall but the IBS definitely played a role.) What I'm looking for is some stories of Whole 30 program success from those with similar IBS situations, particularly the diarrhea-type IBS... What worked for you what didn't? Any advice about additional measures, dietary changes that you found helpful in controlling/lessening your symptoms? (Ex. cutting out FODMAPS, coffee, etc.) Did the Whole 9/Whole 30 protocol take care of all symptoms, lessen them, or make them worse? Here's a little more background on me... I'm at a healthy weight (and don't want that to change), ~30 years old, and my husband and I are planning on starting to start trying to conceive in January. I do have a regular cycle but I do worry about how my digestive issues will affect my actual chances of conceiving and the health of a growing fetus. I take medication for hypothyroidism, Vitamin D, Vit C, fish oil, and a multi. I had a full blood work up two weeks ago and all levels are normal. I do have a history of anxiety and depression due to my family history as well as the deaths of two immediate family members. Was on medication for a year but now control with meditation/yoga, exercise, and talk therapy. Coming of the medication (Cymbalta) wrecked havoc on my IBS so I'll do whatever I need to to stay off of it! I was working out entirely too much because of my job (read 2-4 hours of exercise 5 days per week) and am so glad not to be doing that anymore (since 3 weeks ago). I took a week off from anything except walking and stretching and now try to get in some activity 5 to 6 days per week but keep it around 45 min and moderate in intensity with the exception of a long hike each weekend. I don't plan teaching again anytime soon so I am on the job hunt and hope I can get back to feeling healthy and energetic before starting a new position. ETA: My face has also been breaking out a lot lately and that rarely happens. Could be from the change from working out a ton to now being active a reasonable amount. I will interested to see how the Whole 30 protocol affects this. My diet is overall quite good and not that far removed from the Whole 30 program... *Lots of fresh veggies at lunch and dinner *Moderate amount of fruit, usually at breakfast *Almost always have a small afternoon snack in addition to my three meals (typically a non-dairy KIND bar sometimes with fruit) *Cut out Gluten containing foods, and the remaining small amount of dairy products I still ate a month ago *Usually have eggs, fish or occasionally beef once a day *Drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning and 1 in the afternoon *Drink lots of water. I often drink home brewed, unsweetenend herbal tea and homemade lemonade made with fresh lemon juice and lemon stevia from NuNaturals. *Generally drink a cup of coconut water after workout/run etc. A typical day of eating now looks like this... Breakfast ~7am: 2 Egg and 1 banana pancake topped with nut butter, figs or strawberries, and cinnamon (also have 1/2 to 1 cup of coffee with almond milk) Lunch ~12pm: big greens and veggie salad topped with salsa and avocado, 1 slice homemade gluten free bread, and 1 portion canned salmon Afternoon Snack ~3pm: non-dair kind bar with or without fruit or homemade oat/nut/flax seed granola with almond milk (also usually have 1 cup of coffee with almond milk) Dinner: Usually very similar to lunch but sometimes make homemade sweet potato soup or homemade gluten free, dairy free veggie pizza. Evening Snack/Dessert: homemade oat/nut/flax seed granola with almond milk and berries (Lots of water and herbal iced tea in the morning, when active, and throughout the day.) The main changes that I need/want to implement to be on the Whole 30 is... *Cut out the non-gluten grain products I'm eating daily, particularly oats *Cut out any soy and legume products (usually have them ~once per day *Make my own almond milk to replace store bought (used to do that but stopped because of cost and the fact that it spoils easily) and replace any other processed foods *Eat more meat *Cut out my evening snack/dessert (generally homemade oat/flax/nut granola with almond milk) *I generally eat sunflower butter instead of peanut butter but need to cut the PB out completely *Eat more meat/fish *Stop consuming stevia. Sorry this is such a long explanation - any help, advice you have is much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  3. So glad I found this thread and don't know why I didn't look harder before! Will write more later (gotta head to work) but man it is annoying and worrisome when my cycle is so out of whack. Has been since before Whole30 but spotting and bleeding for 5+ days mid cycle is typical for me. No BC for a while now and we just TTC. Very disheartening but am going to see an Repro Endo next week as well as an alternative med doctor. Sigh....
  4. JennyH

    Ovulation, FSH and LH levels

    Hi there To be honest I haven't read any scientific studies/evidence regarding the effect of Whole30/Paleo type eating on fertility and hormone levels though I would be very interested myself! I have struggled with amennorhea in the past (due to poor dietary habits and hypothyroidism at the time.) I took myself off the pill over two years ago to work my way back to a pretty normal cycle. I say pretty because my period comes every 30 days like clockwork but I have had spotting throughout my cycle for the last ~7 months which was not typical in my younger years. I am very interested to see how the Whole30 way of eating effects the spotting and my ability to ovulate and conceive (my husband and I are going to start trying very soon.) I may start a thread in the Ladies Only forum once I have something to share about my own experience. So far the Whole 30 way of eating has been extremely helpful in helping my body heal from too much activity (until recently I worked full time in fitness) terrible IBS-D and other smaller issues. I think it will be helpful to you as well. Let us know how things are going!
  5. JulieAnn So sorry that your boyfriends is having such a hard time. It sounds like he diet change is actually quite drastic since he was having quite a lot of wheat and grains so it sounds totally reasonable that he would be having withdrawal type symptoms. I think that after the first week he will start to feel better. I know for myself, I on day 6 I believe and I had already cut out dairy and wheat 2 weeks ago and I am still having a lot of feeling of major withdrawal particularly from the little bit of honey/maple syrup that I drizzled on my breakfast and my afternoon coffee (though I still have a bit in the morning). Make sure he is having some carbohydrate dense veggies (like squash and sweet potatoes) in at least a couple meals a day to help with the transition. Also lots of water and, if he's up to it, some gentle exercise - walking, jogging, yoga, etc. to help feel better. It's important to understand that the change in diet affects the entire body including the brain and our ability to make feel good neurotransmitters. It will catch up but it takes time. Best wishes!
  6. Thanks Robin! I'm at just one serving of fruit per day at breakfast and will try to go without it sometimes to see the difference. I do have a hard time doing a more savory breakfast (as opposed to the more fruit, egg, and nut centered one I'm used to). My digestion is actually doing really well this week overall now I just have to make sure I'm not taking in any foods that have been causing sinus and throat irritation and congestion because yesterday sucked and I'm still feeling off today. (Pretty sure it was either peppers in a spice blend or sauerkraut that I ate on Tuesday night because the throat irritation started right after). I feel like a science experiment - I just want to get this figured out and feel better consistently!
  7. Ohhh man, that is good to know Joey! I have had sauerkraut many times over my lifetime (my dad like to serve us german food when we were young) but haven't had a lot in the last few years. For now I will not eat it and when I do eat it, I will do so without nightshades or other possible allergens and be very mindful of how it makes me feel. I did have a big portion last night. My throat isn't burning anymore but I can definitely can still feel the effects of whatever's going on in my body. Just took a great (and not too intense) warm power flow yoga class and although most was okay I had waves of just feeling awful at various points. It's hard to describe in any other way. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow and as I continue to cut out these other items, especially because I have a job interview! Thanks so much!
  8. JennyH

    How exactly?

    I agree with all of the suggestions to get the ISWF book - it's really important to understand the WHY behind the dietary recommendations. I also agree with telling you to eat the yolks, provided you don't have any allergies or intolerances. You can always blend them up into something so you don't even know they're there. My favorite breakfast is to high speed blend 2 eggs and a ripe banana and then cook it in a small egg pan with coconut oil like a big pancake. Then I top it with nut butter, fruit, and or pumpkin. Freaking delicious. Make sure also that the reason you don't want to eat yolks is the lingering impact of all those years of stupid health recommendations telling us NOT to eat them. Ughhh
  9. JennyH

    Not gonna lie...

    You can do it! Good for you for getting rid of the tempting foods that you don't want to eat. It's certainly a recipe for disaster if you have them around. Besides getting the non whole 30 foods out of sight, I highly recommend planning your eats a day ahead of time so that's all set and you don't have to stress about it. Also use meditation, deep breathing, yoga, walking, anything to get your mind of cravings when they strike. Best wishes!
  10. Things are going pretty well overall and I'm loving this way of eating! Definitely have learned a few lessons/mistakes in the first few days of my Whole30 - despite filling a big bowl with my homemade beef, butternut squash and greens chili last night and topping it with avocado I was unable to sleep last night due to hunger and resorted to a 11pm bowl of strawberries + coconut milk + sunflower butter. The snack was within the Whole30 standards but I'm sure it affected my sleep quality and also the fact that for the first time since starting my Whole30 I had some GI problems this morning. That was also likely due to starting to drink my coffee before and not after I had finished my breakfast. Overall though my energy levels are staying much more even, I'm able to go without my usual afternoon snack (still working on that late evening one), my GI issues are much better, and my skin seems to be clearing up. I think I'm going to officially start my Whole20 again today since it's the 1st of October and it would be neat to do a full calendar month. Hopefully with a few less mistakes! ETA: I also want to cut back on nut/seed and fruit intake. Currently my breakfast usually consists of 2 servings of fruit and 1 serving of nut or seed butter. Also I've been having fruit and nuts in the evening if I do have an evening snack (which I'm working on going without). Goal is to have just one serving of fruit and one servings of nuts/seeds at breakfast and then possibly one serving of fruit later in the day at most.
  11. JennyH

    Grocery store stalker

    Too funny! Always good to share the inspiration with those stalkers. You know what's funny is that I would consider myself a pretty non-judgemental person but because I work in health/fitness/nutrition and have a lot of personal interest in the subjects as well I totally make judgements about people based on what's in their shopping cart. Not in oh you're a terrible person for feeding that too your family sort of way but in a I wish I could give you a few tips sort of way. But then I remember that since I buy all of my meat and produce at a local farm that the food in my shopping cart at the grocery store doesn't look so awesome and well-rounded! Anyone else do this?
  12. JennyH

    Almost there and seeing/feeling no change

    Sarah, So sorry to hear you're still not feeling as good as you hoped. Although I am fully behind the Whole 30 protocol I would actually be shocked if depression was just gone after only 30 days. If you didn't have depression before but do now it could actually be a bit of a detox sort of effect and also because you're not getting the boost of feel good neurotransmitters when you eat sugar/simple carbs it's understandable for your body to play catch up. I would recommend giving it at least another 30 or preferably another 60 days. I agree with the question about Vitamin D, I take 2000mg per day because mine tested low. Of course diet (while a very important part) is just one part of the equation. I'm a big fan of talk therapy when changes are happening in my life or I'm feeling low often. Sleep is of course essential as well as making sure to get some physical activity and time outside almost every day is super important. Best wishes and let us know how things are progressing.
  13. JennyH

    Best 44th Birthday Present Ever!

    Congrats Kate! What a wonderful accomplishment and such great, healthy changes!
  14. Definitely do talk to your doctor. I deal with anxiety and depression, did experience debilitating panic attacks in the past but have a handle on them now. I started Whole30 this week but in the spring was feeling good so I (with dr's supervision) transitioned off of my med (Cymbalta) verrrry slowly - much slower than what my dr. had initially recommended. I am now successfully off them and I do feel like I have to do a bit more to be aware of my anxiety and address it with deep breathing, making sure I'm not catastrophizing, etc. but I feel MUCH better being off of it. Of course, everyone is different but diet and lifestyle play such a big role in anxiety and depression that as you feel better it is very likely need adjustments (with your doc's supervision) to your meds to keep you feeling as good as possible. In the non-diet and med realm I highly recommend the book "The 10 Best Anxiety Management Techniques" and the Meditation Based Stress Reduction program created by Jon Kabat Zinn (there are courses all over the country and he has a bunch of books). Both offer so much insight into anxiety and how to better manage it. Be very aware of how caffeine affects your mood. I do drink coffee but not when I'm feeling anxious. It really can be a trigger for anxiety or simply raise your stress level.
  15. Thanks so much for replying with your thoughts and guidance. Abril I think I'm likely in the same boat as you with the coffee and anxiety combo. I'm hoping that I can still enjoy a half cup a joe here and there when I'm feeling good but health is definitely my first priority. I tried that delicious yogi cocoa spice tea that you suggested in another thread Robin (with the addition of a spoonful of coconut milk) and it really is delicious! Robin, I will definitely keep track of how raw and cooked veggies affect me differently. And I'll definitely keep track of the nuts and seeds. I made my own sunflower butter to have with breakfast (I like to top my egg and banana omelet with it.) But will try to limit my servings to that. Thanks guys! PS my husband and I are doing a 3 day camping and hike trip next weekend in Maine and it will be interesting to see how it goes with food prep especially because my husband doesn't like to eat much meat! Fortunately we're car camping so we'll have a big cooler, etc. I'll let you know how it goes!