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  1. Well, I was going to just run away from this log because I had some sizeable failures this weekend. I traveled to see family and fell hard. I had about 30 hours of off-plan eating, drinking, etc. I was strong for the first 24 hours of the visit and then caved. Today I am back on track. I'm going to return to W30 for at least 2 weeks to get my body some rest after what I put it through. It is disheartening, but a weakness I know of myself. I really struggle to be around my family and eat well. I began a healthy lifestyle after moving away from them, so my life with them is not connected t
  2. Reintro is going well. Not surprising, but liquid dairy is harder for me to digest it seems than hard dairy (cheeses). All I've had as far as dairy goes is shredded cheeses, cream cheese, ranch dressing (with buttermilk), heavy whipping cream, and blue cheese dressing. Although I haven't felt backed up at all, I think the soft dairy is shooting through my system. Day 1 I had HWC in my coffee for 1 cup and my stomach was in knots before I was even done. Yesterday I had a salad with lots of blue cheese dressing, like, LOTS. I definitely think I overate yesterday. I did have a lapse in willpower
  3. I made it! I had dreams the last few nights I ate or drank non-compliant foods, but I made it! Results Scale : down 9.4lbs, about 3-4 inches all around, but about 1-1.5 inches in my waist and hips. All other areas (arms, calves, thighs were down less than half an inch). For comparison's I started at 181.2 and ended at 171.8. I'm 3 lbs away from not being overweight! I'm happy with those scale results. I know i wanted to see a double-digit loss, but I knew I wouldn't have had the water weight/bloating going into this as I would have if I had a traditional American diet where I ha
  4. Day 29 Wow, this will probably be my last post before knowing my results and beginning reintroduction. As the NSV's go, I think overall happiness and pride needs to be what I remember. Is it selfish that I feel like I carry myself with more pride during a W30? I think I come off happier because I am. I don't often discuss or brag about what I'm doing, but I'm just happier. I hold my head higher. I feel better about myself. I'm downright proud of myself for doing this for ME and only ME. I like that I'm putting myself first for a period of time, realizing it's worth telling someone
  5. Day 28... Not much to report today. I'm extremely sore from the gym on Tuesday. I still did my spin class last night, which was hard. Tonight I have my bootcamp again (which is what was Tuesday). Tonight will probably be my last workout of this W30. I typically go to classes at my gym M-Th and the other days I go on walks or am more active in general on the weekends vs the work week. Yesterday I wrote out my reintroduction plan. Adding back one category for one week, then removing that category and going to another group. Writing it out and seeing the timeline of being "done" was interes
  6. Day 27... so close. I feel like this week I've taken my foot off the gas and ate more fruit than I should or even bigger meals than I need. I'm a plate-cleaner, so I overfill my plate and don't listen to full signals. Since I'm not weighing my food, it can be easy to overdo it. I see the Facebook and Instagram meal posts and think, "There's no way I would be satisfied with that little food." But, feeling too full after a meal isn't the goal either. I don't feel as light this week as I have been. I don't think I've gained weight overall, but I just don't feel as light. I don't really have
  7. Day 26! Good suggestions on the dairy, LadyM. My fear is starting to shift to excitement about reintro. I really want to do it right this time. Although I've abandoned by day-by-day diary I do intend to diary my reintro (or post here and then print it). I have two contradictory items. My bf had some of those make at home Red Lobster biscuit mixes. I told him he either needed to pitch them or make them while I was still in Whole30 and I knew they were a hard no for me. So, he made them. I smelled them. I asked them how they were (delicious, duh), and I shut the lid. I had zero actual
  8. Day 25 Wow, has this been fast. My body acne is the most obvious transformation. It has improved dramatically. There's 5 more days left. I do think I will begin reintroduction Sunday vs continuing on. To me, reintroduction is the hardest part and staying on W30 is more of a crutch vs a true effort to improve health. I think I am overall fairly healthy, but these W30's really help me work on habits. I might eventually stray off plan, but they are so good for me. Every single one I just can tell I'm happier through it because I'm happy I'm taking care of myself, being responsible about my h
  9. Day 22. It's Friday! My Day 30 will be next Saturday. I'm glad it's ending on a Saturday like that. Less temptation. I have Sunday to evaluate a reintroduction plan. I'm not super social media saavy, so I had thought the official September W30 starting on the 14th would make me want to continue with that group. It hasn't. As far as alleviated symptoms or things that would make me want to continue further than 30 days... sleep is the main one. I don't really think that's my diet's fault at this point. It's a habit issue. So, this upcoming week would be my final full-on meal prep! I said y
  10. This is the seasoning with the slight change I think makes it better. Copycat Popeye's Blackened Chicken Seasoning 2tsp Fine Sea Salt 1tsp Smoked Paprika 1tsp Paprika 1tsp Cayenne Pepper 2tsp Chili Powder 2tsp Garlic Powder 2tsp Black Pepper Super simple. I just mixed it together and put it in a jar. I think the recipe talked like the entire slug for 3 lbs chicken tenders. Toss them in it and then pan fry them in some oil. I didn't go that heavy. I generously sprinkled it on each side of the tenders, pan fried them for 1 minute on each side, then ba
  11. LadyM, that sleep is awesome! Falling asleep fast is so unfamiliar to me. My partner is snoring within 3 minutes and it's crazy to me. Lunch yesterday was not a catastrophe. I ordered a simple grilled chicken salad and I had compliant dressing at work. I used all of it. I also got a bag of almonds. Nuts are something I was going to avoid this entire W30 because I find I abuse them. I did end up having a handful in the late afternoon, but I stopped at one handful. Today I did remember my lunch! I also packed tomorrow's lunch while I was at it, so I'm good for the balance of the week.
  12. Day 20. Shadow, I'll find the recipe tonight. It's so easy to find a copycat recipe and then never find it again. I just tried googling it and, yep, I can't find the original. But, I did write it all down at home with one change I thought it needed. I'm glad I found the one I did because when I searched it right now they were all way too complicated. The one I found was very simple. I actually made a jar up of it to have on hand in the future. I do recommend if you try it to mash your tenders a bit with a meat hammer. I think it would turn out more like Popeye's texture that way. I just d
  13. Thanks, LadyM! You got this! Day 19...not much to report. I definitely fell flat last night on attempting a better end of day routine. I had a nice shower after the gym and my intention to slow down didn't happen. I worked on things on the computer and come 10:15pm I was scrolling through my phone in bed! Grrr... That's on me. I got home around 7:30 and told myself "9pm, electronics off." At 8:45 I saw a clock and thought, "meh, not today." I can remember back to an earlier W30 and sleeping better. I probably wasn't as tech-connected as I am now and it's honestly a different kind of habit
  14. Day 18. NSV. I do think my body acne is getting better. It's not gone, but it does seem to be getting better. Yesterday I meal-prepped for the week. I found an awesome hack recipe for Popeye's Blackened Chicken seasoning and I am in love. It is amazing what a difference it makes when I have the fridge full of foods I'm excited to eat vs feeling like I'm sacrificing to eat at home. I actually had an errand to run in town yesterday and my immediate thought was to go out for my dinner. Then, I remembered I had tons of exciting foods at home I wanted way more than anything I could get at a re
  15. I just wanted to say that a coworker commented that my face looked thinner today. It took me by surprise.
  16. Day 15, halfway! I think the official W30 September starts on Monday. I keep telling myself I should jump on that bandwagon and ride this out. I honestly think I can't handle not weighing myself for 45 days. I just can't. Yesterday I felt bloated and heavy. I went to the gym and the workout was weights related. I have been trying to do pre-workout meals in alignment with the book. PWO of protein and fat, post workout of more carb focused meals. I definitely don't get the post workout in me as fast as they recommend, but whatever. Last night I had someone stop by right as I got home and ended u
  17. Day 14... I haven't looked at my Day-by-Day book in a while. Kind of sad. I was excited about it because I loved it the first W30 I used. I think I'm just being lazy about it. Or I'm able to do this W30 without it consuming my life like I normally do. I am loving not counting calories. I do feel lighter. Yesterday was a long, stressful day and I had to work late. I made it to my spin class right at the start vs getting there early. I didn't have time to eat any kind of PWO meal, so I was starving through the whole thing and I think my performance slacked. But, I was there! I have been eat
  18. Day 13. Not much exciting to report. I'm trying to pay attention to myself through this W30, but I'm probably not doing the best job. Overall it hasn't been extremely difficult because I eat kind of close with slips normally. I'm just removing the slips. I haven't tried any new recipes. I will make a point to do that this weekend. I don't really think I'm sleeping any better, which was really a big part of me wanting to do this. Now, I probably do have better energy throughout the day, but I'm not jumping out of bed at 5am with tiger blood energy. It's still hard to wake up in the morning
  19. Day 12! I had to go to the calendar to check. I'm feeling pretty good. This weekend I probably ate bigger portions than I should have, but stayed compliant. I managed socializing with friends and having a dinner out with my boyfriend. He was very supportive and let me pick the restaurant to align with my food choices. He typically makes breakfast in the mornings and today he made a point to confirm with me what I can't have. In the end I didn't go to the gym on Friday like I was toying with. I last minute decided to take the afternoon off work to get errands done. I did go to the gym Sun
  20. Thanks for the ideas, decker! I have heard of the body mindfulness in regards to falling asleep, but that's great advice for stress management. I'm intrigued to try that. Today is Day 8. I am approaching my first weekend with socialization. I have a hefty to do list, so I think staying busy and not thinking about snacking shouldn't be a problem. This morning when I was getting ready for work I grabbed my last meal-prepped meal (turkey chili). I opened the freezer and there was 1 bag of frozen veggies left. I got nervous. I have nothing prepared for dinner. I'll come home hungry, my
  21. Day 7, one week. So far this has probably been the easiest first week I've had. But, I've done almost no socializing which is my hardest W30 (and any healthy lifestyle) management. Tomorrow, the weekend hits and I'll have a lot more temptation. I know I'll manage and won't quit, I just worry I'll be crabby or focus on the can'ts vs the cans. One of my favorite aspects of W30's is the salt! I heavily salt my food, and the processed junk has so much salt in them already that you can barely taste. I only notice it an hour after eating Mexican food when my heart is racing. When I'm eating cl
  22. Wow, what a whirlwind of a day. Good job managing stress in a non-food way!
  23. 5 days in! Yesterday was the first day I didn't have any fruit. I told myself at the start of this W30 I wanted to avoid nuts and fruit. I have avoided nuts. Several months ago I did a 30 days of crock pot meal cookup that are W30 compliant. I figured if I was going to do a cookup I should make the meals healthy. They have helped a lot these first 5 days. I had Mexican Beef and Carrots and I just made Turkey Chili last night. It helps supplement the work of cooking through this. Stress has been bad lately and it definitely makes me pout a bit about this program. I haven't slipped o
  24. Wow... I've done several Whole30s and made it further than 5 days in quite a few more and I must say I'm on schedule on this one more than normal. This is the 2nd Whole30 I've done with using the Day by Day journal. My exhausted day hit right on schedule (I actually didn't even read the stuff until the next day I was so tired). Now... I'm in KILL ALL THINGS. I'm a crankypants today, folks. I could sit here and vent and bitch and moan, but that doesn't help. I did it already to my boyfriend and he was his typical supportive self (annoying, right?). But, I'm still just frustrated with life
  25. Well, it's the morning of Day 4. Day 3 was fine, I was just exhausted and went to bed very very early. It could have been due to detoxing or I just had a tiring day and needed a nap. I ate compliant yesterday, but I'm certain I overate. One of my goals from the Day by Day book was to be more mindful when I ate and I did not hit that goal. I went to Chipotle for lunch and ate my entire salad although I'm sure I was satisfied well before bowl scraping. For dinner I had some ground beef, avocado, and saute'd vegetables. I was stuffed when that was done. I also had some frozen fruit. I was o