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    Ideas for 12 hour shift days???

    Kirkor - thanks for the suggestion of the slow cooker. I will be 100% honest, I am not looking to cook anything on the days I work. Due to the shift hours, travel, and a quick shower I barely have enough time to honor my goal of 8 hours of sleep. Anyone who has done a Whole30 knows extra dirty dishes are a must and I try to avoid them on long days - its just not worth the trade off of less sleep. I guess I was hoping more for suggestions on meals that people like that they found not to be overly heavy, are full of nutrients, and can be made ahead of time. Dj_tasha - I like the suggestion of bringing your meal with you. I might have to give that a while and hope I can sneak away long enough to eat dinner.
  2. Hello - I started nursing school with a Whole30 and I'd like to finish nursing school with a Whole30. Why? My first one was to ensure my head was clear of all fog while I was learning all of this amazing information. This one? My sugar dragon reared its ugly head, and my bad habit of using sugary treats as a coping mechanism has crept back in. Not cool. I am aiming for an April 2nd start date, and will average 4 - 12 hour shifts each week (one day as a CNA, three days as a Student RN). In my previous life, I worked 5-8's and managing the dinner timing was much easier. Right now I do not get home until 8 and have to immediately shower the hospital off of me, which has me eating dinner closer to 8:30 and then crawling in bed at 9. This is NOT ideal, because eating this late makes it hard to eat breakfast within the first hour of waking the following day, and by hard I mean I can't. And by can't, I mean my gag reflex engages, and I struggled to even choke down 1/2 my breakfast, and then I am starving by mid-morning. Currently, on days I work I am up at 5am, and eat closer to 6:30/6:45 once I get to work. This seems to work, as I sip on coffee with the Vital Proteins Collagen Powder during my drive to work. This usually carries me pretty far into the morning. So while it's not within the first hour, it seems to work. But, I digress, back to dinner... I have attempted doing the Mason Jar salads for dinner, as they don't give me that same overly full can't eat in the am feeling. BUT my problem is that eating too many salads actually makes me feel like I am on a diet, and that makes me crabby. Here is my go to Mason Jar Salad (adjusting for Whole30 obviously) But I just don't want 16 of my 30 dinners to be this salad! So to all of you Whole30 alums and long shift workers, do you have any ideas? Thanks!