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  1. BJS12345

    How do you heal the mind??

    I read this post at 3am when I was awake because I had an upset stomach from eating "treats" last night following a neighborhood cookout. I ate salad at the cookout but it had feta cheese in it. I haven't had that in a while so it could have been part of the problem. When we got home I ate store bought chocolate chip cookies and picked at a chocolate Entenmans cake. Boy was I sorry afterward. I had resolved just that morning not to eat any sweets! I really have to remember how awful I feel afterward!! Unless it's something spectacular like the home made ice cream I had at a fancy French restaurant while celebrating my daughters bday last weekend, it's REALLY not worth how it makes me feel!!! I make the resolutions in the morning yet when the time comes after dinner, they go out the window!! Why can't I seem to remember that in the moment??
  2. Ended up asking if I could get a grilled chicken breast and a vegatable. The host said I'm not the only one who said they don't eat breaded food or pasta and who needed a special request!
  3. BJS12345

    Whole 30 Positives and Negative

    Just for the record...I only have one pair of size 0 jeans and they are quite snug! I do not look like a size 0 by any means and I do not aspire to buy size zeros. I buy whatever size fits my body the best and is most flattering for me. I was only using that pair as a measurement as opposed to the number on the scale!!
  4. I was thinking about saying that too!
  5. I think I will ask the party host when I rsvp if it would be possible to just get grilled chicken and a vegetable. YUM! LOL ! If not I'll just eat the salad with oil and vinegar and "pick" at the non-compliant food and make it look like I am eating! I'm sure my husband will be good for at least half of my entrée! @jmbcm...I will wear the usual- black pants and a black top!!
  6. I was invited to a 50th birthday party at a restaurant and asked to RSVP with my choice of dinner entrée out of 6 very noncompliant choices such as chicken or eggplant Parmesan, lasagna, manicotti, gnocchi, or pasta primavera!! Is it rude to request plain chicken and vegatables? I'll be on day 12 of my whole 30 on that day. I haven't eaten anything remotely close to those types of foods in years. I don't eat fried and breaded food or pasta!! I was on paleo for a long time before the Whole 30. I would have no desire to eat any of those entrees! Other options are: I can order the chicken parm and scrape off the topping, just eat a salad that it comes with and leave my entree untouched, or ask for a substitute. Who knows what kind of oils will seep into the chicken, even If I order grilled chicken!!! I have gotten very good at ordering specifically what I want at a restaurant and asking a lot of questions about the ingredients used so going out to eat is not a problem. Or at a party I eat what I can even if it's only salad. But this is a first! The choices are so limited and it will be obvious if I don't touch my food. (I would eat at home before I left) Ughhh!!!
  7. BJS12345

    Is eggplant a starchy vegatable?

    I'm making baked eggplant with home made tomato sauce. Just wondering if I should only have a small serving as compared with spinich or another best choice vegatable?
  8. BJS12345

    Is eggplant a starchy vegatable?

    So why is it not a "best choice?"
  9. I see eggplant is not on the best choice vegatable list. Is it considered a starchy vegatable like a sweet potato and plantain?
  10. BJS12345

    Went off Whole 30 Bandwagon!!

    Great and informative article. Thanks! Sometimes I feel these articles are written for me personally!! I know I woke up my Sugar Dragon this past week! I hope I am able to tame it again when I do Whole 30 again. It's definitely harder the second time around! I am so envious of people who don't have a sweet tooth! I could live the rest of my life without bread, pasta, chips, rice, white potatoes, trans fat, pretzels, and every other grain. But take away my cake and ice cream, and I feel like a true addict. Maybe I will just have to learn to eat this stuff in MODERATION!! I hate that word, especially when I have the food in front of me, but it may be my only realistic option!!
  11. I finished my first Whole 30 one week ago and planned on starting another this past Monday. I did great for all 3 meals but couldn't resist the few spoonfuls of ice cream a few nights during the week. I have a big party to go to tonight and unless something looks extremely worth it, I will refrain from non compliant foods as much as possible. I am not going to have any alcohol, only club soda. Needless to say, I am more on the reintroduction phase now (introducing moderate amonts of dairy and sugar in my icecream). I haven't seen a negative effect. Still sleeping great, feel good ,etc. I do want to give another Whole 30 a shot and will start tomorrow!! The good news is...I measured my waist today and it has gone down another half inch for a total of 3 inches and my weight loss is still at 2 pounds. And...I feel good! I just hope I can keep the sugar dragon at bay for the next 30 days!!!!!
  12. BJS12345

    Wine: an update and some realizations

    I gave up wine before my last whole 30 because I realized that it wasn't the lack of sleep after a late night out that was making me feel crappy the next day… It was the wine! Plus I found myself eating mindlessly after a couple of glasses of wine. Since I've given up the wine, I've been to a couple of open bar parties and out to eat, and i just order club soda with lime or lemon. I sleep better and feel so much better the next day! Also during the event I feel so much clearer headed and not tired at all with lots of energy. I will say, I miss a nice glass of Cabernet with a good meal, but it just isn't worth the way I feel afterward.
  13. BJS12345

    Whole 30 Positives and Negative

    Thank you to everyone for all of your replies. I understand what everyone is saying. I will work on giving up the scale but can't make any promises at this point in time. It's hard to give something up that you have been relying on for a measurement most of your life. I am trying to wrap my head around the number on the scale not having much meaning. I understand a one to two pound fluctuation is expected. I just can't understand a 5-6 pound jump. I will say I was amazed by the article that GFChris posted! I believe it, but it is still hard to believe at the same time!!!
  14. I finished my first Whole 30 a few days ago, and went off track on day 31 and 32 eating an overload of chocolate because I was making a dish for a holiday using chocolate that I couldn't resist. I had decided in advance to allow myself to do this because I wanted to get it "out of my system." Needless to say I'm a little disappointed about it now but I actually do not have any regrets. I'm back on day two of my second whole 30 and I'm feeling great again. The positives of my whole 30 outweigh the ONE negative heavily. My sleep is amazing, my energy level is very high, My overall mood has improved and my stress level has gone down, I'm actually starting to see a six pack! I'm fitting into my size 0 American Eagle jeans and size 2 BCBG dress, Although neither are loose! I'm learning how to listen to my body signals and stop eating when I'm full and eat only when I'm hungry. I actually am learning to leave some food and save it for later when I start to feel full… That's a huge accomplishment for me! I have never been able to leave food on my plate unless I didn't like what I was eating. Now for the negative… The scale! I weighed myself at the end of my whole 30 and I had lost 2 pounds. I weighed myself at the beginning of my second whole 30 and I was back to square one. So I am starting my second whole 30 at .6 pounds less than I started my first whole 30, 33days ago (which, btw, was a good 6-7 pounds above my weight in the fall). Overall, though I'm in a better place than I was 33 days ago so I have to be thankful for that. If I could throw my scale out the window I would. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it!!
  15. I am actually on Day 1 today. I haven't quite decided if I am doing low fodmap or not. I know I can't eat califlour, but I am not conviced that avacado has any negative effect on me whatsoever. I don't like broccoli that much and unlike you Carlaccinni, I can live without garlic and I already don't eat onions bc I don't do well with them either. Nuts could be an issue with bloating, so I plan to give them up. As far as stress goes, that could be a contributing factor for me right now as I am planning a big event which will take place in May and requires a lot of thought and detail. I'm looking forward to when it is over (even though it is a happy event!) so I can relax!! I am also trying to lose some weight for it which is like a double edged sword!!