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  1. genghiskhym

    Best Pork Chop of your LIFE

    I made this once last week and have another pork chop marinating for tonight. It's super yummy. Thanks for posting it.
  2. genghiskhym

    The crazy things people say

    co-worker: here, try these hummus chips. me: no thanks. co-worker: they're healthy. they're made with garbanzo beans. me: no thanks. co-worker: oh yeah, you're trying to be good. Same co-worker started asking questions about my diet and was generally positive about it. She must be a people-pleaser because every time she eats something that's healthy to her she tells me about it. She did have an egg baked in an avocado -- with black beans though. This morning was funny: co-worker: I went out for chinese last night and if you don't eat the rice it's not that bad. I got the Happy Family with 3 different kinds of meat. Lots of protein! me: i wonder what kind of oil they use. co-worker: oh yeah. it's probably peanut oil. I'm thinking soy sauce, flour and/or cornstarch, MSG, but I didn't say anything else.
  3. genghiskhym

    March 30th Starters

    scorpiosister19 - Wow! That's awesome. I'm so glad to hear someone else has had chronic pain go away. I hope it continues. I'm very interested to do the reintroductions and see if any particular food group makes it come back.
  4. genghiskhym

    March 30th Starters

    Good morning everyone! Scorpiosister19 - it's definitely a mind-shift to eat fat and feel like you're not going to get fat. I'd suggest doing some research and reading about why fat doesn't make you fat. If you understand why it's true you'll believe it yourself instead of just following what someone else says. I have also been discouraged by reading the success stories of people that haven't lost weight. In fact, last night I was kind of freaking out about it. A lot of those people where eating too many nuts or paleo junk food (RX bars). I think if we listen to our bodies about how much to eat and stick to the plan in the most authentic way possible then we'll likely lose weight. It's day 4 and I feel good. I haven't been tired or had cravings. Yesterday M3: Steak and brussel sprouts Today M1: bacon, eggs, an heirloom tomato and strawberries Today M2: Kale slaw with herb vinaigrette, citrus chicken and 1/2 a sweet potato. I have some good news to report. The tendonitis that I've had in my thumb and wrist for over a year is gone. I did occupational therapy, Kinesio tape, a cortisone injection, but nothing made it go away permanently. It started getting better when I did a Primal Blueprint 21-day challenge, then I went on vacation and drank beer and ate too many paleo desserts from Whole Foods and it started hurting again. As of Whole30 Day 3 it's gone! Just gone. It really makes me wonder what would happen to the health care industry if everyone ate this way. I even daydreamed about writing a book about it, it would be a fantasy novel, of course. Can you imagine a world where people were healthy and happy and the need for health care was greatly diminished? Kind of Utopian and all because of diet. Wow.
  5. genghiskhym

    March 30th Starters

    Good morning everyone! It's Day 3 and I feel pretty good so far. My allergies are a bit more active this morning. Not sure if that's just New Mexico in April (it's April!) or the detox that Melissa mentions in the daily newsletter. I'm finding the newsletter very helpful. Plus, I love the videos at the end of the day when I click, "I did it! Another Whole30 in the bank.". They're so cute. Yesterday M3: Hamburger (just the meat, of course) with heirloom tomato and roasted turnips (these were SO good) Today M1: Wellshire Farms sugar free bacon, 2 eggs, zucchini and strawberries Today M2: Carne Adovada (it's a New Mexico thing. Pork cooked in spices) with kale slaw and sweet potato Have a great day!
  6. genghiskhym

    March 30th Starters

    Good morning! I don't always know what I'm going to have for dinner (M3) so I'm going to post what I had for dinner last night and what I'll have for M1 and M2 today. I also had some guac to use up. Yesterday M3: Turkey taco meat with onions and peppers over green leaf lettuce with guacamole and tomatoes Today M1: leftover taco meat with spinach and tomatoes, 2 eggs and a banana Today M2: kale slaw salad with herb vinaigrette, salmon and 1/2 a sweet potato Day 1 was pretty easy, as expected. I'm hoping it doesn't get too difficult for any of us.
  7. genghiskhym

    March 30th Starters

    I'm starting today too. This is my first time, but I've been eating a primal diet for a few months so I feel like I have a bit of a head start. That said, I'm nervous about figuring out how much to eat so that I don't need snacks and also completely giving up sugar. We can do this, right?