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  1. genghiskhym

    Best Pork Chop of your LIFE

    I made this once last week and have another pork chop marinating for tonight. It's super yummy. Thanks for posting it.
  2. genghiskhym

    The crazy things people say

    co-worker: here, try these hummus chips. me: no thanks. co-worker: they're healthy. they're made with garbanzo beans. me: no thanks. co-worker: oh yeah, you're trying to be good. Same co-worker started asking questions about my diet and was generally positive about it. She must be a people-pleaser because every time she eats something that's healthy to her she tells me about it. She did have an egg baked in an avocado -- with black beans though. This morning was funny: co-worker: I went out for chinese last night and if you don't eat the rice it's not that bad. I got the Happy Family with 3 different kinds of meat. Lots of protein! me: i wonder what kind of oil they use. co-worker: oh yeah. it's probably peanut oil. I'm thinking soy sauce, flour and/or cornstarch, MSG, but I didn't say anything else.