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  1. Rojo

    The crazy things people say

    This is the number one response I get, Derval! Another one is..."What do you Eat?!" It always make me laugh when I get the googly eyes from the response of, "Real food." In trying to explain my Whole30 compliant coffee creamer, I had my friend ask me several times what dairy I used. I kept repeating, "Coconut milk." Finally, in exasperation, she asks, "Yeah, but isn't that milk?" Oh, boy *shaking my head*
  2. Rojo

    The crazy things people say

    When I was little, at my preschool, we did so many activities like jumping over blocks, stretching, balancing, and doing obstacle courses. I loved my teacher. His name was Lou. There's a special place in my heart for him to this day! He made activity an adventure. Your post reminded me of this! Thanks.
  3. Rojo

    The crazy things people say

    This is horrible! Good thing you are there to talk to her about what a great job she is doing, and the importance of health over calories in vs. calories out. This is how I developed an eating disorder in high school. The only information I got was to cut calories. I became obsessed and stopped eating. Just keep reinforcing those good behaviors with the healthy food she is engaged in. Kids are so impressionable...once something is said, and understood on a certain level, it is hard to shake it out.
  4. Rojo

    The crazy things people say

    I, too, have a positive! My aunt, the same one who was comparing this to Atkins when I discussed it with her, read the book I gave her. Her and her boyfriend are both doing Paleo now. I am so excited when she texts me about them experimenting with different veggies and meats. I feel less alone now. My mom called me yesterday and they want to have a Paleo meal for my brother's B-day! I come from a very stubborn family (I am stubborn myself) and I think it will be really great to see that same determined stubbornness used in application for a lifestyle change such as this. They all have really terrible health problems too (IBS, Crohn's, depression, CFS, high blood pressure, Type II diabetics). I hope this sticks. I fear for my brother's life, it's that bad. I just keep putting out the example, giving resources, and hopefully the people I love will see the positive change and want it too.
  5. I find yoga and meditation to be very helpful as well. Before starting to practice, it was hard to find my breath and focus. Now, it is easier to remember to breathe through things.
  6. YES! I am low on this (have been tested.) I take a more therapeutic dose in the winter, 5,000 a day. In the spring and summer I bump it down to 1,000 - 2,000. I also find if I don't have my fish oil, I get a bit blue.
  7. I am only about 13 days in, and my anxiety/focus issues are starting to stabilize. I suffer off and on from crippling agoraphobia. I get claustrophobic in places and have been medicated for panic attacks and severe depression in the past. Over the past year I have been on and off Paleo. When I am not actively eating whole foods (Paleo centered), and let especially wheat and sugar in, I get severe mood swings, focus issues, terrible insomnia, and intense periods of anxiety. I have soothed myself with alcohol and food. It is a hard road to recovery, but I'd definitely give this a go in addition to other therapies and support that he may need. I wish you the best of luck. My heart is full of ache hearing this young man's story. Life is so hard already, without the addition of these kinds of complications. There is hope though! I think it is great that you are bringing this to his attention and that you live this lifestyle as well. Being a positive example of change is sometimes more powerful than any words we can express. And sometimes it just has to hurt bad enough to want to change. That was the case for me. I am thankful for all who reached out to me and helped me along in this journey with information. Best of luck to you and your nephew!
  8. Rojo

    The crazy things people say

    This happened to me recently! I then reiterated and added in a more detailed description of some things. I just had to give up at that point.