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    I'm glad this thread popped up! I used to eat liverwurst with my grandpa and Love it, but it is hard to find a compliant mix. I tried liver and onions once and could not get past the texture. I can't wait to try some of these recipes! Thanks for bringing organ meat up, Srp...I've been in a quandary about them myself.
  2. Rojo

    Anyone Else Starting Jan 5, 2013?

    It's not you!!! Good job for getting right back on. I love this quote: "At any given moment, you have the power to say this is NOT how the story ends."
  3. Great awareness! I find that the cravings come back in spades and it scares the pants off of me. It scared me so much I started another Whole30. Even though the infection came back, it is good you have the knowledge to pull from, and a base to start from again, to separate out possible culprits.
  4. Rojo

    Need Some Help

    Just wanted to let you know I am thankful for all your suggestions. It has helped me put together a more sane, workable approach. I feel less overwhelmed. 1. Keep calm and ride out the Whole30 2. Keep on logging my meals, noting how I fee, and seek out some additional diagnostic testing 3. Make an appointment for a consultation to help sort things out I want to let you guys know I feel so much better about this now thanks to you.
  5. Rojo

    Need Some Help

    Thank you, Tom. I was just thinking I probably need outside help, or medical counseling, for this problem. I appreciate all the responses!
  6. Rojo

    Need Some Help

    Thank you for your input!
  7. It is hard for me to ask, but I'll put this out there and see if someone can help me out. I don't know what I'm doing and it seems overwhelming - how to tackle an even more strict elimination regime. I thought of compiling all the foods from FODMAPS, Histamine foods, the IBS protocol from ISWF, highlighting the foods in common in each category, and cutting them out. Right now, I'm of a mind to just continue on with a Whole30 as planned and give it more time (I have 29 day so of a Whole30 under my belt and I am on day five of another Whole30 currently). The first Whole30 I took a probiotic and I wonder if I need to take a digestive enzyme? I don't have a gallbladder and I suffer from IBS and CFS. The only symptoms that are driving this concern is sometimes I get puffy eyes and nose after eating (Sometimes, not consistently) , and a watery tummy in the morning only...sometimes for a couple of hours - no cramping, bloating, pain, just a waterfall. I really do not know how to ask for help, or who I should even turn to on this one. I don't trust doctors anymore and the only natural doc in our area is SO expensive. I think she is the only one I would trust to help me sort this out. But gosh, she is expensive. I take 5,000 Vitamin D w/breakfast normally (I have been tested and I am low) I do take a Fish Oil supplement off and on I have switched to acetaminophen for headaches (Instead of Motrin) Do I need to be more patient and keep on with another Whole30 and see how things go? Should I add in a digestive enzyme? Should I do a more strict elimination at this point? Overall, my stomach has improved! I don't have pain and reflux anymore. The bloating and gas are gone (these were bothersome). I am just fearful that I am not absorbing nutrients. I know a watery tummy 50 percent of the time is not normal. It doesn't hurt...just bothersome and troubling to my mind. Should I just count my blessings and deal with it? I know I can be kind of a spaz sometimes. If I am being a spaz, just tell me kindly.
  8. Rojo

    Well Fed Pad Thai

    I need to get this book!
  9. This is one of my favorite holidays too! I'm thinking of making my sweetie and kids macaroons. Still deciding! I am on a Whole30, so no go for me. Unless maybe I can make some filet mignon as a pre-dessert treat too. I love a good filet... Robin - I love the idea of pink pancakes!
  10. Rojo

    The crazy things people say

    This is the number one response I get, Derval! Another one is..."What do you Eat?!" It always make me laugh when I get the googly eyes from the response of, "Real food." In trying to explain my Whole30 compliant coffee creamer, I had my friend ask me several times what dairy I used. I kept repeating, "Coconut milk." Finally, in exasperation, she asks, "Yeah, but isn't that milk?" Oh, boy *shaking my head*
  11. Rojo

    Anyone Else Starting Jan 5, 2013?

    I'll have to check out those Paleo kits! Being on the go so often is challenging! It is so awesome though to be able to actually be aware if we are not eating as much veggies or protein to function at our best. I think these are powerful lessons. Doing this Whole30 has really given me a clear perspective in how even the slight nuances in our diet can affect us from meal to meal, day to day. It sounds as if we are similar in our wired choices. (Probably a good thing we don't live close to each other, like you point out! Haha!) That being said, we'd really like to visit Canada some day, so maybe we will meet up at some point! You know, now that I am not on a Whole30, I'm finding that the break of being able to make some coconut pancakes is just the right mental balance for me. I love Paleo Comfort Foods, by Julie and Charles Mayfield. For me getting bored or resenting my food is a huge hurdle. I have the luxury of planning and being home a lot, but we all have our own specific challenges. Great job on passing up the cinnamon bun!
  12. I had the same experience and was just as surprised by the withdrawal. Hang in there!
  13. Rojo


    Ruth, I am on the tail end of my cycle. I had the opposite experience as you. I had less flow and pain, until I binged all day on day 30. Then things got bloated, painful, and heavy for me.
  14. Rojo

    Anyone Else Starting Jan 5, 2013?

    All of my symptoms came back and then some...swollen hands, puffy eyes, draining sinuses, the craving merry go round, insomnia. I felt as if I was keyed up - like manic, exhausted, and a huge slump and depressive state afterward. What I ate 2 coconut flour brownies (frozen) In and out burger w/ a small shake A chobanni yogurt 11 grams dark chocolate w/sunbutter Slice chocolate cinnamon bread An oatmeal cookie with a mocha one cup of coffee w/cream and a square of a dessert my friend made Yesterday I made the goal to turn it around and was on track for M1 and M2, but by 3 pm I went into a really deep exhausted depressive state, and all I could think about was sugar. So, what did I do? I made a paleofied cookie dough batter from my Pinterest. I was keyed up after that...cleaned house a bit, got stuff done and had rebound cravings two hours later for a sandwich (which is what I had for dinner last night). I did not over eat and the ingredients were what is considered "healthy" by common standards, but I swelled up again, heart palpitations and such. Ugh. I'm seriously addicted to sugar and wheat. I'm really trying to pull this around. I have to make it through those rebounds today. These are drugs to my brain, and my chemistry is working hard against me. I really need to make it through today. I have a plan in place. I just have to work it. I'm not good about reaching out for support. I feel this is my own responsibility. Thanks for letting me vent a bit!