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  1. shsparky


    Thanks for the clarification. I will report back to the various groups I chill with. It is confusing, particularly when, even in this thread, there is conflicting information.
  2. shsparky


    However, you specifically stated above (February 8) that kombucha labeled with sugar in parentheses as part of the kombucha would be ok. That completely is the opposite of what Melissa states - that sugar listed at all on the label is not compliant. Can you please clarify?
  3. shsparky


    Moderators - if you have any pull with Melissa, I wonder if she would update/clarify, once again the labeling requirements. There is so much discussion, over and over, about sugar labelling - what is used in the fermentation and sugar after/added. I trust the answers I have received from moderators (see above), but honestly, a Facebook thread I was just in (and I quoted your exact words) was shut down because of a discussion about this! If Melissa could concur (or not) that kombucha with parentheses showing sugar in the fermentation is ok, life would be soooo much simpler!
  4. shsparky


    Why, oh, why is Kombucha such a perennially confusing topic?! lol. Here is another question: A small production/artisanal kombucha brand, vaguely worded label, but the company is on hand to describe the process of where sugar is used. They describe that the only sugar is in the fermentation - not any added sugar. Is that enough clarification?
  5. shsparky


    HA! Sorry, I totally missed your reply (too many repeat pictures!). Thank you so much!
  6. shsparky


    I'm not suggesting it's compliant, btw. I'm asking for an opinion as to if it might be considered differently with way the sugar is listed on the ingredients, different from others that usually list sugar as a separate ingredient.
  7. shsparky


    There have been exhaustive discussions about compliant kombucha; I have read the articles and understand about sugar in the labeling. I saw this Giant store brand tonight with something completely different than I have ever noticed on a label...the sugar is listed in parentheses as part of the kombucha (as part of the process, I'm guessing?). It doesn't, in my mind, read as an added sugar. What do you think? *BTW, I have only used GT's Kombucha...Just asking here out of curiosity. Posting picture below.
  8. shsparky

    Turmeric tea / Golden Milk

    Would it be okay to add a date to sweeten it, or pure date syrup? My inclination would be not okay - but want to clarify.
  9. shsparky

    Started April 27th & Looking for Buddies

    Made it to day 7! Biggest issues: 1) Not weighing myself. Really is bothering me! 2) Having trouble sleeping. I hope that wears off. Right now, I sleep only about 2-3 hours at a stretch and not very well, then I wake up and it takes me time to fall back asleep. And I'm up at the crack of dawn (that part doesn't bother me). What are your biggest issues right now?
  10. shsparky

    Starting 27th April

    I had a great week up until last night. I could not sleep! I felt like I was on a caffeine high. It's weird being tired enough to fall asleep and then not being able to sleep longer than a couple of hours. Hoping this will all settle down soon...I know it will eventually! Meanwhile, I'm headed to the store with a manageable grocery list to cook a few things in advance. Have a great weekend everyone!
  11. shsparky

    Starting 27th April

    Started on Monday as well. So far, so good. I have done 10 Day Detox/Blood Sugar Solution, but it was extremely restrictive. I did well on it, though, but just couldn't maintain it forever. This seems to be more permissive, or at least, you have more control over what you can eat/create to eat. Excited!