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  1. The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    I've had many opportunities to chat with others because of the diet, and the "barrier" for most seems to be the need to cook (it's really difficult to find compliant food outside over here) and the lack of self control. I think at the end of the day, people need to "want it enough". That's why the food freedom portion is very real. Anyway, thus far I've re-introduced legumes + soy, gluten and non-gluten. Non gluten grains (e.g. corn and rice) does not seem to have an adverse effect but it did make me feel sleepy, so I'm going to really reduce that in my diet. I'm going to test out soy sauce again - some say for fermented legumes (e.g. soy sauce, miso) the effect can be less drastic, so I would like to know if my reaction is towards legumes, or even fermented legumes. I have not introduced peanut butter yet though, and would need to test it out. As for dairy, though I didn't intentionally introduce it, I did have some north indian food at a gathering which definitely had some dairy. No adverse effects but I'd probably do a proper reintroduction soon. Right now, I'm doing 98% whole30 on days where I'm not reintroducing food items.
  2. The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    It's great that you're practising how to stay in control despite the many temptations around you! Gluten reintroduction, was surprisingly not as rough as the legume/soy reintroduction. I felt some throat inflammation and discomfort, but it was slight compared to the effects of soy. Husband's bad snoring, which went away during whole30, came back after the soy/legumes so there's something definitely up with that. It was much softer during gluten reintroduction. Today is Rest Day 2, tomorrow we reintroduce non-gluten grains. Looking at corn and some rice probably, since these two items are in my diet quite alot. Since I've an eventful day coming Sunday (which is supposed to be the last day of reintroduction), I'm going to delay the dairy reintroduction till next week and see how that goes. How's everyone else doing?
  3. The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    Thanks for sharing @Laurie. I'll pray that the darkness lifts and the sun shines soon again for you. Cheering you on in your next W30 too!
  4. The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    Yesterday's soy re-intro went quite . I probably overloaded my system by having soy milk and curd for breakfast and the body immediately showed me who was boss. Dizziness, throat felt congested etc. I tried with a salad gravy at lunch with was soy based - dizziness. It the throat was ok. Dinner was stir fried chicken with soy, and a Chinese soup with (too many) black eyed peas. Throat and chest felt inflamed and I practically croaked (voice went off) for an hour and a half before the effects wore off. I would never believe I'd be so happy to get back on Whole30 today (break day from reintroductions) but I am. Could immediately feel energy levels go up after breakfast. And you know what? After the soy experimentation, though hubby didn't experience as much physical symptoms, his lymph nodes both swelled and were red. And he snored last night. I'm not looking foRward to gluten on Monday.
  5. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Ok I'm on Day 31 (Intro day 1 of legumes) First some non-scale victories: I discovered my sensitivity to nightshades. This to me is BIG - I've had IBS since my teenage years and have never quite figured out what caused my occasional (bad) cramps after meals. Now I'm better informed as to whether I want to eat that baked potato or binjal. Energy levels are higher despite bad sleep - my girl woke up 7 times last night. No food coma after meals - I typically get this buzz in my head after meals but it seems to have gone off during Whole30. BIG WIN for hubby - his snoring virtually almost stopped. He used a snoring app to track, and yesterday night he only snored 2% of the time and it was at very low levels. He has been diagnosed with chronic sleep apnea and was made to wear a sleep mask with gas pumping through it which he hates, so he never wears it. Win for me too because I sleep alot better when I don't have a tiger growling beside me. Food is sweeter, without sugar. I'm rediscovering natural food tastes. Fruits taste so much sweeter during Whole30, and even certain vegetables. My food creativity has increased, and I'm finding my passion for cooking back. Hopefully that translates to more entries in my blog. Conversations about food - Colleagues were generally curious about what I've been doing and I've the opportunity to share with them. A few are considering starting Whole30 too. Scale victories: I lost close to 4 pounds - the weight I put back on after I stopped breastfeeding about 10 months ago. @emilyelowe Your non-scale victories are great! Thanks for being such an encouragement during the Whole30 and for starting the group. I wouldn't have made it without all the support. @SugarcubeOD Thanks for the invaluable advice throughout. It was great having you in the group. @NoneOtherThanAmy I hope you get to do the Sep Whole30 and the reintroduction too! I think the reintroduction is really important. I really want to find out what foods I have an intolerance to, and see if I can severely limit them in my diet. NOW... the legumes reintroduction. So far I reintroduced ONE meal with soy beancurd + soy milk (an asian breakfast staple). I did it without sugar. I didn't get through half a bowl. Half an hour later, my head is buzzing (still buzzing), my chest feels congested and my throat feels like there's a lump in it. SERIOUSLY?! I'm going to test with something less drastic - maybe a soy sauce dressing over salad during lunch and see how it goes. Right now, I'm feeling miserable....
  6. Any sushi I can have

    I'm guessing if you're drinking miso then you're introducing legumes first? Perhaps some sashimi with soy sauce would be ok? Sushi with rice would be considered another food group - non gluten grains I think.
  7. Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    Hi all, I've a question on re-intro. My husband and I are thinking of going on the fast track, but we do have events coming up on the weekend so I'm not quite sure how that's going to work out. We might end up doing somewhat of a slow roll but we're afraid that we may not end up knowing what's actually causing issues. Day 30 is tomorrow. Any how, I'm thinking of introducing soy first because Asian food has lots of soy, and we might not introduce the rest of the legumes because we really don't eat that much of it. IF soy does not give us any issue, does it mean that during the next intro day, we can keep some soy in the picture (e.g. soy sauce in marinates) or do we have to revert to total whole 30 + said intro food group (e.g. gluten free grains like rice?) Hope my question makes sense. Thank you!
  8. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    I had to send my mom to the hospital because of a health scare and could not find compliant food in all the food places in the hospital. Found a small cafe and their salad dressing (which I was told was just olive oil and balsamic) turned out sweet. I did a taste dab and it was way sweet. It's amazing how sensitive I am not to any artificial sugars. I asked and they said orange juice but could not tell me if it's real orange juice so I had to pack it and asked for a new salad order with just olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Just thankfulness i can find food!! And very very thankful the health scare turned out to be not serious.
  9. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Yes, some cravings are still present. But we're almost there! And I hope I will be able to make wiser decisions then. Anyway, I've some questions for reintroduction. We're probably going to a somewhat fast track introduction because the husband wants to know what affects us. My question is, if I start with legumes, and say, I don't have much of a reaction to soy, during my next re-introduction day, does it mean I can start including soy with say, gluten free grains? And is it always neccessary to wait the two days in between if my body is ok? I don't plan to introduce all legumes, maybe just the ones that we typically have in our diet like soy. I do miss a good soy sauce with sashimi. I also have an event on Saturday night...
  10. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Hellooo everyone! How's everyone doing? It's Day 24 for us. Just made a spinach, peppers and bacon frittata this morning and it's so nice to have fresh food for breakfast. Kids have been taking turns to wake us up (more my hubby than me), so he's upset that he's really tired and not feeling that much tiger blood yet. I'm sleepy but more energetic than I would usually be when I'm sleep deprived. So it's good. I've been busy (and lazy) last weekend and so this week's food has been rather rushed since not much food prep was done. All my freezer stores (except a fresh batch of roast pork) have been depleted and so I'd really have to cook this weekend! Dinner is probably going to be lemon pepper wings, and I might start making some beef stew for next week. Have a great day everyone!
  11. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Yes! Scallions.
  12. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Just some thoughts on chow mein - we typically don't add sugar in chow mein, it really doesn't need it. A good splash of coconut aminos + fish sauce can give it the depth it needs. I like to use lard or a light olive oil because coconut oil and ghee just tastes weird with chow mein. Then I sauté some chopped onions and minced garlic to give it the Asian flavour before adding the rest of the meats ingredients etc. noodles (squash) goes in last. Spring onions also makes the dish more fragrant.
  13. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Ok will try that. Today's amount of tomatoes were low. About 5 cherry tomatoes I think. I'll drop off nightshades for the next few days and observe. Come to think of it, I occasionally had these cramp feelings before whole30 and could never figure what caused them. I always attributed it to IBS. Maybe it's nightshades all along.
  14. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    Anyway guys, I think I may have made a discovery. I had mash potatoes with my beef stew tonight for dinner and about an hour later, I started to get crampy and gaseous. Similar to the feeling I got when I had that brinjals and tomatoes combination that day. Turns out potatoes are in the nightshade family too. My question is, why wouldn't I have discovered this before? I eat potatoes occasionally and never seemed to have a problem. I don't seem to have a problem with tomatoes at all now still. Is it because I'm eating more tomatoes with whole30 that I'm seeing a reaction to other nightshades? Or maybe I had more potatoes than usual? (Not really actually, probably a potato worth of mash?)
  15. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    @emilyelowe Nori is essentially seaweed. So I'm guessing supermarkets with a Japanese aisle would have them? They are roasted seaweed sheets, those we use when we make sushi. You'd need to look for plain roasted ones, without seasonings because many are seasoned with soy.