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  1. Hi all, I've a question on re-intro. My husband and I are thinking of going on the fast track, but we do have events coming up on the weekend so I'm not quite sure how that's going to work out. We might end up doing somewhat of a slow roll but we're afraid that we may not end up knowing what's actually causing issues. Day 30 is tomorrow. Any how, I'm thinking of introducing soy first because Asian food has lots of soy, and we might not introduce the rest of the legumes because we really don't eat that much of it. IF soy does not give us any issue, does it mean that during the next intro day, we can keep some soy in the picture (e.g. soy sauce in marinates) or do we have to revert to total whole 30 + said intro food group (e.g. gluten free grains like rice?) Hope my question makes sense. Thank you!
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