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  1. msmirnio

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    There are so many variations, I believe the most basic might be 1 tbsp clarified butter (ghee) with a standard 6-8oz cup black coffee. I just tried's only OK I don't feel ah-mazing so here's a question/theory: Since us Whole30-ers already are used to having a serving of fat for breakfast, I don't know if mixing the Meal 1 fat with coffee really changes anything and gives us super powers. I wonder if people think that mixing fat with coffee in the morning is amazing because they're not used to incorporating fat so early? Whereas we are... Thoughts?
  2. Hi Folks, I've seen this commented elsewhere but wanted to dedicate a post to the Bullet Proof Coffee bonanza ( I'd love to know: 1) Have any of you tried it? Naturally on the Whole30 we would only used clarified butter/ghee. 2) Can we make this Whole30 legal by considering the ghee in the coffee to be our Meal 1 serving of fat? Then just eat protein and veggies to complete the meal? Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone! My 2nd Whole30 is set for January and I want this one to be extra badass; your responses and solidarity help immensely!
  4. Folks, What's the consensus on packaged foods that have the perfectly compliant ingredient list until *dun dun dun!!* you see "Contains less than 2% of the following...." and proceeds to list "cane sugar" "deroxide-foxide-ix" "soy lechitan" etc... Ahem...many Applegate products.