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  1. Hi Folks, I've seen this commented elsewhere but wanted to dedicate a post to the Bullet Proof Coffee bonanza ( I'd love to know: 1) Have any of you tried it? Naturally on the Whole30 we would only used clarified butter/ghee. 2) Can we make this Whole30 legal by considering the ghee in the coffee to be our Meal 1 serving of fat? Then just eat protein and veggies to complete the meal? Thanks!
  2. Folks, What's the consensus on packaged foods that have the perfectly compliant ingredient list until *dun dun dun!!* you see "Contains less than 2% of the following...." and proceeds to list "cane sugar" "deroxide-foxide-ix" "soy lechitan" etc... Ahem...many Applegate products.
  3. Folks - I started my official Whole30 3 days ago - I'm a bit worried that I'm not experiencing any of the side-effects everyone's been talking about - negative or positive! No grogginess or cravings (however, I do have some wicked dreams of cheating!!), nor more energy or fresh feeling,etc... Maybe I need to get a few more days into it seeing as "everyone's different". I'd love to hear if anyone has feedback or similar experiences/worries! Additionally - I'm a little concerned that eating less-than-kosher-grade meat might be affecting the detox process - could this really make all the difference if I prepare my meat leanly?
  4. msmirnio

    Whole30 Book and Gift Suggestions

    Folks, It's that time of year - my family has been hounding me for what gifts I'd like for the holidays. I already own ISWF (and highly recommend you give this to someone you love!); I'd appreciate any gift ideas that are health/paleo/perhaps even Whole30-related! The only things I've been able to think of asking for are: 1) a hard-covered copy of Well Fed, 2) the Pre-Made Paleo's Whole30 Approved Emergency Pack for my (second!) January Whole30, 3) I'm not even kidding, a gift certificate/credit to WholePaycheck Let's hear it (especially books!).
  5. Hello again, Forum! I've done 4-5 Whole30's in the last 3 years - results ranging from "OMG wonderful!" to "meh I could have stopped at two weeks and gotten the same results". No matter, I love doing this. Interestingly - today is Day 1 and this evening I felt AWFUL hunger pangs. I usually eat Whole30ish minus some consciously unhealthy choices. But I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same? Here's what I did/ate today: 0530 - black coffee 0545 CrossFit - squat day + 3 round AMRAP 1 minute lunges, 1 minute push press, 1 minute knees to elbow and 1 minute rest 0740 Meal 1 - Breakfast Salad - 1 egg, 1 egg white, 1 turkey sausage, spinach, bell peppers, 1 tbsp olive oil 0900 - apple w/black coffee 1230 - Meal 2 - 4.5 oz tilapia, asparagus, 1/2 avocado 1430 - ~2oz chicken breast, small servings of snap peas and carrots, about half a handful of olives 1900 - ~4.5 oz chicken breast, 2 tbsp guacamole, snap peas and carrots, sautéed kale [cue worst hunger pain in my life at 2030 -that "so hungry I'm going to vomit" feeling, followed by literally salivating and spitting into a sink] 2230 - a bite of steak, bites of sweet potato, hard boiled egg, 2 breakfast turkey sausages, a few snap peas and carrots and half a handful of olives Maybe I'm tired from the weekend? It was a friend's wedding weekend so my eating/drinking was especially intense. Anyhow - very interested if anyone has thoughts/similar experiences.
  6. Hi Folks, Any recommendations for a mobile food journal/logging/tracking app that is Whole9-life helpful (not necessarily Whole30...but obviously that would be great, too!)? Before my Whole30 revelations I used My Fitness Pal which was cool for caloric purposes...but now that I don't track calories I'm at a loss. Thank you! Margot
  7. Folks, I have a thought and want to see if it's crazy, so please chime in or share your experiences! Background: I've done two Whole30's in the past 6 months and lost weight on both, looked great, etc etc. The "off-roading" was the hard part and I inevitably ended up going crazy and eating horribly. Then, my crossfit box started a 9-week paleo nutrition challenge, and I thought it would be a good time to learn how to eat Whole30 most of the time, but still drink/eat socially once or twice a week. I've finally learned how to do exactly this, and keep on the Whole30 track outside of these few times a week. I'm very happy to learn how to drink and eat socially a few times a week without getting far away from a Whole9 life, however, this social way of living isn't helping me lose weight, if anything it's just keeping an average standard of health. I still have a ways to go before I get rid of my desired amount of fat. Plan: So my plan is to go every other month (so I don't go socially crazy) - Whole30, maintenance, Whole30, maintenance - until I reach where I want to be! Then, I'll use the Whole30 as a few-times-a-year tool to get back on track if I feel icky. Has anyone done this? Does it seem nutty? Thanks!
  8. Folks, Are deviled eggs considered SWYPO during your Whole30? And while I'm here... What about Brussle sprout "chips"? Spaghetti squash and compliant tomato-sauce? I'm not talking about making paleo cookies with almond flour, ghee and cocoa powder sweetened with fruit juice (ha) but I would love to hear some other foods that seem innocent but are actually SWYPO and a no-no during your Whole30 Thank you!
  9. msmirnio

    How much do you off-road?

    Off-roading is my real 2013 resolution. After my first Whole30 in November I went totally ballistic and lost control; my main goal for my recent Whole30 (ended last month) was creating a plan to live a Whole9 life without suffering or over-indulging. Here's why I'm trying to do: 1) Alcohol - drink at social events, special occasions and if dinner is a real sit-down-at-the-table-use-napkins-no-tv dinner. Go 1:1 with water ( <---gets difficult as your resolve weakens) 2) Treats - like kshacklett said above, don't even consider grabbing anything shiny and convenient in your breakroom/office pantry/ bowl of fake candy on someone's desk, those things are there because people think it's better to pawn them off instead of throw them in the trash, so essentially they'd prefer YOUR BODY to be that trashcan (though they're probably not doing that maliciously/on purpose). I use this question to help: "If I saw this treat during a Whole30 would I purposely come back to it after I was done?" Non-homemade or gourmet foods usually don't pass. Unless you're IN LOVE with some gross processed thing and you would rather eat a mouthful of bees than go your life without it again (for me that's oatmeal cream pies), then treat that thing as a gourmet dish and dig in carefully and thoughtfully. I've been eating 1-2 oz dark chocolate (over 70%) a few nights a week (ok every night this week). Also, preparing "paleo treats" is super rewarding; just plan to portion is out/hide it/give it away so you don't have 2 dozen almond-flour chocolate chip cookies staring at your face for the next week. 3) Non-compliant foods - Go for it, but as a small part of or side to your main, healthy meal. This morning I ate SYPO pancakes with nuts sans maple syrup/toppings, with a side of green beans, mixed bell peppers and a little oz of chicken. At restaurants try a new sauce or get dessert to accompany your compliant order. The best part about not being on the Whole30, IMHO, is that you get to not freak out about ingredients at restaurants. Which to me is like a daily treat How much is too much can be measured by how you feel and look. If your sleep is getting wack, if your skin is breaking out (consistently), if your energy is low or if you can't find those rose-colored-Whole30 sunglasses at least occasionally, you've gone too far.
  10. msmirnio

    Late night Sugar Cravings

    Definitely agree with Tom, make sure you eat enough to feel full and satisfied, even if your portions look or seem too big initially, go with your stomach (to this day I'm a little shocked by how much I eat..but I've lost 12lbs in 3 months and my body's loving it). Also, invest in some flavorful/ nicely scented teas (watch out for the soy lecithin though! it's all up in teas) and drink them on the reg to let your brain have a little sweet satisfaction here and there. But really, if it's cravings and not actual hunger which is a different problem with other solutions, drink a glass of water and go to bed!
  11. msmirnio

    Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    I'm so glad someone posted about this! Tessemae's Zesty Ranch and Wing Sauce (hot sauce) SAVED my second Whole30. I'm obsessed. I put it on everything. When I'm in a rush and don't want some same old boring meal (read: ground beef, spinach, and some other vegetable usually green beans or mixed bell peppers...I eat this ALL the time) I just pile on the Tessemae's. Absolutely in love.
  12. Hi Folks, I had a difficult time deciphering this in ISWF - (ad nauseum dislcaimer) you're supposed to eat 1+ serving of fat at each of your 3 meals. However, there was something about NOT including your cooking fats in that number I think (correct me if I'm wrong, that'll be easy enough!). So for example this morning I ate sausage, brussle sprouts and sweet potato hash which was cooked in 1 tbsp ghee. I consider that my fat for the meal. Obviously I could go up and have 1/2 avocado or drizzle some evoo if I want more but does the 1 tbsp of ghee as cooking oil count as my fat serving for Meal 1? Or should I not include cooking fats in that count? Thank you!
  13. msmirnio

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    There are so many variations, I believe the most basic might be 1 tbsp clarified butter (ghee) with a standard 6-8oz cup black coffee. I just tried's only OK I don't feel ah-mazing so here's a question/theory: Since us Whole30-ers already are used to having a serving of fat for breakfast, I don't know if mixing the Meal 1 fat with coffee really changes anything and gives us super powers. I wonder if people think that mixing fat with coffee in the morning is amazing because they're not used to incorporating fat so early? Whereas we are... Thoughts?
  14. msmirnio

    Soak peanut oil-covered cashews?

    Thanks everyone, I handed them over to some non-Whole30 family members. RIP (roasted in peanut-oil)
  15. Folks, I bought this big tub of cashews and realized that they have peanut oil (that's what 3 hours roaming Costco will do to your focus). I realize this is a long shot but since most of the recipes I want with cashews call to soak them for hours, any way that lots of soaking in water can negate the peanut oil? Maybe rinse with vinegar before the soak? Obviously I don't understand the complexities of nut production
  16. Folks, I keep touting how my second Whole30 (coming January 1st) is going to be super badass because after experiencing my first, I've imagined how I can prepare and really comply the hell out of those 30+ days. I'd love to hear what you all would do if you could make your next Whole30 ridiculously awesome and incredible! My list: 1) Make a bunch of condiments beforehand (like Nom Nom Paleo's sriracha), everything in ISWF - especially the BBQ sauce 2) Pre-order ALL of my meats from somewhere grass-fed and awesome like US Wellness meats - and on that note - have the ability to shop at Whole Foods the entire Whole30 3) Take (the appropriate amount and need of) squeaky clean supplements - especially fish oil, Vitamin D3, magnesium and calcium 4) Learn how to crockpot - my fear of this tool is getting the best of me and I know my life will be easier with it Dream away!
  17. msmirnio

    Your most EPIC Whole30 yet!

    batmomm2000 you're right! I still haven't bucked up to try the real recipe while off-roading (something about paying over $10 for compliant fish sauce bother's me but I fully plan on sucking it up) - I might ask hers truly for a Whole30-compliant variation tip
  18. msmirnio

    Maggie's Whole30: The Results

    What a great post, maggief! I really love all the detail here, and especially that you pushed yourself to a Whole82! I'm starting my second Whole30 January 1 and am really considering making it a Whole45 because my first time around got such great results; I want to see if I can push myself a bit further. On a different (hopefully not creepy) note - I am also in the DC area and had no idea about the DC Meat up so thank you for sharing! I just asked to join the FB page and am looking forward to meeting some people (FINALLY) who have the same eating-values as myself - I have a very distant relationship with one single person around here who eats like me so it'll be nice to speak with paleo foodies in person and not just through the Whole9 blog. (also - I gave that one single paleo person my only copy of ISWF to borrow...uh oh) Congratulations on your success!
  19. msmirnio

    SWYPO - deviled eggs and other things

    Jo - peel the "leaves" off of each brussle sprout down to the middle as much as possible. Rinse and dry. Toss with olive oil, salt and vinegar, cook at either 375 for 10-15 of 350 for 15-20 depending on your oven - they cook fairly quickly so watch out! Thank you all for your comments! I shall go forth with my deviled egg quest - maybe even mixing it up with some avocado and bacon! (haha speaking of Whole30 food pyramids...)
  20. Folks, How the mighty fall! I ended my first (very successful) Whole30 exactly 7 days ago. 5 days ago I completely fell off the "healthy" wagon and have totally spiraled! I'm eating things that often don't appeal to me and are basically just "there" - I have no portion control, all of my good efforts last month have gone totally sour. I plan on doing another Whole30 in January but am now contemplating starting after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve because apparently I have no self-control off-plan. Should I try to reign my daily eating in now or do another Whole30 to reset? Has any one had similarly ridiculous annoying experiences? Any advice in general? Thanks, msmirnio
  21. msmirnio

    Whole30 Book and Gift Suggestions

    Good points TrayS! I might ask for kitchen tools (Julienne peeler...handheld blender to make soups). I totally feel you on the ISWF gifting idea - my solution: for your neighborhood/coworkers, instead of giving pretty chocolates/cookies - I'm making them some Whole30-compliant foods (though definitely SWYPO...gotta start somewhere): Garlic mashed cauliflower, sweet potato fries, brussle sprout chips, homemade mayo, homemade pesto with spaghetti squash! Then I leave them a little teaser by listing ingredients and just including "Paleo" in the title and see if that sparks any interest - hopefully not "That hippy down the road left something weird at our door!"
  22. It's funny - after I fell off and learned that it is just a matter of making your next meal compliant then the next etc..I've fallen into a pattern of lesser-guilt when I don't eat compliantly. I am definitely in a stalling pattern of Whole30 Meal 1, Whole30 Meal 2...snacking "Whole30-ly"....mostly Whole30 Meal 3....hmm let's make some SWYPO cookies since I'll be fully compliant in a month....It's ok I'll start over tomorrow! However, this does not scare the sh#t out of me anymore..and I realized that I have never eaten "mostly" well in my whole life, this is a big step up - although not ideal. So for my second Whole30 starting in January, I am actually going to focus the heck out of my "reintroduction" phase and how to control over-eating when I'm not on my Whole30 - I'm actually starting to think about a Whole45 just to push myself a little further each time kind of thing, and maybe the next one will be a Whole60 and so on and so forth. All about goals (which I still somehow fail to be super specific with!) Again, I appreciate all of the story-sharing and advice!
  23. msmirnio

    How do I make kale chips?

    Hi Ladyhoward! I've made kale chips tons of times with so many different oils, temps's my favorite: -huge bunch of kale (if you get the big pre-washed bags use half) -1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (you'd be surprised how little cooking oil you need to make kale chips, they're often too oily even with this amount so keep that in mind!) -seal salt -pepper -paprika 1) Wash and DRY your kale thoroughly with a paper towel making sure to remove all moisture 2) Put kale in a bowl and toss with olive oil, a few pinches of salt, pepper and paprika (don't over-add here, better too little flavor than too much trust me) 3) Spread kale over flat pan, try to get an even layer to ensure even cooking 4) Cook on top rack at 375F for 10-15 minutes You'll find what works best for you, your oven and your taste buds but here's a start!
  24. Thanks everyone! My 2nd Whole30 is set for January and I want this one to be extra badass; your responses and solidarity help immensely!
  25. Thank you all so much - this has been the most crucial advice for my longterm health. Alana - I did finally (literally just now for my work lunch, 2 days after your suggestion haha) eat a Whole30 meal and I feel more stable, I will continue Whole30 until Thanksgiving dinner then go back to Whole30ing until something necessary (work events) call on me - because that is how I want to live, Whole30-compliant with few exceptions, not what I'v been doing now for a week which is "Oh wow I gave up so let me eat a bag of popcorn for dinner". Ladyhoward- I am exactly like you with moderation. I think that's why my Whole30 was so successful and going off has been so disastrous I thought that controlling my off-plan moment would make me more in control, but I JUST learned how to trust myself and show restraint/self-control after decades of not practicing, I need to take off these training wheels sloooooowly. I really appreciate everyone's similar experiences and advice. So this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for you all!