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  1. Fenderbender

    Grab-and-go Breakfast

    Make a big veg and " meat" fritata and slice it like a pie...pop a slice in the microwave on the way out the door I like to pre stuff romain lettuce leaves ( think thin long taco) with chicken/tuna/egg salad and top with whatever veggies... It's cold but easy to eat ..
  2. Fenderbender

    How to cook a steak

    Vian.... To give credence to your method... It is similar in function to " sous vide" where you place the steak/meat/chicken in A vacuum bag and place it in 130 degree circulating water until the internal temperature reaches that....then you remove from the bag and sear the heck out if it on cast iron....one of my favorite methods ... Yours is I " home type" version of that, and does work very well.
  3. Fenderbender

    Help me formulate a plan!

    That's the gist of it.... If you google Wendler 5-3-1. There are a ton of sites that help explain the work out.... It really is very simple to follow and is based on basic strength movements ( squats,dead lifts, presses) and auxiliary exercises I'm personally really getting into Olympic lifting and squats deads and presses only supplement the Oly lifts...
  4. Fenderbender

    Help me formulate a plan!

    I've been accused of being from mars before.... Lol
  5. Fenderbender

    Help me formulate a plan!

    http://www.jimwendler.com/2011/09/531-for-a-beginner/ Ok, don't be scared because it looks hardcore.... It's a stupid simple strength plan that really really works. Do this and add a cardio plus yoga once/twice per week and you will be golden.... If your looking for more of a metabolic conditioning program, you could always follow the Crossfit main page WOD posted every day
  6. Fenderbender

    Celery Root? Yea, nay? Opinions.....

    It's great but it tastes more celeryieeee than celery lol. Nice in a mixed medley of roasted root vegetables and great cut ultra thin julienne on a salad. ( makes a nice slaw)
  7. See what livin clean will do for ya!!! Thanks Renée !!!!!
  8. @ KimmyW Thanks...... Narf was awful after Fran !!!! The three min. Rest did nothing but allow my muscles to cease up... After the first round of nine I loosened up a bit and was able to go harder but it was evil!!! Our box is prepping for " beast mode battle" in November ..... The competition is four different 12 min WODS with only 3 min rest in between each ....48 min of AMRAP in a one hour time span... PAIN!!! Unfourtunatly I can't take off work that weekend,but I'm training with everyone else just to get it under my belt for next time
  9. Fenderbender

    Pre workout first thing in the morning

    I tried leftover meatballs once..... Tasted them all through the workout....so did everyone else . I stick with two fried eggs now
  10. Fenderbender

    New workout focus

    Lift as heavy as you can safely with good form and with very high intensity..... Try to stay away from single joint/muscle movements ,do complex movements (squats,dead lifts,ground to overhead,overhead presses,clean and jerk,etc) and throw in body weight movements like box jumps,pull ups, ring dips,burpees. The key is intensity and safety... You will burn tons and tons of calories in a short period( relative to endurance work). And your body will be forced to adapt Of course...ISWF.... So keep your diet tight and you will see results. ( give it about 2-3 months to see real changes)
  11. If I were to do a strait mass gain/ strength or powerlifting cycle, I would eat a boat load more carbs in form of sweet potato,plantain,etc..... I like to experiment and see what kind of results I get ..... Now I'm trying to retain strength and still slowly trim up a bit to increase my running/metacon times.... Lowish carb seems to do just great for my goals
  12. It's all about little baby steps.....I still can't string more than 3 dubs in a row. Give your self short term goals..... Sugar is like crack, stay away....nourish your body and rest.... You have a lot on your plate....go at your own pace and you will see improvements
  13. Here is a link to a post I just made for reference. http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/14106-fran-in-309-athletic-success-following-w30-meal-templates/ Remember that you are now using a completely different engine now that you have finished endurance training and doing CF. endurance training engines are four cylinders that will sip " gas" for long periods of time and your crossfit engine is a Chevy big block with 6 barrel carbs You need time to readjust, build your CP battery up, your burning a lot of fuel fast and your craving! I'd cut out all fruit and limit starchy veg to post WO meal.... Give yourself about a month to readjust.....
  14. Just like the title says I just made Fran my bitch in 3:09!!! Ok I've been following W30 meal templates for well over a year with very little derivation... I'm 6'2". 220. 51 years old This entire last two weeks I have not eaten any starchy veg like sweet potatoes...just plenty of vegetables each meal and one fruit a day ( banana post WO) I Crossfit six days a week, every week.... And the strength and WODs have been very hard all month leading up to a comp. This morning we did four set of squats to warm up then 8x3 @ 60% (275) so our legs were good and tired Three min rest then Fran 21-15-9. Thrusters @95 and pull-ups 3:09 Three min rest then Narf ( Fran in reverse) 6:03 For those who don't Crossfit.. Fran in under 5 min is elite time Soooo...... Anyone who doubts the benefits of Paleo and especially Whole30, think again.....I just did the performance of a lifetime on fats protein and vegetables !!!!
  15. Fenderbender

    day 5 and worst run ever. marathon in 2 weeks

    Stop, drop, and do Burpees!!!!! It's a cure all...