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  1. Fenderbender

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Your sobriquet is cool also. My first w30 was actually a w120 and I slowly reintroed.... I was " ok" with full fat dairy, and grained like oats,rice,quinoa... Then a did a few more rounds of w30 and I really felt better.... Took a break and ate rice,potatoes,etc and what I found was that stuff really keeps me from eating the proper amount of veggies because its so easy to just plug in the rice cooker and grill a piece of salmon.... It slowed me down I haven't even been counting the days and I don't go crazy about giving waiters the 3rd degree when I go out so I'm sure a few thing here and there have snuck in in small amounts, but I just preform 100% better when sticking to the meal templates and really plan to stick to it about 95% of the time.
  2. Fenderbender

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Beachchica makes a great point...... It is to easy to get bogged down and focused on details.... Relax and enjoy that you are doing the right thing for your body... Your running will come into line. From my experience, and I'm not a distance athlete but a converted crazy cross fitter, eating the template and only one sweet potato and occasionally one fruit a day, puts me a the zone where at 50 yrs old I'm smoking most of the 20-30 year olds in strength and conditioning... I'm at the top 10% of the white board most days . We have a big strong box with fierce competitors so that's a big accomplishment .... I've also been steadily cutting weight Eating w30 reaps many many rewards, I can't fathom living any other way!!!
  3. Fenderbender

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    You also need to train in the zone that your body utilizes fat in... Typically under 70-75% max HR. if you are in your pure aerobic zone and don't cross your anaerobic/ lactate thresholds, your body will use oxygen and stored fat for energy.... Plain and simple... No glycogen. You utilize your fat stores through your own cellular mitochondria..... The longer you train in that lower zone, the more mitochondria you produce / the more energy you have... Set your HR monitor and don't cross 70%. Time your miles and note the times.... Run strictly at your HR .... You will notice after a few weeks your times will start to come down... And soon you will be running much much faster at 70%.... You have maxed out your mitochondrial production when your times no longer decrease ...... A lot of elite runners/ tri athlete train this way in the off season http://www.freedomsrun.org/Training/TrainingAerobic.aspx Here's a great link
  4. Fenderbender

    The crazy things people say

    I got " lunked" for doing burpees!!!!!! I guess I was disturbing the five people In a a 20,000 sq ft facility!!!!
  5. Fenderbender

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Kayak camping the inside passage of Alaska..... I did it for an entire month a few years back and it was the bomb.... I'd love to float the entire Koyokuk-copper river basin from above the arctic circle ( wrangle st Elias range) next time.... Set traps for fresh crabs.... Caught fresh steelheads and salmon walleye.... Foraged for tons of berries and plenty of native greens and foliage, ramps, thisels, etc..... Traded for game, seal oil and other food stuffs in small villages Talk about fat adaptation... There isn't a processed carb in a 1000 miles ( unless you pack it in)
  6. Fenderbender

    Boars head meats

    I will hold you to this!!! When it's coolish out we find places to take them with us..... It's always a circus when we pull up,to a motel to overnight and parade the three of them through the lobby.... But Florida to Oregon to drop them off might be a bit far for them to drive.... Lol
  7. Fenderbender

    Boars head meats

    Food facts..... There is a ton of additives that the USDA does require ( loop holes) companies to list. The law states it needs to be listed but there are ways to get around it... http://thefoodwatchdog.com/05/food-news/use-of-meat-glue-is-uncontrolled/ http://www.fsis.usda.gov/oppde/rdad/FRPubs/01-016DF.htm This is referring to the enzyme ( meat glue) Transglutaminase. TM. If the deli product that you are getting has been formed to look like a turkey breast or a roast beef/ham.... It more than likely has TM gluing it together in a slury of collagen ...gelatin..broth..... They suck up up through a vacuum tube ( Augustus Gloop) and pump it into preformed plastic bags... Sealed and steamed.... If it looks like its been roasted it was spray painted with caramel coloring after the goo sets up. Have you every roasted a fresh turkey and had the slices come out in perfect ovals..... Food Chemistry!!! You can buy bone out natural turkey breasts and roast them for well under half the price of deli turkey. Then consider all deli meats have a ton of water added.... The price is more like 1/4 I get grass fed tri tips and top rounds to roast.... Yield is 85%. So roasted fresh it costs me less than $12 per pound. Organic/ natural roastbeef in the package is usually $14.99 for 6 oz and 1/4 of that is added water So $15 for 4 ounces of beef.....that's $30 per pound!!!! I know it's convenient but it just don't add up!!!!
  8. Fenderbender

    The crazy things people say

    I remembered because " I am the great Cornholio! Are you threatening me?"
  9. Fenderbender

    The crazy things people say

    "Uhuhuh" I told them to " shut up Bevis, don't make me kick your ass" " yeh yeh... Kick his ass.... Fire!!!!!" Sorry about that....
  10. Fenderbender

    The crazy things people say

    Yeah.... It was called the Sauna... Lol.
  11. Fenderbender

    The crazy things people say

    I went to a gym that didn't want you to sweat on the equipment! That lasted about five min until I left!!!
  12. Fenderbender

    pre-workout foods?

    I believe proper post workout meals are almost more important as they set you up for your future loads. i find when dialed in just right, im ready for battle at any time. Once your fat adapted... A little bit of protein and fat pre workout can be a great help..... If your workouts are intense it is important to " backload " your starchy carbs immediately after working out.... That way you start to replenish your glycogen that will be available for your next workouts It is important to pay attention to the type of workout you are doing....for me, if I'm doing strait cardio ( for me, HR at or below 140) I have no need of pre workout or post carbs, I'm burning strait fat for fuel. If I'm doing 100% all out short bursts, I also feel no need to carbo backload as going anaerobic is a different metabolic process and doesn't require glycogen..... The tricky workouts are when you go in and out of your anabolic threshold ala crossfit,boot camps, etc. this is when you are burning through glycogen at a fast rate and if you don't replace it your body will most likely convert muscle into glycogen. So, set your self up in advance by sticking to to W30 templates and eat good starchy veg post workout and meals to be ready to go for any workout.....
  13. Fenderbender

    The crazy things people say

    At a New Years party this year... " Michael,you must try my mothers humas! " I reply..... " sorry I'd love to but I don't eat beans or legumes of any kind". ...... " there aren't any beans in humas! My mother will be very hurt you didn't try it!" ...... " we'll I would be hurt worse if I did eat it .... My resolution is to be a selfish bastard" !!!! ( I wonder why I never get invited a second time anywhere ..... LMAO)
  14. Fenderbender

    The crazy things people say

    Conversation I overheard at the airport: " honey I'm getting something to eat....what would you like?" " oh something really healthy.... Get me a blueberry muffin and a diet coke". Sad thing is several years ago that could have been me...... !!!!!!!
  15. Fenderbender

    Water Chestnuts

    I love them! Not much flavor but lots of crunch....