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  1. rebbeca

    January 2nd start date

    I started Round 2 on Monday too! So far so good. There's a cold/sinus thing going around my house. Woke up yesterday unsure if it was the cold or the sugar hangover that was affecting me. Either way, I headed to bed at 7:30 as soon as my kiddo was in bed and woke up feeling pretty good today. I'm loving the freedom I have this time around to mix up my meals - i.e. not eat eggs for breakfast every morning! I enjoyed a leftover coconut milk curry with cauli-rice and my black tea for breakfast this morning. Feeling great so far and enjoying reading everyone's experiences.
  2. rebbeca

    January 2nd start date

    I also love my coffee with creamer. In my previous round of Whole30 I switched to drinking black tea because I couldn't drink my coffee black. I slid right back into sweet/creamy coffee after that round ended though so I'm back for Round 2 this month. Enjoyed my earl grey tea this morning! Good luck to you!
  3. rebbeca

    Eating on the go in the summer

    This is a fantastic idea! I've been looking for an excuse to buy those cute little bento lunchboxes for the kiddo and I. Thanks for the ideas! And yes - we are having a blast this summer!
  4. rebbeca

    Eating on the go in the summer

    Thank you! I don't know why I don't just pre chop a bunch of veggies and make a dip to take with us or some leftover veggies from dinner the day before. I do have a cooler or lunch bag we can bring with us, I'm just lacking in creativity so thanks again!
  5. rebbeca

    Eating on the go in the summer

    Thank you for this suggestion. You're right, there were quite a few great looking options for us!
  6. rebbeca

    Eating on the go in the summer

    You're right, my meals these past few days have not been template. My Whole30 has not been perfect by my food has been conpliant. It's a giant step from eating chips and guacamole for lunch or stopping to eat at a less than stellar restaurant. For what it's worth over 20 days into this and I'm feeling fantastic. I only eat 3 meals a day, don't snack, have a ton of energy to keep up with my preschooler, I'm sleeping through the night restfully after the end of the busy school Year. While it might not seem like enough food to you, I'm feeling for fullfilled and excited about most meals. Oh, and that turkey with worthless lettuce was slathered in homemade mayo so I think I did ok there. Honestly, your response is why I often hesitate to post here. Every question I've asked gets answered with, "just eat more!" Or some criticism about why my meals aren't perfect. I acknowledged that in my post which is why I asked the question I did. My primary question was never answered. If you were on the go, often eating lunch literally on the go, in the car, in order to avoid the dreaded preschool car nap, what would you pack? In order to not eat those awful non template meals I ate over the past few days, a few fun, packable, mostly ok in the heat of summer go-to meals would actually be helpful. In my pre whole30 days I packed a sandwich, some chips, and a ton of fruit so I'm trying to figure out what to pack now.
  7. Any ideas for how to eat (particularly lunch) on the go in the summer? Several days a week my 3yo and I leave shortly after breakfast to head out for a morning adventure: the beach, the lake, the children's museum, her gym class, the zoo, the park, the library. She's happy with an almond butter sandwich, some fruit, pretzels with hummus, but obviously on Whole30 that's out for me, and I'm working on changing some of her standard lunch food. Shouldn't be too hard since she generally eats the same whole30 breakfast and dinner that we do. I don't know why but for some reason it seems weird to pack a giant salad with a side protein and dressing like I do during the school year. We don't often sit down to eat lunch on these outings, we just kind of eat on the go so something a little more grab-and-go? For some reference, here's my food log for the past two days. We were hardly home, and I stayed compliant, but didn't do a spectacular job: Saturday B: leftover skirt steak, cold, eaten in the car while driving L: egg salad with homemade mayo on a couple of lettuce leaves, blueberries, homemade larabar (all of this was eaten over a few hours at the lake) D: I fed my kid an almond butter and jelly sandwich with some blueberries but I didn't eat anything and we both went to bed early. I realize this is not a good choice but I didn't have anything premade and I just did not feel like cooking for just myself. Sunday B: of course after no dinner I woke up starving. I roasted some sweet potatoes and green beans and ate them with a piece of grilled chicken. I'm getting sick of eggs at this point and need to figure out some breakfast variety. L: again this meal was a bit more like snacking all afternoon because we were at the beach. Turkey and mayo in lettuce wraps, hot and spicy pickle slices, green veggie juice picked up on the way to the beach, strawberries D: I got locked out of my house after the beach and so at 5pm we ended up at a neighbors's house. They made dinner that looked fantastic but was complete with soy and brown sugar. I let my kid eat dinner there but I only ate a bowl of roasted brocolli and sliced mangoes. When I got home I ate the leftover roasted sweet potatoes and veggies, green beans and two applegate hot dogs with mustard and homemade ketchup.
  8. rebbeca

    20 days in, still not sleeping

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm not waking up hungry but that doesn't mean I can't work to improve my meals. I agree there was definitely a lot of fruit this past week - I didn't want it to go bad! I'll be limiting what I buy this week. There were beautiful NJ blueberries at the farmer's market this morning that we could not say no to but I think I'll keep it to that. My mind is definitely pre occupied when I wake at night. I'm going to try a pre bed yoga practice tonight to try and calm everything down. Had a great day 20 that involved a nice long bike ride while pulling the 3 year old in the bike trailer. Hopefully I'm worn out enough to from that to sleep well tonight. Thanks again!
  9. I'm 20 days into this Whole30 and still not sleeping through the night! I wake up every morning between 2 and 3am for hours at a time. When I finally do fall back asleep it is incredibly difficult to wake up in the morning (like right now...). I go to bed usually between 9:30 and 10pm. I try to spend a little time reading before I go to bed if I can stay up long enough to do it. I never have trouble falling asleep, in fact I struggle to stay awake until 10pm. Before Whole30 I was sleeping through the night until 5/5:30 without any problems. There's no new stress lately, in fact there's a lot less as the school year is now over. I eat dinner at 6pm every night, finish by 6:30 and only have water or the occasional cup of chamomile tea after that. Here's a link to my food log: Any thoughts? Maybe this is completely unrelated to food and the Whole30 but so many people report improved sleep as a major NSV during their Whole30 and it's just not happening for me.
  10. rebbeca

    Source of soy in tuna?

    Thanks for the quick replies! I'll look for something compliant next time I'm out. The tuna I have is from pre Whole 30 and I'm SO glad I checked the label before I made it. Eating a leftover frittata and big salad tonight instead!
  11. rebbeca

    Source of soy in tuna?

    The can of tuna fish I was going to eat for dinner contains: tuna, water, vegetable broth, salt, and sodium pyrophosphate. The label also says says contains fish and soy. Obviously if it contains soy it's off limits and I'll have to find a different source during Whole 30, but anyone know where the soy comes from? Is it in the vegetable broth? Annoyed that I have to find an alternate source now. Anyone know of a brand of tuna that doesn't cost a fortune but also doesn't contain soy?
  12. rebbeca

    Chia Pudding?

    A serving of chia seeds is not only fat, it is also a (albeit small) protein source, much like almond butter. I make a chia seed pudding with almond butter and almond milk to eat at breakfast but I always pair it with hardboiled eggs and some leftover veggies from the day before. It's something quick that I can make the night before and eat quickly in the morning, and I don't mind the texture of the seeds after they've absorbed the milk overnight. It isn't intended as a sweet pick-me-up and isn't eaten as a dessert so I don't see why it's off plan
  13. rebbeca

    Starting June 6th.

    Hope you all had a great Day 1!
  14. rebbeca

    Starting June 6th.

    Day 1 for me is today. Like you I have been relying way too much on fast, convenient foods. Best of luck to you!