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  1. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    Hello. Is anyone from this thread still going in the UK? If you are I hope it is going well for you. I’ve reached day 30 today with a few slips in the last few days due to the types of food available whilst travelling. I’m going to keep going for the next month on the basis of the last few weeks. I’ve got lots of non-scale victories - more energy spread more evenly though the day, some very decent nights of sleep and dealing with ups and downs externally with less ups and downs internally. Onwards!
  2. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    Welcome back @drtracyb - I smiled with recognition about trying to stay compliant in a hotel for a week. That feels like my life that led me (and my extra weight) to the Whole30 in the first place. Years of not being able to eat brilliantly - so every empathy for you and the hidden sugars. I’m on the road this week and stopped for lunch at a place which on the face of it didn’t have anything compliant at all - but then spotted a jacket potato and amended the fillings and accompanying salad and it was there. I am not at all comfortable feeling this high maintenance around food at all. I always imagine them going back to the kitchen going "...you’ll never guess what the woman at table 2 wants to do to our menu!” Is everyone else in the UK in this thread still going? I’m planning on extending the 30 days into Feb as a mechanism to keep me going physically and mentally otherwise this quarter’s travel will derail me completely and I’ll be missing the energy I need to keep everything on track.
  3. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    Major NSV yesterday - I went to a Board meeting between 6-8.30pm yesterday evening which meant that we ended up having a family tea before 5.30 (way better than waiting until after the meeting to eat). All good. I took two packets of biscuits with me as it has become a meeting habit to have them whilst we are there as it cuts across dinner time for most of the attendees; it didn’t bother me that I wasn’t going to eat them but I like to play my part in the ’team’ element of the board. I arrived just on 6pm and had to take the only available seat which was next to the existing packets of biscuits and chocolate bars that others had brought. I sat for the entire meeting alongside them, passed a few of them around and even gathered up the spare ones at the end without eating one of them or even wanting to. The reason I’m writing this down is because biscuits, chocolate bars and crisps are all food without brakes for me. An "open packet of jaffa cakes is almost certainly an empty packet of jaffa cakes" is a mantra I have repeated, laughed about and made a reality on too many occasions. Whether it is a mental or physical response to Whole30, I can truly leave all of these foods alone whilst eating a Whole30 way but have found almost impossible beyond the 30 days as the sugar addiction kicks back in. So, today I’m reflective about this NSV and about how it didn’t make me feel deprived not to indulge during the meeting, it didn’t make me feel anything other than aware of the difference in biscuit behaviour between the December Board meeting and the January Board meeting. How is everyone else doing?
  4. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    @kayo great news that you are on day 16 - I’ve just finished day 15. I raised a wry eyebrow at what you were saying ‘I don’t really think it is the done thing in England...’ to ask people in restaurants for modifications...I have started to feel very high maintenance even starting the conversation or asking a question when ordering food out! I totally agree with you and yet should it be that way? I think we’ve got some way to go here on that score. Having said that we have got access to all sorts of good things to cook at home. I had 24 hours working away yesterday and was really pleased that today (a tired day after travel and delivery of work) there was a lot of pre-cooked W30 food in the fridge that just needed heating up - I think I might have been writing that I’d only managed to get half way through this W30 otherwise! Today has been hard; tiredness is one of my key triggers for over-eating and eating the wrong things....good to know, more difficult to manage! Hope everyone is doing okay.
  5. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    The start of day 11 and I’m really pleased that a cold I’ve been carrying for the last fortnight finally seems to be on the wane - so not tiger blood exactly but a 100% better feeling than at the start of Whole30! I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m finding the cooking part of Whole30 much more manageable than some of the rounds when cooking and shopping seemed onerous. Whole30 always seems to lead to a much bigger requirement to always be buying something as our food stores go down so quickly but it all seems a lot swifter to resolve than it did for the first and subsequent rounds. I’ve been reading the ‘monomeals’ thread about the benefits of eating the same thing constantly. Whilst this isn’t specifically something that would work for me and my family I tend to follow a relatively consistent pattern of an 3 eggs with sweet potato and avocado breakfast, a baked potato and tuna salad/vegetables lunch and a meat and olives/vegetables/potatoes mashed with olive oil dinner which has just about the right amount of repetition in it to feel like a ‘habit’ rather than monotony. This week has definitely tested me on the snacking front - I’ve had cashews, almonds and a nakd bar fix on different days and need to knock that on the head today - possibly by having a bigger portion of fat at lunch and making sure I have a cup of tea to drink whilst walking the school run rather than the need for a snack. Every whole30 brings something different - my first had a big dependency on almond butter, my second was highly dependent on coconut pieces, my third was completely nut and largely fruit free and this one has felt great to fall into a rhythm with so far but is still different than the previous ones. I hope everyone else in this UK thread is doing well.
  6. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    Wow - what a great friend that is. Hope your trip is going well. I’m on day 9 too and had one of those really good night’s sleep that left me feeling refreshed and waking up naturally after just over 7 hours and helped me to question why I can’t do what i need to in order to live this way all the time...? Every Whole30 brings different questions and different answers!
  7. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    I’m really impressed with your comment about quelling the snacking frenzy - I feel that often this is the thing that gets out of control for me too and I’ve ended up eating lots of reasonably healthy things but in addition to meals rather than as meals. I hope you have a good trip to the US. Great that we’ve got the solid start behind us - I navigated an afternoon stop at Starbucks this afternoon where I had a mint tea whilst my family drank lattes and ate a chocolate chunk cookie. It was the toughest half hour of the last week for me. Drinking mint tea in a coffee shop is always hard. I found from my first Whole30 that I can tolerate milk and dairy in reasonable quantities BUT that in drinking a latte I weaken my resistance to eating all the things that are on offer in a coffee shop - it seems to reduce my willpower. Does anyone else have a trigger effect like this? This weekend has been good for me with really good food, an improvement in sleep quality already and not feeling hungry. I hope it has been similar for everyone else.
  8. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    So, Saturday done and I remember how good eating this way makes me feel. I am flabbergasted that i can’t seem to remember this whilst ‘riding my own bike’. I’m a big fan of Gretchen Rubin’s books about habits and I like the things she has taught me about being an abstainer rather than a moderator; that I work best when I abstain from things rather than trying just a little of things. @britgirl I've got the food freedom forever book and have really enjoyed reading it but for some reason switched on a different (old?!) version of me at the end of my last whole30 and didn’t follow it. I’ve been working on sorting out my food issues for around 18 months now and have learned a lot - I think that it will take me several more goes to really find a new way of being. Then, and now, one day at a time - probably one meal at a time! Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
  9. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    Hi - I'm in the UK (based in Bristol) and this is my fourth Whole30 - started on 2nd January. I'm doing okay so far and pleased to be heading towards the end of Day 4. I've found it such a great way to be for 30 days and have each time found out something new about myself and my eating as well as feeling more focussed and sleeping better. My challenges are always about what happens 'in between' rounds of this - I find that sugar has such a powerful hold over me that everything is fine after a Whole30 until my job (which involves a lot of travel) takes me around carbs, milky coffees and sugar on offer everywhere. After 30 days plus of Whole30 I tend to succumb to the food I'm surrounded by rather than the food I've managed to work well with for 30 days. So, a new resolution at the start of 2017 is to make Whole30 habits more of my permanent lifestyle this year and hang on to the benefits that I feel and see in myself. I'm working on the Food Freedom Forever this year. Loved seeing your shopping from Aldi, Jazmin, and appreciating how lucky we are to have lots of additive free foods here in the UK for cooking at home. Great to be in a thread with others in the UK - there's lots we could do with Whole30 style eating here and I'm always up for a conversation about it with others but haven't found many who've wanted to engage beyond the 'what do you mean you can't eat….?' question and restaurant meals here in the UK can be tricky as there isn't always the opportunity to swap items in and out of the menu or create your own as some things I've read about eating out suggest. However, Wetherspoons get a huge thumbs up from me for their flexibility - particularly around their Steak Nights - steak, baked potato and a salad. Lovely! Good to be in this thread - thanks for creating it drtraceyb.
  10. Starting September 14th - Accountability

    Day 12 and delighted to have an upsurge in energy to be awake and up just after 5am - this is one of the biggest benefits of a whole30 for me - feeling rested after a decent amount of sleep and ready to wake up early and get on with things. A very welcome start this morning. Hope everyone has a good day today - we're 40% of the way through these 30 days at the end of today.
  11. Starting September 14th - Accountability

    Great to read all the posts in this thread - the support everyone is offering is a great motivator. Thank you. With any luck we're all heading to a point of lots more energy! I'm looking forward to that. I've had a couple of long and tiring days with work and travel and not always the best food choices on offer. I managed a compliant dinner this evening from three different sources on the train station concourse and ate it on the train. Not ideal but better than the choices of sandwiches, crisps and chocolate that would have formed 'dinner on a train' six to twelve months ago for me. It is the small victories that all add up, I think, for sure. I've been trying to keep track of them all and when I have a look back there are cumulatively more than I think on any one day - the most consistent one for me is more stable energy levels that aren't dependent upon the nearest food to sustain them. I need to remember this when I'm passing store after store that is luring me in to eat things I'd like to but am choosing not to! Hope everyone has a good day 10 tomorrow.
  12. Starting September 14th - Accountability

    Thanks jmcbn - that's helpful. I expect that within some communities within the UK it is pretty well known but just not amongst the people I know or within the things I read. (Paleo not a hugely used term here either(. I read Laura Vanderkam's US blog on a daily basis and read a reference to it in there and Google helped with the rest….delighted to have found it.
  13. Starting September 14th - Accountability

    Thx mink_deville - that reads like the emergence of tiger blood! hope the wedding dress looks amazing. I LOVE the whole thing about Whole30. The process, the results, the mind shift and the 'new eyes' on old situations. It has given me a very strong internal code/mechanism to work to as far as food is concerned and I've found that hugely useful. The results are very clear in me and I can't believe more people here in the UK don't know about or rave about it. There are a couple of UK based Bloggers who have experience of Whole30 and I found v useful to read their posts when I did my first one I'll find them and post them as one of them has a UK based shopping list as I don't think all the things I read about on the forum have UK equivalents. The different names I have had to look up include cilantro, kombucha and arugula amongst other things - coriander, no UK equivalent and rocket have been my answers! Still haven't got my head round how big a 'cup' is in recipes, though. This forum and everyone's support, help and items they share are a huge part of what helps to keep me going. That and the upswing in energy this way of life can generate. Thanks to all who post here - it really helps.
  14. Starting September 14th - Accountability

    Onto day 5 for me on this sunny autumn morning in the UK. Have been feeling tired this week but have slept well and starting to feel a little more energetic today. Not finding too many nay-sayers around me as Whole30 not widely known/talked about in the UK - my family are being supportive and as long as I can mainly avoid eating out at restaurants I can usually manage to 'cobble together' a compliant meal whilst out or at home. We have friends coming over for afternoon tea tomorrow which will be a bit of a test - I need to give some thought to how I'm going to manage that. We had friends over on Sunday last week before I started this whole30 round and I ended up having a piece of cake with everyone else JUST BECAUSE I didn't want to explain to those particular friends what I was doing. Will need to take a different attitude tomorrow as don't want to throw this on what will be day 6! Hope everyone has a good day 5.
  15. Starting September 14th - Accountability

    The start of day 4 for me - I had a curious but compliant day 3. I really resonate with what you say ashleydonovan about the challenges of making good food choices whilst travelling. I travel loads for work and I attribute the weight gain and poor eating habits i've developed over the last decade to surfing carbs and eating irregularly and too often whilst travelling. Since my first whole30 in May I've worked really hard at planning ahead and taking my first meal with me and working out/planning out what concessions or shops (and what is compliant and good from each of them) there will be on my journeys that day. It's been a lot of work but I've narrowed it down to x amount of items from each of the most popular concessions I'll find. But yesterday it all fell apart - I made an assumption about what would be available - and it wasn't! There were even a couple of healthy stalls at the station that I was at but each of their dishes had something in that I couldn't eat. I was also out for lunch with a client that had a largely bread based menu. The day was okay in the end but my only source of protein was eggs at every meal - that was fine and I managed the veg and fat intakes fine but was very very close to grabbing a whole lot of things that didn't work for the Whole30. Back on a more recognisable whole30 track today, I hope!