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  1. marthab

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    day 25 for me and I am over it. just like the book says. So I am trying to come up with ways to compensate. I had some walnuts with coconut and raisins with cashew milk and it seemed like that will tide me over. I am in it for the long haul so I need to expect crappy days I guess. I am also resisting the scale. NSV!! no tums, no gas, clothes are looser, less money spent on eating out!!
  2. marthab

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Day 19. Sleep. I slept 10 hours last night. I think this is an under valued thing! I was feeling tired and flat all day yesterday and i thought i wasn't eating enough but it turns out i needed to sleep! Just thought i would mention that.
  3. marthab

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I made coconut chicken curry with cauliflower rice from the Whole30 cook book. It was really good. We added hot pepper flakes. I have to say that it is important for me not to eat the same stuff al the time and the cook book is great! Also a Non scale victory. I realized today that I have not felt the need for antacids for two weeks. I was a nightly tums chewer before I started. As far as other people who have cheat days,or SWNPO food, I am only accountable for myself. If I want the benefits of a Whole 30, I have to play by the rules.
  4. marthab

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Sad to say I have a cold. Not too terrible but wretched nonetheless. Here in coastal New York the much anticipated Nor' easter is mostly rain and ice. So todays menu includes bone broth. I am thrilled to have made it to day 16!!! I have survived my grand son's pizza and cake birthday party ( I ate before I went ). It has been very nice having my daughter and son in law doing this with me. And My husband does not mind it at all. Though he eats chocolate with his coffee every morning, he has lost five pounds. I am not weighing myself but feel lighter. But alas. no tiger blood as of yet. I have not lost hope tho. Just want to survive this cold.
  5. marthab

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    day 14. I am feeling ok. Last night we went to my grandson's birthdy aparty and I ate ahead of time to make sure I did not give in to pizza and cake. My daughter had a veggie platter so I made it through. phew. The last couple of days have been tough, though. My mind keeps wanting non compliant food. But I am hanging in there for a couple more weeks. Almost there! A nor'easter is slated to drop about a foot of snow here in New York in the next couple of days, so we did our shopping last night after the party. I was very proud of us. My daughter and her husband are doing the Whole 30 too, which motivates me! thanks for being here!
  6. marthab

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Check out the menu in advance and see if you can get someting compliant, Like a naked burger or a salad. Oil and vinegar is ok for dressing. If not then eat ahead of the movies. I would sneal in a few nut and have seltzer. Good luck! enjoy!
  7. marthab

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Hi All. I Did a whole 30 a couple of years ago and loved the results. However I did not do any kind of re entry and here I am back again. I got the Food freedom book and will read it during this month to try to stay on track better. I started this with my daughter on the 27th and I want to kill all the things these last couple of days. I think I am just having a hard withdrawal from sugar. So far all of the other parts have been good. I like the food and the company. But I have a cold and that makes me want comfort food. I will survive. I just thought I would share this. Today I made salmon cakes to have for lunch with a salad, and will have pork meatballs and zoodles from the Whole30 cook book later on. That will cheer me up.