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  1. My diet recently hasn't been whole30 at all. The only thing I avoid in my food freedom is legumes. I eat healthy but I have grains and dairy regularly in my diet.
  2. I need some advice! I have done multiple Whole30s, however they were all during a period when I wasn't exercising because of an injury. Currently I am on day 16 of a Whole30 but now I do crossfit 4-5 days a week. I am also a Whoop user for the past 2 years. The past week I have been in the 20% range for recovery. Even after the weekend with 2 rest days my recovery did not move at all. I was thinking maybe I'm not getting enough calories so I tried to increase calories some (not counting just making sure to eat more) but I think my calorie intake might still be too low. Also I've tried to