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  1. WholeUs

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I'm on day 21 and I started back on day 10 - and I'm still going. It's been 11 days!! I'm not terribly concerned, I feel certain it is W30 related. I didn't cramp leading up to it and I actually thought on day 6 of my period that it was going to end like normal. But then it kind of started back up on day 8...but a much lighter version. I'm still having to use something, but it's light enough that I can change at my leisure. Very interesting what such a "simple" thing like what we eat does to our body.
  2. WholeUs

    The crazy things people say

    Another question: Why are people more concerned about what we eat when we're eating healthy? If I showed up at work in the morning with McDonalds breakfast with a soda, had Taco Bell for lunch with a soda, and then pizza for dinner - complained of a headache the next day - not a single person would mention that maybe its due to the food that I ate the prior day. But if I eat Whole30 and then complain of a headache - people are concerned that I may be missing out on a nutrient or something.
  3. WholeUs

    The crazy things people say

    I think that the things I've heard have already been said here. Several people have asked "What does that leave for you to eat?" in response to my simplified answer of "I'm not eating sugar, dairy, or grains." My mom also seems to be struggling with what that entails lol I am doing this along with a friend and we had an opportunity to chat with someone about it and she kept saying that it was "like LTL" (which I don't know what that is, I just know it's some sort of diet program) and I didn't get a chance that night to go into detail because we were at a six year old's birthday party. Last night I saw her again and she asked how my "diet" was going and it still wasn't the best of situations to chat about it, but I did get to tell her that I hesitate to call it a diet and more of just that we're eating real food. No counting calories, if we're hungry we eat. It's just that we are sticking to vegetables, fruit, meat, seeds, etc. It's interesting to me how people really want to fit this into a program like that.