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  1. JessRN

    Starting Today, 10/19/15!

    I think I'm about ready for re-introduction. But I plan to really limit it, because I'm staying low-carb. Today is Day 38. I've already gotten away from organic meat due to financial concerns. I think I will start re-introducing dairy soon
  2. JessRN

    Starting Today, 10/19/15!

    So how did everyone's re-introductions go? I'm on day 36 of what I thought would be a 60, but I'm thinking of starting re-introduction next week, but staying paleo afterward.
  3. Pyrotek, I'm an RN, and what you're describing sounds a lot like metabolic syndrome. Were your numbers more normal before your first whole30 or do you not have any results from back then?
  4. We're all happy to support you, pyrotek!
  5. How's everyone doing? Today is Day 34. I slept really well and woke up feeling pretty good. But made an incredibly noob mistake and left my avocado out of my breakfast. And it threw off my WHOLE day LOL. Lesson learned. Get your fat!
  6. I'm feeling good today, guys! Those headaches I was having during the last week are gone. I've cut out fruit for now, because I think it was causing me problems with energy, and possibly the headaches too. My body is apparently needing a little more strict encouragement and TIME to go fat metabolism. I think we're absolutely getting there! I'm ready for my magic, so bring it on whole30!
  7. I feel so fortunate that during my first 30 days I was never seriously tempted. As a hardcore carb addict, especially when it came to bread, I found this fascinating! I had fleeting cravings, and days where bad food looked AMAZING... BUT I attribute that to the fact I've followed the meal template religiously since day 1. Eating proper amounts of fat, protein and nice fibrous veggies squashed all that, and squashed it flat! Any cravings I have are fleeting and completely manageable. Also Bjork, I would really make sure you have your Whole30 goals solid in your head, especially "why I'm doing this." For me, #1 was metabolic healing and #2 (closely related) was getting through a day with consistent energy. As I started to see those changes, even in little glimmers, it was way easier to stay strongly committed. If your reasons are vague like "feeling better," I think it's way harder to stare that inevitable carb flu in the face and vanquish the carb dragon with all the delish approved foods. I hope that helps!
  8. Thanks for the support, guys! My whole60 will end December 17th, so at least I'll be able to have some special Christmas treats! But even after the 60, I know I'm going to be eating mostly paleo, because it's what my body needs me to do
  9. JessRN

    Starting Today, 10/19/15!

    Day 30! Congrats guys, I'm so proud of you all!!!! For me, it's just the first half of my journey. But I am extremely proud of myself as well. I could dwell on the subtlety of my changes and feel sad I'm not rocking "tiger blood," but today I prefer to make a list of what went right! 1) My skin is softer and more radiant 2) I haven't had any stabbing pains in my stomach all month 3) I am smaller and lighter than when I started 4) My boyfriend and I tackled this together, supported each other, and worked as a team. It felt great! 5) I'm taking less sleep aides than before 6) My anxiety, mood and stress coping ability are much improved! (even being able to make this list of positives is a huge step) Great job guys!
  10. JessRN

    Starting Today, 10/19/15!

    Thank you guys for being so supportive and having my back! Talked to my doctor today. She is not worried about the cyst at this time. We will check it in 6 weeks to see if it's gone and to make sure it didn't get bigger. She really reassured me that the image doesn't look anything like cancer to her. This was a huge relief for sure!
  11. Hey everyone! I started my Whole30 on 10/19/15 and will be successfully completing it tomorrow! However, I am one of those folks who had terrible habits and a nasty carb addiction going in, and despite total commitment to the program and tweaks along the way suggested by members and moderators, I have not really "felt the magic" yet. I actually had planned a doing a Whole60 even before realized that my body was going to need more time to metabolically heal, but now I know it's a necessity! Anyone with me for 11/18? I have had a great group of members who have supported me and each other through our Whole30, and I would love to keep that going for my Whole60!
  12. JessRN

    Starting Today, 10/19/15!

    Hey guys, DAY 29! Holy cow! I'm doing well, and considering how much stress I've been under, I am proud of myself for sticking with it to the letter! Good news/bad news. No pituitary gland tumor! Bad news, I have a large "complex" ovarian cyst that needs to be watched for growth and may require surgery. I also may lose the ovary. Scary scary scary. Waiting for my doctor to call me to discuss next steps. BUT, honestly, I stuck with my whole30! I did not go for comfort foods. Though I felt mighty tempted, trust me! Shows how 30 days isn't long enough to change some really ingrained bad habits. I also got this news at WORK! I lost it for about two minutes and was able to bring myself down and focus on my patients for the rest of the shift. So to me, this is a serious improvement in my anxiety and stress coping skills! I'm still going for a whole60, though it will be very hard. I am definitely struggling more now than I have been the whole program with temptation and the sugar dragon. I cut out fruit a few days ago (I was only eating one apple a day) to see if it was causing my energy/mood fluctuations and OH MAN I was getting sugar dragon cravings for APPLES. WOW!!! So fruit is out for now. I'm leaving sweet potatoes in my diet though, because honestly I need it for energy on workout days and work days when I'm highly active. I hope everyone is doing great! I can't wait to see everyone's pics tomorrow!
  13. Brewer5, thank you so much for sharing your personal journey. I really appreciate your perspective. I've always known carbs were not great with my body. Not only metabolically, but they're just food without breaks, always. About 15 years ago in my very early 20's, I did Adkins and had very good success. That tells me my body likes ketosis. I'm super in-tune to my body metabolically, and I've been able to tell my body is flip flopping back and forth between fat and carb metabolism, and could not figure out how the hell that was possible after 25 days of VERY compliant whole30 eating. It's been frustrating and so sad, considering I've done everything in my power to do whole30 100%. Thankfully, I know very well how to do very low carb "right." My mom even went very low carb about a year and a half ago, and was able to lose weight and feel better and sustain it. She's 64, and has thyroid issues. So that gives me hope that at 35 I can do it too. It has been so upsetting to be 100% complaint with so much weight to lose, and not see body composition changes. If I had tons of energy and felt great, it might be easier to be patient, but I honestly feel just as crappy as I did when I decided I needed to Whole30. And the brain fog, oh my god. I had already planned to do a Whole60 based on my metabolic issues, so this gives me more time to figure this out. I'm going to cut out fruit for sure the rest of the week, and see how it goes. Thank you for your help!
  14. Brewer5, I have been feeling like my body has been riding a terribly unpleasant line between fat burning and carb burning! Initially, I ate no sweet potatoes and never more than one serving of fruit a day. I have not changed on the fruit, but I've had many members telling me I'm not eating enough starchy veggies. And you can see above, someone just tried to get me to start eating potatoes of all things. I'm not actively avoiding the carb flu, but it has felt like the carb flu never went away after week one. It just comes and goes, and that's terrible. I'm currently eating a breakfast of 3 eggs, a whole avocado and two cups of steamed broccoli. It's gross, but I'm powering through it. I'm just feeling very confused because I feel like the first time I brought up this feeling like crap/low energy issue I was told to eat more starchy veggies. Do you think it's just the apple that's the problem or the sweet potato? Also, should I cut out fruit all together, or just not eat it for breakfast? Thank you for your help
  15. Hey guys, thank you so much for responding! The apple at breakfast stayed because when I cut it out, I honestly couldn't think straight all day. My brain was SO foggy. And as a nurse, that is terrifying and didn't feel safe. I think I need that glucose. And I don't eat veggies at breakfast because #1 yuck and #2 I'm already SO full after those eggs and avocado that I have to choke down the apple. I previously tried to cut back on the number of eggs or amount of avocado based on some moderators suggestions, but it didn't improve how I was feeling, I actually felt worse. I'd like to add and emphasize that I am not getting hungry between meals. Satiety is fine. Waking up hungry and usually eating within 30 minutes of waking up if I'm home. If I'm at work, there is no physical way for me to do that. Sleeping ok. I was sleeping terribly before Whole30. Now I'm just tired all the time so I sleep well because I'm exhausted at the end of the day. Stress is a constant in my life, I'm a nurse. My life is one big ball of stress. But that's normal for me. Also, due to my carb issues, I do not and will not eat potatoes. Period. Sweet potatoes are my compromise because at least they're less of a carb bomb. As for my cycle, I really don't have one. I have an IUD, and it's kind of impossible to track.