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  1. Scott W

    Tomorrow the Whole30 Begins

    Hang in here, you will do fine.
  2. Scott W

    Wow!! Worked for me.

    Great job and very encouraging story.
  3. What gets me is if I allow myself to drink some I inevitably want to eat something I shouldn’t. A dilemma.
  4. I am in. March 1rst sounds good
  5. Scott W

    Blood Work is Better!

    Wow that sounds great, good for you and congratulations.
  6. Scott W

    Resting heart rate

    Wow that is impressive. Very encouraging.
  7. Scott W

    30 day results exceed expectations

    Another bit of positive feedback from this eating approach. Yesterday I went to the DR and had my blood pressure taken. It was 107/75. It has never been that good. Previously I was always on the borderline of having high blood pressure so this was great news!
  8. Scott W

    Just finished !

    Great job. It seems for me, at least, that taking sugar out of my diet and sweetners (except for occasional alcohol, and limited sugar found in obscure items such as rubs) has been a huge thing for my diet. I had been using sweetners in my coffee but I have not brought it back and don’t really miss it. good luck.
  9. Scott W

    First whole 30 and feeling amazing!

    I can identify with what you are saying. I felt similar. Great job and keep up the good work, you deserve it!
  10. Scott W

    A silly NSV... from :( to :)

    Wow, that is priceless. Great insight!
  11. Scott W

    30 day results exceed expectations

    Truthfully, it was so hard getting to the point of making the positive change, I am apprehensive about reverting to any bad habits. I will always stay pretty true to the whole30 philosophy but I need to add some calories so I may end up using a nutritional coach to help me optimize my eating strategy.
  12. Scott W

    30 day results exceed expectations

    Update: I weighed in on 1/16 at 209. A total of 89 lbs lost in less than 5 mos. The whole30 program has been phenomenal. I am going to concentrate on lifting now and stabilizing my weight.
  13. Scott W

    Happy New Me!

    Congratulations. I know what you mean about alcohol. That was an issue for me too. I also ended up eating garbage after so it was a double whammy. Great job!
  14. Scott W

    I did it once, and I am going to again!

    Wow that’s great. Congratulations!
  15. Scott W

    30 day results exceed expectations

    Thanks, I can’t say enough good things about this Whole30 program and this community. It has been and continues to be very helpful to me.