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    CluelessLeigh, if you suffer anxiety and depression with the pcos, have you had your vitamin d and b levels checked? These are very commonly deficient with pcos women and both can make a huge impact on the feeling of emotional well-being. They are also needed by all cells in the body to function well. If you haven't had the test, you might find discussing it with your gp helpful. Depending on where you live environmental factors may add to the d3 depletion. Hang in there! You'll find your cycle will improve with age too-I never would have believed it but it is true. What used to be months is now 28-30 days...lots of work over the years but it can happen.
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    I'll hit 60 days this week and I would not say I have found the "tiger blood". I feel more even, fall asleep quicker and wake earlier, skin is somewhat better and I am down 15 pounds plus my cycle seems to be pretty easy. I do think our hormonal challenges and thryoid issues/cortisol issues may make tiger blood something that takes longer to manifest. I am not dragging as much as I did during the first 40 days and I have even had some seriously long days(unintentionally) --I think it just takes longer for our systems to heal. Did you feel the food changes were harder or drastic for you? It may be there is more work inside your system that still needs to work itself out?
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    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Curious if anyone has had a correction of a luteal phase defect while following a whole 30 lifestyle? Or if it changed ovulation days for some? I have PCOS and typically ovulate late between cycle day 18-20 with a 28-30 day cycle. Currently doing a whole 60 (day 51) and not on bc but know a luteal phase defect is present.I suspect it will take several more months and full rounds of whole 30 to see a difference and I would be interested to know if others have tracked this aspect previously. Did whole 30 balance this out for you if you had a luteal phase defect? If so, how long did it take? I am not sure it is possible to remedy without herbal or medical intervention but just thought I'd check in to see what others have experienced. Thanks in advance for any information or advice.