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    Also, coffee cravings are through the roof. Trying to keep it to two small.
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    B: 3 eggs, 3 cups veg(broc/mush/gr.pep/red.on/spinach), drizzled in ghee, 1 sausage L: 2 hamburger patties, 1 med. sweet potato, 3 cup salad(cabbage/broc/carrot/tomato/red pepp/red onion) drizzled in olive oil/vinegar D: large chicken breast, 3 cups spinach, roasted whole red pepper/drizzled in olive oil/vinegar
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    I hope ladyshanny sees this - for background, I have one other post: calorie counting, 21 DSD, and scale. I was told to stop all of it, trust my hunger, stop snacking, and step up my meal size. I was on day 24 when I changed my WHOLE 30 methods, and I'm starving. When I was calorie counting, I allowed myself about 1800 cal/day. And snacks. I also had no fruit or carby vegetables like sweet potato. Because I'm pretty good at estimating calories, I know that I'm eating closer to 2400 a day now. And I'm allowing myself some carbier veggies. And making meals larger, so as not to snack. I am following the meal template. And I'm STARVING!!!!! 2 hours after a meal, my stomach screams at me! My sugar dragon is also more restless. Very restless. And, please someone explain - if Whole 30 is supposed to train my body to burn fat, and I have over 100lbs of fat to lose, how on this green earth, am I not losing weight?? If I followed my body's hunger cues, I'd be eating 3000cal a day, and GAINING FAST! I just want this to work, so bad, and it really isn't, I'm starting to think of Whole 30 as JUST an elimination diet, not a supportable, healthy weightloss and lifestyle maintenance program.
  4. @ladyshanny ...after years of weight loss/gains and posting/questioning in other weight loss forums for same/different reasons - you have been the most helpful, and in the shortest amount of time, too. I always felt like I couldn't trust my hunger radar - I am ALWAYS hungry. The question, if you had a plate of fish & broccoli before you, would you eat it - my answer is always yes. But I'm clearly not filling my plate well enough, requiring snacks between meals, staaaaarving. It's because I need more. I've been afraid that my stomach is stretched, and enlarged, and that to reduce my hunger, I needed to adjust my stomach size, by slowly decreasing the amount of food/calories I intake. Leaving me forever starving. I am going to throw every one of my researched preconceived notions and beliefs to the wayside, and simply trust and believe. Thank you.
  5. I just like to say this is all phenomenal feedback. Ways of looking at things that I never have before.
  6. @ladyshanny - i'm sorry, I am not familiar with how to reply to your post directly as I'm not familiar with the forums. You say a body will release wait when it feels safe and hormonally balanced enough to do so… So how I was able to lose weight in the past? How was I able to lose the largest amount of weight possible in my entire life without exercising, and eating sugar daily, and calorie counting? And why would the Whole 30 and calorie counting not go well together? I can include what I eat in a day, thank you for asking. This adds up to around 1900 cal in a day. I currently weigh 240 pounds. B: mushroom broccoli red onion scrambled eggs 2eggs, 1cup whites), One full Italian sausage L: cabbage and chicken breast stirfry D: 9 ounce chicken breast, one boiled egg, one whole avocado S: coconut oil and almond/pumpkinseed/walnut/pecan/cocoa cup, escargot with clarified butter, Green apple pork patty
  7. The calorie counting is an easy no-brainer for me. Plus I have a Fitbit which connects to My Fitness Pal account. Combining the whole 30 and 21 day sugar detox was a natural decision. The diets are super similar. The only difference from Whole 30, is that I'm not allowed fruit, sweet potatoes, or cashews. The reintroduction is similar, too.
  8. A little history. I am not new to weight loss. I have lost between 30 and 100 pounds on 13 occasions over the last 19 years. I have done South Beach, clean eating, high-fat low-carb, just eating right, calorie counting, ABS diet. After very successful losses, I always fall off the wagon... I've learned it's because of my Sugar Dragon. I've always known about my sugar addiction, but now I realize I really can't touch it ever… Not for birthdays, Christmas, vacations, ever. The dragon awakens fiercely with one bite. I am combining the Whole 30 with the 21 Day Sugar Detox and calorie counting with My Fitness Pal. I have my fitness pal calorie level set up to lose 1.5 pounds per week. However I am pretty decently active and still nursing, creating a huge calorie deficit and therefore I should be losing faster. Because my ultimate goal is to lose the addiction and weight. During my history of 13 previous weight losses, I typically lose about 30 pounds in the first 4-6 weeks. Please tell me, as I am beyond flabbergasted, as I sit here 25 days in(3 days shy of 4weeks) and I am gaining weight. Because I'm a big fat cheater who checks the scale, and because my clothes fit the exact same if not worse. When I lost my largest amount of weight ever, 100 pounds, I was sedentary, calorie counting, and eating sugar and Stevia and chocolate bars every single day. I lost 80 of the hundred pounds in four months. After nearly 20 years of researching food, and experimenting, I am so completely at a loss. I mentioned I once tried high-fat-low-carb.... I quit that after three weeks and an 11 pound weight gain. Am I simply not designed to eat protein and fats??