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  1. I’m with you on the need to meal prep. I am the worst about just doing Whole30 on the fly and when I do that I am not amazing at sticking to the template. My food intake is always compliant, just not always in the plate template they suggest. I hope to plan out some meals for the next week tonight and get to the store tomorrow. I for sure plan on making the BLT salad I shared with you guys yesterday and maybe a Zuppa Tuscano soup as well.
  2. Oh and here is one of my most FAVORITE things to eat!! Both on and off Whole30. I found it during my first round. https://soletshangout.com/blt-breakfast-salad-with-soft-boiled-eggs-avocado/
  3. Im already dreaming of cheating with sugar cookies!! That’s not supposed to happen until later!! It was one of those dream where you wake up relieved that you are actually still on track and it was just a dream.
  4. Just wrapping up day 9 over here and doing pretty good. My boyfriend ordered enough food to feed five people from a local Brazilian restaurant and ate that while I ate my compliant steak and veggies for dinner. His food smelled AMAZING but I wasn’t sure how it was prepared and there were a lot of breaded and deep fried things involved so I just steered clear. My only current issue…..My right leg is ACHY!!! My hip, my pelvis and all down into my thigh. Just the right side. I have not done anything that would have injured it so I have no idea what it’s about. It could be related to my
  5. Im on day 9 and still doing well. I already feel so much less bloated and uncomfortable. Only downer is my energy is low. Can’t wait for that to bump up a little. How are you doing??
  6. Hey all!! It was fun catching up on your messages this morning. I have officially made it to day 6. The sugar dragon surprisingly has not been a problem at all. I even purchased my favorite cookies last night, fresh from the bakery for my kids and wasn't even tempted to eat one. One of my biggest struggles when doing whole30 is eating enough. Once I start eating better my appetite literally disappears. Unlike most people who suddenly find themselves craving all the things.... I don't want anything LOL. Feeling a bit exhausted today. Can't wait for the tigers blood! Rikk
  7. Im on day one as well!! We got this!!
  8. Hey all!! My name is Rikki. My first W30 experience was around 5 years ago. It was the one and only time I completed the full 30 days. I did not however do a reintroduction. I just dove back into the bag of M&Ms! Since then I have tried a few other times and failed miserably. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis two years ago and I really need to make my health a priority. I know it's not about weight loss, but I am the heaviest and least active that I have ever been and those are health markers so I hope to turn them around. Overall I just want to feel better and have energy
  9. That's amazing!!! Congratulations!!!!
  10. The first time I attempted a whole30 was back in 2016? I think? I have attempted to complete a round maybe 5 times in total but have only been successful I think once? Maybe twice? Either way the January whole30 sounds like the perfect opportunity to succeed again!! Posting now just to get my motivation rolling.