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  1. MizRik

    Success stories for overweight children?

    Oh my goodness!! Good for her! I'm so impressed she stuck with it!! I'm going to show this to my daughter so that she can see that it is possible to live without Mac and cheese!! Thank you sooo much for sharing!! Your daughter is an inspiration!
  2. MizRik

    Success stories for overweight children?

    @Isolde41 I am not sure if you will see this post as your last reply was over a month ago, but I just wanted to share that I understand the desire to support a child through the whole30. I have a 10 year old daughter who is also slightly overweight, however she is NOT active and sadly that is because she already lacks energy at her young age. I know her lack of energy is from her poor diet. I would love to help her change her eating habits as it would help her to just get out and enjoy the world a little more. The weight loss, should it happen would simply be an added bonus. The worst part, I know her poor diet to begin with is my fault. She has lived her whole life with me giving her processed foods and not encouraging healthy from the start. So its a huge change for her. I would love to be able to show her that there our kids out there who survived without chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. I hope your daughter had success!