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  1. StefSS

    Starting 1/4/16

    Day 28!!! It has not been easy, but the challenge has been rewarding in many ways. I have learned to treat myself with things other than a fancy bottle of wine, or a box of dark chocolate truffles...although those are the things I miss most. I have learned wonderful and creative new ways to prepare meals using fresh ingredients and new alternatives for off program foods. I've found healthy ways to relieve stress. My clothes feel less cinching on my waist. I'm not puffy anymore I've been waking up about 2 hours earlier everyday and I've felt much more well rested than I can remember feeling before. I am very excited to have a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine on day 31, but I plan on holding onto the majority of the rules. This lifestyle seems to suit me! I hope everyone has had a wonderful journey! I know we're not at 30 days yet, but it sure feels great to be on day 28.
  2. StefSS

    Starting 1/4/16

    You've got this! You've come so far - and next week will roll around soon enough - imagine how you'll feel upon completion versus arriving at day 31 - and knowing that if you had just stuck with it, you'd be finished! Don't give up, you've already put the toughest days in, this is like rolling up to the finish line. Look at recipes, get creative. Don't give up, you're worth the finale! Best of luck - I know you'll keep going.
  3. StefSS

    Starting 1/4/16

    I completely agree with you about more energy, more tired. It's weird! I'm so excited to be in the last week, however, I am feeling the anxiety! I'm not worried about eating everything in sight - but the effort I've put in has been more than any diet I've ever done. I have seen the difference, I have felt the difference, and my greatest fear is to look back in a couple of months and think that these efforts were wasted.I hadn't been paying attention to what I had been eating before starting the W30. I think that this has really helped my creativity with food preparation! I just hope I can continue to be as mindful about my eating habits.
  4. StefSS

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Hi - I'm on your schedule - sort of. I was crazy exhausted and bloated 3-4 days before my period... (Which was about 4-5 days early). I would have given a limb for a chocolate bar, and my mood was dangerously grumpy. I would still push through hiit workouts, but it was total torture. On day 13, my period arrived and my cramps have been insane! I'm on the 2nd day of my period, taking 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours, still pretty uncomfortable. My appetite - especially for protein - has been ravenous. I almost ate an entire 16oz sirloin for dinner, probably had close to 12oz, not an ounce of guilt. It was amazing. I have found sweet potatoes to be especially satisfying and helpful with my grumpiness. I feel better reading the other posts about this because the intensity seems consistent with others, and the cycle changes seem pretty common with everyone. I wouldn't worry if you haven't seen weight changes, (I have been good by hiding the scales!) something tells me that the scale will have a different number on day 30. This is my first Whole30, everyday is completely different! One day I'm ready to run, the next I can barely walk a flight of stairs. I guess we're on an adventure...but I'll tell you one thing with absolute certainty, this is the worst period I can remember. Good luck with the next couple of weeks! -Stef
  5. StefSS


    Hi Everyone! Congratulations on your Whole30 commitment! I'm Stefanie, I am from the Boston area and I love food and this was a big deal. My lifelong friend introduced me to this and suggested that with my passion for food and cooking, I'd enjoy the Whole30. I disagreed, and it took about a year for me to commit to giving up wine and other libations for 30 days. I have finally committed. I began on January 4th, with my fiance, and we LOVE IT! I am cooking up a storm, enjoying the delicious oils and fats I normally don't use, and finding new 'sub rolls' in things like purple cabbage, red peppers and butter lettuce. I'd love to share recipes and experiences with all of you! I completed day 9 today, and am thoroughly grateful to be out of week one. (I was not pleasant). Best of luck to all!!