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  1. That was two eggs in the picture, but I take your point. I will add an extra egg in the morning and see how that does. Doctor today suggested adding fruit to meals and eating that first so I'll do that as well.
  2. I don't know what to do. I have to see a doctor today for a different reason, so I might ask him, but it's crazy that I eat breakfast and feel so weak within the hour that I'm tired just raising my arms to do my hair. My friends are all telling me, "you need carbs!" But I feel like I *do* eat carbs. What do they want me to do, have a slice of bread!? That sounds nuts to me now. Today's breakfast is attached.
  3. I am my friend who did this this summer have both had nausea as well. I wish I could help you but I don't know what the issue was. It has passed, however.
  4. Yesterday seven hours went by between breakfast and lunch. I wasn't hungry at all. But I was super tired. That's why I ate. In fact, I'm having all kinds of energy swings. Tonight, both after dinner and before. Before w30 I was basically hungry all the time. That was my main motivator to do this again... The fact that I was sick of being hungry all the time. I don't mind that I'm not hungry for seven hours, but I definitely mind these energy slumps. Can someone please just tell me this will even out? I've done w30 three times before and I don't remember feeling like this.
  5. I went to Trader Joe's for some Chomp jerky today, and you're not kidding. Super expensive. But at least I have some for tomorrow. I will try making my own though!
  6. I didn't know about that link above, so thanks! Will order some jerky now. And thank you for the support. I know I'll figure it out. I'm really glad the forums are here.
  7. It's easy to find portable fat, and even easier to find portable carbs. But for days when you have to be on the go, I see no way to eat protein without also carrying around a cooler. I thought I had found a solution in the Larabars that are the "protein" kind, but apparently pea protein is also out. What do you do for portable protein? Pretty annoyed right now because while I've devoted the last 18 days solid to this, school is starting (I'm a teacher) and this is not feasible unless you're full-time in the kitchen. ** edit: Part of my frustration is that I feel t
  8. That is great advice. Thank you. I will try that tomorrow. I ended up not actually napping, just lying down a bit, then got up and cleaned out a hugely disorganized closet. Totally pooped now. Also need ibuprofen but I'm dubious about taking it on an empty stomach. But my energy did bounce back.
  9. It's been a couple of days like today: this afternoon, I felt great. I thought, is it the Tiger Blood, or am I just reeaaaly excited about my new haircut? Then a sudden slump of exhaustion, 3-4 hours after lunch. I got out all kinds of craft supplies and am now headed to a nap without even picking them up. (I will before bed, but so tired right now.) I eat pretty much on template. About 4.5 to 6 hours between meals. Really truly not hungry between. The only time I'm hungry when it's not time to eat is right before bed. I've given in to this a couple of times when I thought I'd