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    GF Grain Reintro

    Hi everyone! Just looking for some advice regarding my reintroduction. I finished my 2nd round of whole30 last week and am in the process of the reintroduction. I started with legumes and those went ok - didn't notice anything. Today I tried gf grains. I had oatmeal for breakfast and felt fine throughout the day besides the fact that I was hungry sooner than normal. For supper I had some sweet potato chicken curry (which I have been eating throughout the program) and brown rice. Within an hour after eating I had severe diarrhea (sorry if TMI). Can I assume this is from the rice? Before the whole30 I ate rice only occasionally and never noticed any symptoms from eating it.
  2. Elizabeth22

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    I freeze broth in ice cube trays. Then I store them in a larger freezer bag. When I'm ready to use I just take out what I need and the frozen cubes thaw quickly!
  3. Elizabeth22

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Yes! This is my goal too, to figure out how life looks after W30. My family said the same thing, "why are you doing that again?" I really don't want to fall back into my bad habits again, so I'm hoping this whole 30 can help me. So far it's going great!
  4. Elizabeth22

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    Made it through day 4 and still feeling good! I work nights and someone brought donuts today. The candy drawer is full too. I'm staying as far away as possible. Normally I'd be eating way too much of candy and probably having a donut, but I really need to cure my sugar dragon with this whole 30! It's hard when it seems like everyone else around you is eating whatever they want. I just keep telling myself this will be worth it and I don't need all that sugar.
  5. Elizabeth22

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    It's going well for me so far. I didn't eat a lot yesterday since it was Ash Wednesday and I was fasting. Today I was feeling overwhelmed because I was out of town at the beginning of the week and haven't really prepped anything. I have groceries, but meal planning is always hard for me. I will be working this weekend, so I'm hoping to make a few things tomorrow. Any meal planning tips?
  6. Elizabeth22

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    This happened to me too. I did the reintro for my first whole 30 but then I went right back to how I was eating before. It's hard because I don't have balance, especially when I'm around other people who are eating whatever they want.
  7. Elizabeth22

    Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    I'm going to do a Whole30 for Lent as well! It will be my second time. I completed my first Whole30 almost a year ago. I think I would like to read Food Freedom too because I really need to get my sugar dragon under control. Good luck to you!