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  1. jgmoses1

    Reintroducing sugar?

    Thanks for the input, Ladyshanny and Crastney! I appreciate it! I have tried stevia before and didn't care for it, but I am sure that is because I was so ingrained in Sweet & Low - nothing was ever sweet enough for me but it. I am just so thankful for having the "cord" cut from my Sweet & Low Dragon!!
  2. jgmoses1

    Reintroducing sugar?

    Hi. I am in the 4th week of my first whole30, and I am planning and preparing for my reintroduction that will begin next week. I plan on following the steps outlined in the book, but I have a question regarding the sugar reintroduction....is it better to use/reintroduce cane sugar or sweeteners or natural sugars, i.e. Stevia? For the past 30 years, I have been a slave to Sweet & Low - which is probably one of the "worst for you" sweeteners. Through the whole30 process, I have successfully eliminated sugars from my diet, and can safely say I now like my coffee black and unsweet tea. So chances are pretty good that I will maintain these choices after the Whole30, but what about in cooking? When a recipe calls for sugar, can I use a sugar substitute in the recipe or is it better to use plain sugar or a natural sugar? Thank you!