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    Day 29 - no appetite and feeling bummed

    Great article and a new concept for me. Really appreciate your sharing that. Thanks!
  2. This is my third round of Whole 30 and I've been so positive this entire round of Whole 30 - really in the moment, focusing one day at a time and it's felt great. Then today I'm just a big dud... not hungry, bad attitude, really in my head beating myself up for NO reason because I've nailed this round and I should be happy with myself, but it's like I'm just trying to find something negative to focus on. I've never posted on the forum before but thought it was time. I'd love to hear if others have had this happen to them, just to gauge if this is all me or something that can just happen. I plan to go another 30 days because I've had some health issues and they haven't totally cleared during this initial 30 days and I decided this early on during this round, so I don't feel like this is me dreading another 30 days - because I was, until today, really enjoying all aspects of this round. Hearing if others have had this happen to them this late in the round and what you maybe did to try and get you out of the funk might help me pick myself up and keep on the path. Thanks in advance for your help.