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  1. 15 days later... Well, things feel a bit more normal, I guess. I got up at 5, did some mobility with Squeaky and came in to work. Yesterday was a day to make some eggroll bowls for breakfasts this week, wash my hair and pretend that I was excited to get back to work! It's actually a little weird being back, especially since I'm not doing my regular work this week but all is good. I was able to get in about 6K steps for the last few days, including a trip up the driveway so, hopefully, I'll get my strength back pretty quickly. I played carpenter's assistant for a couple of hours on Saturda
  2. Not having a very good day but wanted to say hi. Fever's up and appetite's down but I found some turkey bone broth in the freezer and was able to get it down. Tied of feeling so awful but don't really have a choice; it's just a waiting game but no respiratory symptoms so for that, I'm thankful. Also for the beautiful day and the singing birds. I hope you were able to take some time together to celebrate!
  3. Whoops! I thought your anniversary was tomorrow! Happy Anniversary!! That's such a shame that the steak restaurant tried to offer a service to the community and was poorly treated. That is so NOT what I've been reading. So much human kindness has come out that when you hear something like that, it makes it even worse- kicking someone when they're down. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourselves and put this craziness on a back burner for some much-deserved self time. Our theme through Katrina and everything is that as long as we're together, everything's OK. My bath felt great! I got one
  4. Oh, I know all about husband hissy fits! So sorry you had to deal with that on top of everything else. Thanks for your inspiring words. Now I'm looking forward to my tub soak this afternoon. It's weird but I keep expecting to see something new/different when I look in the mirror like this has somehow intrinsically changed me! Maybe this afternoon I will see something different because I'll put on some different lounging attire and re-braid my hair for the first time in a couple of days.
  5. Do NOT beat yourself up over that and be glad that you trusted your instincts about their gangster-ness. (I call people that have that vibe "ax-murderers) I hate to think what they might have done if you had refused to take their bad money. It's kind of like being robbed at gunpoint- just give them your stuff and live to tell the story. How awful! Since it's happened a few times around town is there any security footage that could ID them so the police can be on the lookout? Oh, you really did have a shitty day- I'm so sorry. That women should be ashamed of herself for putting others at r
  6. Well, I guess I'm in this for a longer haul than I hoped. My temp has crept back up and my body aches have gotten worse but my cough has definitely decreased! Two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward, right? My energy level is terrible; I spent most of yesterday binging Star Trek Next Generation, which is my TV comfort food. I don't have any chest tightness and I've been trying to take nice deep breathes periodically even though it makes me cough. I was thinking about soaking in a hot epsom salt tub later today but I'm not sure if that's OK with a fever or not. Letting a h
  7. I hope so. My temp has dropped to just under 100. It's been hanging there and I'm coughing less so I'm taking those as good signs. I'm trying to get plenty of sleep, even if it is broken up and trying not to do much. Thankfully, I have some good books, both real and Kindle. Gabby Bernstein did a workshop on Sunday about anxiety relief and it has some guided meditations. I wasn't up for it then but I think I might listen to that today and I think Brene Brown has something out there too. TN just jumped on the 14-day lockdown- better late than never. It was a "recommendation" prior to this. I'm h
  8. It sounds like you're on top of things! Yes, I start cleaning/cooking and then don't do other types of movement. I know, technically, I'm still moving but it's not the same for my body or my mind. Yoga with supervisors should be a new thing! Way to go on your closet. I have my grandmother's desk and I use it as a jewelry box. It's one of those small ladies desks where the front pulls out to make a writing surface. I had that special cloth to wrap silver pieces in for years so I can organize it and make it nice but Never get around to it. It's probably going to happen this week, though. Because
  9. I heard this twice yesterday so I figured it was my message from the universe so i thought I'd share it with you. I'm glad I listened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5NPN3NF0rM Soulshine The Allman Brothers Band When you can't find the light That got you through the cloudy days When the stars ain't shinin' bright You feel like you've lost you're way When the can
  10. I think we'll have to wait and see what the new normal is. In my head it's a place where everyone is kinder, gentler, less selfish and more tolerant. Can we just go with that? So, what was the barn kitty decision? That pic of Fiver and Hazel was so cute! I was awake early and the house was dark and I opened up IG and was greeted by cuteness! And a double rainbow! We've had all of the rain and none of the bows but it's actually going to give us a break for a couple of days with nice temperatures, too, before it goes back to rain. I was going to post a poem I came across but realized I don'
  11. I don't know hanging out with a broom could be good, too! It finally stopped raining here for a minute so I've actually seen some real live birds. Lots of cardinals doing their springtime thing. Joy! I've worked myself to exhaustion today but that's a good thing. Sometimes I just have to DO. It's my coping mechanism. I have a small chuck roast in the smoker so I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out. I want to treat it like pulled pork just to do something a little different. I finally got the spinach artichoke soup made and it was a little underwhelming. It tastes like a good, g
  12. I am in a little lab that is off to the side of a slightly larger lab that has no one in it except my coworker that went to Mexico and he's only here for a few minutes and is even more careful about wiping down and washing his hands than I am. Most everyone else in our little area is quarantined (one entire lab since last Friday but I don't have contact with them), working from home or working staggered shifts to maintain distancing so I feel pretty secure here and not like I'm taking unnecessary risks. I work with too much protected health information to bring it home and I have to have sever
  13. We only have 1 confirmed case in our county but we're only 2 miles outside of Davidson county where Nashville is and it has over 100 cases now and rising quickly so the sh!t is definitely start to hit the fan. When I'm at work and sitting in front of a computer all day, I check our local news, LA local news and national news waaaay too often but when I'm home I don't look at it at all. Squeaky had been a big snuggle bunny at night and makes sure he's right up against my head almost all night. My husband's employer finally allowed them to work from home all of the time instead of 2 days/week so
  14. I heard about CA being on lockdown this morning and thought about you first thing. I know y'all have to keep functioning but maybe it will be a little less hectic for you? We had 50% increase in confirmed cases here so I guess it's starting to ramp up. Everything changes by the minute it seems and I have to stop myself from obsessively checking the news and stats- memories of Katrina. Take care XO Brene Brown- Open hearts. Clean hands.
  15. We aren't quite as far outside of town as you are but we generally stay pretty well stocked up, too. For me, part of it is how/how much we cook and part of it is just because! Running to the store to grab an ingredient isn't practical so I keep a well-stocked pantry. I've noticed that the contents of my pantry has definitely shift since W30 entered my life- more nuts, lots more herbs/spices/spice blends, a small amount of pasta and rice for my husband and lots of healthy fats. I would normally have several cans of tomato products but we made them ourselves last summer! After our trip to Louisi