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  1. HAD a rotisserie; that bbq pit croaked. The new one doesn't have the rotisserie but I like it so much better than the old one that I don't miss the rotisserie. Traditional tzatziki is yogurt-based but a mayo-based version would probably still be delicious. The easiest thing to do is start with Greek yogurt so you don't have to strain it. Then add grated (peeled & seeded) cucumber, a little garlic, salt and a drizzle of olive oil. There may be a tiny bit of grated onion; I can't remember right now but I'll send you the recipe we used at my mom's restaurant. I think I need to rework it first, though. I had adapted it to be low fat because that's healthy, right? Now that I know better, I need to go back and fix it. I usually just wing it and haven't officially fixed the recipe. I think I'm going to give CBDistillery a try. Their prices are much more reasonable than some others and they have such a wide variety of products. According to the dose calculator you sent me (thanks) I need about 24 mg/day. I don't know why but I'm thinking that dividing it in half to take twice a day might work better than taking it all at once. I don't know why I have that idea stuck in my head but I do. Anyway, the tincture would give me the flexibility to try it both ways. They have a 100% pure crystalline form that is meant to be incorporated into whatever you want- salves, balms, edibles- but I think I'll let them do that work for me right now. I'm with your husband in the worry wart department and actually tend towards being a catastrophist but I work hard not to go off that deep end. Your face cream sounds wonderful. I've always battled acne but for the past few years, it's really settled down and I hardly ever break out any more. I don't know if it's diet (I think yes) or hormones (possibly) or a combination but this is the best my skin's ever been in my adult life and I don't use anything on it. At all! No soap, lotion or cream. I have a mildly abrasive sponge that I use with warm water to gently exfoliate but that's it. I did get an sample of an Aveda cleansing oil that they sell and I really like it but it's pricey and I don't "need" it so I use my sample as a treat every now and then- it smells yummy- but that's it. That pain relief balm sounds great. I concocted an anti-inflammatory lotion to rub on my hand and, like a dummy, I didn't write it down. I know it had ginger, ylang ylang and helichrysum (boy that stuff's expensive!) but now I can't remember what else. I didn't get my lotion made last week but what I want to do is make a full batch and make it nice and thick then divide it in half. One half will be my Faux Foot Relief (Aveda copy cat) and the other half will be the anti-inflammatory nerve pain version for my hand. Maybe I'll get it done this weekend. We do all kinds of things with the peppers and do roast some of them but we have had the least success with growing bell peppers. I love poblano peppers but they are a giant PITA to roast and peel. Of course, being me, I planted an entire row of them (16!!!) so I'll be cussin' myself out when I have deal with them all. One of the great things I like to do with the bells is to make a GIANT recipe of stuffed peppers then I individually wrap and freeze them so either of us can grab one for lunch or I can pull several out if I need something quick. I'm always so sad when I run out. Grilled peppers and onions are our go-to easy veg when we grill something and want something easy and quick for a side. As soon as the tomatoes start ripening I have them everyday with at least one meal and sometimes more than that. Yuck on grocery store tomatoes! Those would definitely scar a person! "Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it hope. Feed it truth. Feed it with love." - Paleobosslady
  2. OMG, broccoli!? Now I'm craving gyros! That recipe looks very similar to the one my mom and I concocted on one of her visits but I formed it into a log, chilled it then put it inside of the prongs on the bbq rotisserie. It was really good but only the outside layer had the yummy crispy bits. Making the loaf then slicing it to crisp it up sounds like the way to go. My grass-fed meat guy just started carrying lamb and it's only $6.50/lb so I was already planning on getting some this weekend! My husband isn't a big fan of lamb but I love it and will indulge every now and then but it was so pricey that I didn't do it very often. I think he'd be OK with it as gyro meat, though. I think it would be fine with bison. After it's all seasoned up, I doubt you'd be able to tell bison vs beef vs lamb. Are you going to make the tzatziki to go with it or is dairy a no-go? Aside from pickles, it's one of the few ways I can eat cukes without them fighting back. We don't share breakfasts and lunches during the week either. That's when I get to have the things he doesn't like or, on the downside, the things that I've either screwed up or made too much of. This week it's coleslaw. I made a stupid amount of it so now I get to eat it every day. Thankfully today is the last of it- 5 days in a row and it's pretty soggy now. Not sure what got my digestive tract riled up on Sunday (maybe I was channeling Maybelle, too!) but the red beans were warm and creamy and so comforting after feeling pretty yucky most of the day. Nope, I haven't seen Outlander and, after your description, I think I'll pass. I've been watching the Chef's Table series on Netflix lately and have been very moved by most of the chefs' stories. I find them very inspiring and empowering plus the photography is beautiful. The garden is starting to scare me! We've only gotten a few tomatoes so far but there are BILLIONS of them- peppers, too. This may be one of the years that I get to make tomato paste because I have so many. Homemade tomato paste is unbelievable; it has so much natural sugar in it that it doesn't even freeze solid! I think I might make some tomato soup this weekend just to use up some of the sauce from last year. I need to get a couple of ferments going, too. I've been sticking with having some kind of fermented food with my breakfast every day and trying to wean myself off of my berry habit. I've also been getting my 15 minutes of mobility every morning before work. I've dropped the ball on non-work days so I need to look at that a little closer. My excuse to myself is that I do so much on my days off anyway that it's OK. Hmmmm... Are you finding that the CBD helps? What results are you looking for (and what about your husband?) and why did you choose the capsules over the tincture? Lots of questions! I wonder about dosing also since there aren't many studies/guidelines other than to take it until the desired effect is obtained. I've been looking at https://elixinol.com/ but there are so many companies out there that all look like they're producing a good product. I'll check out the one you're using. Thanks. My husband made an impulse buy on the cream that he got and I would definitely have NOT gotten that brand; the first two ingredients are petroleum products. I told him to let me know when he's used it up and I will find a replacement that has good ingredients in it for him. Thanks to W30, my first instinct for everything is to look at the ingredients!
  3. Whew! It makes my hair stand up just thinking about it! I saw on the news that people were sleeping in tents in their yards because they were afraid to sleep in their houses. That would be me! It's so good to hear from you and know y'all are OK. Variety does seem to be the trick right now but I'm running out of rabbits! I'm trying a new canned limited ingredient food that doesn't have a bunch of junk in it and she loved the duck then refused to eat the duck but wolfed down the chicken or turkey but approved of duck this morning. Now my big boy is only wanting to eat her food and not the two cases of regular food that he's always liked. I think they're doing it on purpose! "Let's see if we can make mom lose what little mind she has left!" So, back to the pet store this afternoon to get more of this new food! I want to bulk order it but to get a better price on it I have to order it by the case and I'm afraid she'll decide she doesn't want it. My long weekend didn't go anything like I had planned but I did get some cooking done. I got the smoker fired up before our daily rain deluge and smoked two racks of ribs and a chicken. I also cooked a pot of red beans for my husband and indulged in them, too- once. They were SO good and no negative side effects. Red beans and rice was one of the first things I learned how to cook and it was such a strong memory and feeling of home/family/comfort. My stomach had been in an uproar all day so I had spent much of Sunday on the sofa bingeing Star Trek and it was exactly what I needed. I've been contemplating adding some beans back into my diet just because I dearly love them. As long as I don't overindulge, I don't think it will be a problem. I had a little bit of rice with them and decided that I didn't need it so I'll probably have the occasional bean but skip the nutritiously empty rice. My husband is trying a CBD cream on his elbow for tendinitis. I hope it helps his elbow and Spooky's bladder! I want to try it again to see if it helps me sleep but I'll try a different brand. The last one was just too weird- thick and gloppy.
  4. In a nutshell, yup! I like the airplane catastrophe analogy; that's pretty much how I felt. I'm going to try to keep that image in my head because if I can keep any one of the triggers in check, maybe I'll just buzz the treetops and my theoretical plane won't crash. I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday running around town looking for chicken backs and necks to make broth for my girl. I was actually told my one meat department employee that they don't carry them because they don't have "that" kind of clientele. I was a bit stunned by that attitude and wasn't quite sure how to reply. I finally asked him in as sarcastic a tone as I could muster if he meant the kind that makes their own homemade both. After a considerable pause he said, uh yeah. I should have followed it up by asking if he really meant people of lower means that actually cook with chicken parts because they can't afford the luxury of boneless, skinless breasts, which IS what I think he meant. I'm not very good at thinking on my feet like that or at confrontation so I walked away. The meat guy at the next store said they always have them and to come ask him if I don't see any on the shelf. Guess where I'll be shopping! I'm not sure how the fentanyl patches work but I'd guess that I'd have to create some bare skin for them to stick. Her fur has, thankfully, grown back but I could use hub's beard trimmer to trim some fur off of her belly. I didn't make the call yesterday but I did research pet crematories. For now, her weight isn't dropping and she seems to feel fine. I bought a bag of limited ingredient dry food several months ago but, since I switched them to raw food I had never opened it. Out of desperation, I decided to give it a whirl. So far, she's eating it and keeping it down so maybe it will help her to be able to graze on it through the day. We had always free-fed them up until all of this started. Zucchini goop is just plain cooked down zucchini. If they're gigantic, I'll peel and deseed them but then just dice them up and throw them in a skillet. They make so much liquid that you don't need to add any. If you want to save yourself time down the road you could sauté some onions in there first. Then just keep on cooking until they start falling apart and give up most of their liquid- it takes a while. When I can mush it up with a potato masher and it isn't watery, I call it done and either use it up or freeze it for use in the winter when I'm not sick of zucchini Oh! Another (and bigger) earthquake! Are they expecting more? I saw where they called that first one a foreshock. Stay safe.
  5. Once again, the threads of our two lives converge. Wednesday night we also thought Maybelle was in the process of active dying. I truly didn't think she was going to make it through the night. My vet told me that she could supply me with a couple of fentanyl patches in case I can't get in touch with her when the time comes. I can use the patches for heavy sedation so she won't suffer then make arrangements. I'm going to call her today to ask for the patches even though, like Spooky, Maybelle has perked up and is acting like her normal self. I even got belly rolls last night and what we call "poofy-tailed kitty love"! I know we're both going to lose our girls soon but we're all able to love them until the end and know that they had good lives filled with love. It's been a rough couple of days. On top of worrying about 'Belle, we bought a new car and that was beyond trying. The drama from that experience is resolving so now I can be super excited about my new ride. Toyota finally came out with an all wheel drive Prius and we bit the bullet when my SUV turned 270K miles. I took a pic of the odometer at 270K and it had 270,001 when I drove into the dealership. I've been driving that car for 13 years and I feel like I walked away from an old friend. I have a spiffy new red friend that gets double the gas mileage (and uses regular instead of premium!), though! The owner's manual is huge and, since my husband has to work today, I might be able to get my hands on it and learn about some of the tricks it can do. My husband saw the news story about the quake last night but he wasn't sure exactly where it was. That was close! I guess we all have the risk of some natural disaster or another no matter where we live. I've faced hurricanes and floods my whole life. Tornados are the biggie up here and those are pretty freaky but having the earth move seems so much more...severe. There are small quakes up here occasionally and we joke that we're the first people on either side of our families that have ever had earthquake insurance; it was required by the mortgage holder. So glad you didn't get any more than a good shaking up! Zucchini! I've already reached the stage where I need to cook it down and freeze it. I call it zucc goop and it makes a great base for casseroles. I need to gather my wits today and get some cooking done so I can stop sabotaging myself. We had some Thai food a couple of nights ago and I don't know if it was the rice or the slightly sweet sauce but it sent me down a road of bloated belly, swollen ankles, gummy bears, pizza and ice cream. WTF??!! Now I'm ready to woman up and stop that nonsense. With everything going on, we've been eating out more than usual. I've been making good choices but pairing them with a side of bad choices. We found a really awesome breakfast place yesterday and I got a gorgeous bacon and avocado omelette- with a side of cheese grits. Then, since my plan for smoking some ribs got rained out, we went to a bbq place nearby and I got a sausage plate- with a side of fried okra. More rain is on the way but I'm going to get those ribs smoked (and a couple of pork shanks since the smoker will be going anyway), another batch of broth for my girl, a stop in to my favorite used book store and a batch of lotion- all things that will make me feel good and help me regain control. Here's to Spooky and Maybelle
  6. Thanks so much for sharing that quote; I needed it, too. My larger sized pants are starting to fit a little too well and the next size down is a little too tight but instead of focusing on the negative parts, I'm totally moving forward on the positives. I am really getting into my short mobility session in the morning. I've never been one to hop out of bed first thing but I am now! Ongoing action is the ticket! When my girls' sailing team was participating in a workshop with an Olympic gold medalist, her big advice when faced with a dilemma was "Do something and do it with conviction!" Like minds! Last night I was thinking about reset vs repeat and feel like I've been doing mini resets since our last go-'round and am liking being able to find my own way rather just wash, rinse, repeat. We KNOW the rules and we KNOW it's not a W365 so being able to look at our progress (or lack of progress) honestly and doing something about it is what it's all about. Saladus Gluteus Maximus! We had a couple of big-ass salads last week-yum!! Or rather, one was yummy but the other not so much. I had some frozen crawfish tails that I added to it and they were awful. I ad-libbed dinner last night. Hubs was out so I didn't have to cook. I ate up all of the little bits of things that were taking up room. I fell short on protein but it won't kill me for one meal. I had a little dab of ranch dressing and a little bit of bernaise sauce left from my BIL's visit so I had each of those with some broccoli then I took the last of some cauli puree that I made with MJ's better butter, topped it with a little cheese and ran it under the broiler. So, not template but it sure made room in the fridge with the added bonus of being easy, fun and good. Lunch yesterday and today is that cauli puree (so good!) with some pulled pork and leftover zucc salad. The feedback of reality! Love it.
  7. Oh, I totally feel your husband. I don't think we've gotten as far as "frail" but "fragile" is definite. She's devouring the canned food but is having some repercussions from it. I found ANOTHER food that is limited ingredient without carageenan. I wasn't sure if she'd eat it or not because it is pate and little miss finicky girl wants her gravy. Wrong! She dove into it so quickly that the bowl banged against the wall! I'll be making a quick stop this afternoon to pick up some more to see if she keeps this down a little better. After all of the reading, researching and tweaking we do to our diets, it is beyond ironic that she will be done in by her diet and I can't fix it. She likes to lie across my chest when I'm on the sofa reading or watching a movie and I try to envision strength and love moving though my body into hers. I'm glad that "in the spectrum of terrible" was offset by "lovely and worthwhile." That's balance of a sort, isn't it? As long as it gave you no adverse physical symptoms, you'll be recovering in no time. Since I only have a three-day work week this week, I gave myself permission to do less of a cook-up this weekend and am trying to plan for a big one next week. I made some deviled eggs and a grilled zucchini salad with Kalamata olive and caper dressing to bring to a small picking party Saturday night and I have some of the leftover zucchini salad for my lunches this week. I am finding that late nights are really not agreeing with me. I didn't get to bed until almost midnight Saturday and was dragging all day yesterday- memories of my BIL's visit! We still managed to spend almost two hours in the garden yesterday, though and I got a fresh batch of kombucha brewing. I hardly ever get my second scoop of collagen peptides (I put my first one in my coffee in the AM) so I've been having some 'buche in the afternoons with my second scoop. I just have to remember to take it out of the fridge in the morning or the collagen doesn't want to dissolve. One more little piece in my self-care puzzle Yes, solidarity. And self-love! Here's to hoping your back-to-work onslaught isn't too bad!
  8. Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future... I wanted to send you happy travelin' wishes before you left but the days just flew by and it was Tuesday before I knew it. I hope your trip was a good one! This was visiting your brother and his family, right? I hope ya'll had better weather than we've been having; torrential rain and crazy winds resulting in power outages and intermittent internet access. It's a good thing we have camping gear; we needed our lanterns last night to cook dinner. Thank goodness we're on propane- cookin' with gas! My husband has taken the lead on the internet issues because he can't work from home without it. We have to go through the same levels of incompetence every time this happens so it's still a project in the works and really frustrating. That's a great picture. Poor little finch family; maybe she has time for another clutch. Oh! I keep forgetting; I would love some poppy seeds if you wind up with enough to spare. My zinnias are just starting to bloom. I get a ridiculous amount of joy from them! The cosmos are coming along but were slow to germinate. Zucchini! Holy baseball bats, Batman! It rained all week so I didn't get in the garden to pick. By Saturday we had three GI-NOR-MOUS zuccs. Peeled and seeded, one of them still weighed two pounds! I made Mel's zucchini soup and had it for lunch all week- yum! The other two got cooked down to mush so I could use it as the base for my crustless quiche breakfasts this week. If the weather hadn't gotten so bad yesterday, I would have had zucchini at all three meals but grilling was not to be. Maybe tonight. I bet Spooky's glad that you're back. How are the pheromones and calming treats working? Maybelle was being super finicky then stopped eating the raw food. Out of desperation, I tried canned food and she totally scarfed it down. I was worried about GI problems (carageenan and all of that) but I had to get some calories into her. I kept thinking about W30 but still kept thinking that, at this point, any calories are better than none. She's eating voraciously so we'll see if it's going to put some weight on her or not. She's lost more weight and she really doesn't have any to spare. I've recovered from overextending myself and I'm on a roll! I've set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual and have been spending 15 minutes doing some stretching/mobility/yoga-type moves very first thing as soon as I get out of bed. It's not a lot but it's a start and it feels good. I've been wanting to do this and have put it off and put it off so it feels like a major accomplishment that I'm doing the thing! Were you able to keep up any of your sprinting and moving while on vacation? I know the food situation with your brother's family is very different but also homemade, delicious and real. How did it treat you? Will you be able to take a day or two to get back in your routine or do you have to get back to work right away? I took off last Monday and think I'm going to take July 5th off so I'll have a nice, long weekend. I'm working really hard on maintaining the shiny-clean house; it makes me feel so much calmer and peaceful. New habits! I'm psyched! Welcome home!
  9. Yes, even my hair was tired! We went to bed by 8 the last two nights; it was still daylight outside and I don't care. I'm almost feeling like I'm getting back to normal. We bailed out of our camping trip that was planned for this weekend; it was a unanimous decision and I felt less tired just from having that taken off of our plate. It would be fun weekend but a lot of work, a two-hour drive and rain is forecast so everything will be soaking wet for one night of camping out, kayaking and fish frying. Setting boundaries! I feel your melt down; I was about a nanosecond from one on Sunday morning. I am so bad about over-committing! It sounds like a good idea at the time but, when the time comes, I have to wonder what, exactly, was I thinking?! SO...I think I had lots of take-home messages from everything we did and it's actually making me feel really good. My initial inclination was to get a couple of things cooked before they got here so meals would be easy. The reality of what happened was that my husband was so wrapped up in his fun stuff that nothing happened and I feel like I let that happen. I should have told the little boy in him that he couldn't go out to play until he finished his chores! Trying to get all of our projects done plus deep clean inside and out in just a few days was ridiculous. But I was on the right track! Melissa's podcast about boundaries and Mark's summer reset are giving me good insight and I feel a good plan brewing. July is my birth month so I'm dedicating it to self care and love. I'm going to use this weekend and the week leading up to it to start incorporating some of the things I really like in Mark's summer reset. I am finally going to set my alarm a little earlier so I actually have time to do the short mobility session I would like to do. My husband wants to join a gym so that will give me some dedicated time in the afternoon to spend on MovNat or Nutritious Movement sessions-Yaaay! I want to get some ferments going and make some more lotion, get in the garden and read some of the amazing books I have stacked up, do some hiking and spend more time on the floor. I got a beautiful floor pillow last week and, if the cats will let me use it, I can sit on it in the evening when we settle in to watch something instead of hanging out on the sofa. Shrimp patties sound delicious! I don't have any of Mel's books; what are Doner kabobs? Duh! I read it as "Donner" and thought of that doomed wagon train. I have tons of beautiful produce that is calling my name and I ate the first three tiny zucchinis from the garden in my breakfast this morning. We are going to be overrun with zuccs so I figured I better start picking them very young or it will quickly turn zucc-crazy. So, big cook-up for me this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. Scrambling for work meals all week this week has been annoying but I still managed to not depend on the cafeteria except for breakfast on Monday & Tuesday. I've been off-roading more than I would like (pizza last night and fried stuff the night before) and have some burrata and feta cheeses that I'll indulge in. After that, it's time to get back on the straight and narrow. How is little Miss Sandy Paws?? We have a small cordless vac that just happens to hang on the wall by the little box. I am trying to use it much more frequently so WE don't track litter everywhere. Maybelle is eating well sporadically and I don't know what to make of it. She acts like she feels fine but she has definitely lost weight. She wouldn't touch her food last night but then wanted a second helping this morning. I think she's snacking between meals (poor little chipmunks). Happy Solstice to you! I hope you get to enjoy all of the long day.
  10. Well, it's been a fun but trying couple of days. Self care has gone out of the window and I am totally sleep deprived and exhausted- very, very exhausted. I just have to survive one more night and I might actually survive. The Roseanne Cash/Ry Cooder show last night was amazing but then BIL et al wanted to play tourist and go check out the honky tonks. That made the third night in a row that we were up until midnight and I wake up at 530 no matter what. The software on my Oura ring is having a fit! I think I'm making it tired, too! In a way, this is making me realize I'm doing better than I thought on the self-care front. Now that I'm doing more neglect than abuse, I feel really inflamed and achy so I guess what I've been doing is heading in the right direction. So good for you on less puffy!! Melissa's podcast last week was about how to set boundaries and hold them. I don't subscribe but I've read the transcripts a couple of times. It was totally directed at me and what I'm letting happen to myself right now. I thought about taking her advice, growing a backbone and bowing out of the show tonight but I don't think I will. Lots of lessons here and I will be more aware next time and not let myself get into this position. Tomorrow is a new day and it is the thread that I'm holding onto right now. Instead of taking the whole day off of work I'm going to wait for house guests to depart THEN go home. I don't want to feel obligated to fix breakfast or whatever. I'm going to come home in the early afternoon and plan for some major down time- bonus is that my husband has someplace to go so I'll have the house to myself for most of the evening. Chicken fail!! She quit eating it so I had to make an emergency emu run yesterday morning. She's still not eating as well as I would like but there may be a "stranger danger" component to it. Hopefully, once the house is quiet and we are back in our usual routine she will get back to her usual routine, too. I got lots of beautiful produce this weekend so I'll have lots of choices and variety for meals this week: yellow "green" beans, lots of greens, the very last sweet, delicious strawberries of the season. Salads! Yaaay! Right now, it's leftovers but they're good leftovers and I'm glad that I have them and didn't have to cook anything else. We HAD to get in the garden yesterday (so at least I've had LOTS of movement this weekend) and I picked the first 3 little zucchinis and there are about 6 plum tomatoes that will be ready to pick either today or tomorrow. "The only two things that money can't buy that's true love and homegrown tomatoes!"
  11. I think we mostly have everything where we want it in and around the house. Decluttering and getting stuff out of the house feels so good! I don't look around and just see a to-do list any more. Of course there is one but it's not nearly as long! The weather is going to be fantastic this evening and a little warmer but still good tomorrow. After that we're supposed to get rain every day forever, including our little camping trip. Both of our girls just seem to be hanging in there but not getting better...sigh. Love those big green eyes! After much deliberating and agonizing at the grocery store, I got some ground chicken along with some backs to make stock and add a little fat. The cheaper ground chicken that I'm pretty leery of anyway had rosemary extract in it. I have no idea if that's OK for cats or not so I opted for the pricier version and now I have enough all mixed up to last through the family visit. We let someone else feed us last night but I was able to get a nice salad with a piece of grilled fish and I have some leftover salmon for lunch to go with my broccoli and ranch dip. We're going to splurge on some really nice grassfed steaks to put on the grill for tonight and some kind of veg that I still haven't figured out. Having guests gets me way out of my comfort zone and pretty spun up so I'm trying really hard not to get overwhelmed. It will all work out and be really great. My brain was so all over the place yesterday that I forgot a bunch of stuff at the grocery but I think I'll be able to leave work a little early today so I can get it all together. How did the (not) orange chicken come out? I haven't tried that one but it sounds good.
  12. It sounds like you came through your marathon week with flying colors! Brother in law and his girlfriend will be here Friday afternoon and staying until Monday or Tuesday. We've been so busy trying to get the house ready that that has been my movement and I can really feel it. My lower back is being a little whiny and I thought I was gonna die coming up the stairs at work this morning but I did it! We sent out the rug in our den to be cleaned and repaired so it spurred us on to deep clean. We've moved all of the furniture and really gotten in, under and around everything. We spent a big chunk of Saturday putting together the new bed frame and cannibalizing the old one for parts to fix a second one that had broken. I have a million loose ends to tie up but it's all coming together. I got all of my begonias and geraniums planted but have neglected the garden for a few days so I need to get down there. I've managed to keep us well fed- chicken kabobs and grilled peppers, onions and green beans last night- oops!- forgot to take anything out for tonight. I'm loving the summer re-set even if I'm not being as consistent as I hoped. I'm not being a stickler for what I do on which days but I'm getting a lot of the actions done. I got some dilly beans fermenting last week and we're planning a little camping trip for next weekend which will involve some good times with good friends. I like your sprint! I could do the same thing and I will! Devotion instead of competition sounds like a much better mindset. Mark says that "besting your former self is a reliable path to self improvement." Besting our devotion to ourselves has a much kinder feel to it; less recrimination, I think. I like the quote. What CAN these possibilities mean for us? Early this morning I dreamt I started my fermenting business. How's Spooky? I gave the kids chicken this morning and they both face-planted it. I'm out of emu and the emu-guy is being difficult to contact so if there are no serious adverse effects, I'll cancel my emu order and make the switch. I have a little vacation time I need to use up by the end of the month so I think I'm going to leave work really early today and get some more movement in . I was going to take Friday off but I know myself well enough to know I'll work myself half to death and be exhausted by the time my BIL gets here. I like them both a lot and want to be able to enjoy their visit so I'll work now so I can reap the benefits later. OK, I'm off to move, lift heavy things, stretch, crawl, play in the dirt and sprint (at least once)!
  13. You're more than halfway through your brutal week! And, good for you, you've made time for some hiking and yoga! Work has been nutty; I felt like I had done two days worth of work before lunch today. Ew that's hot! Are y'all muggy, too? It's not as bad a Louisiana here but it's pretty darn humid in the summer. It was around 85% this morning but the temp was nice. I have no idea what I'm cooking and I need to get on the ball; brother in law and his girlfriend will be here in a week. Thankfully they don't carb so that simplifies cooking. Or at least it would if I could decide what to cook and if I could find out how many days they'll be here. I'd like to smoke some ribs one night and I think we'll have a tasting platter of different sausages for one meal maybe with a big salad so it's not too heavy. I'm still living off of my ox-tail and veggie stew. It's been so nice having breakfasts AND lunches taken care of all week. My husband had activities two nights this week so I just snacked for those dinners and that was a nice break, too but I need to get back to real meals. Something with ground beef tonight. I want to get some ferments going, too. I started my first batch of dilly beans last night. I hope they're delicious! Lots of housework and tidying up outside to get done and we have a new bed frame to put together. It ought to be interesting; it weighs 100 lbs! Our guest room will have a real bed frame and headboard for the first time, though. I'm pretty excited about that. One of the good things about sprucing things up for guests is that it makes you get around to doing the stuff that's so easy to put off like having the area rug in the living room cleaned and repaired- kitty damage from when 'Belle was young and feisty. She could attack a rug like nobody's business! Today's action is right up our alley, right? Reflect on your approach to competition. I like the idea of competing against my former self Come on, Former Self, are you up for it?
  14. Oh, poor Spooky! I'm glad she got over it quickly. Maybelle's has been turning her little black nose up at the emu for the last few days and has started hunting prolifically . I'm wondering if I should try chicken again. I've pretty much given up on ever seeing a solid kitty poop ever again so if I can give her chicken instead of emu and she doesn't get any worse, it would make my life a little easier. I got my felt kitty cave and it was a fail! My big boy got halfway in it then decided it was a little too snug for his girth (even though they say it will fit a 23 lb cat and he's 16) and Maybelle totally ignored it. I was thinking about bringing it to our county animal shelter for their kittens but then Maybelle got in it last night! She didn't stay too long because her thunder-footed daddy came home but I have hope! I would love it if she found a nice cozy spot that she could claim as her own. Good for you knowing that you needed rest more than adhering to the agenda! Ugh, nothing worse than a disaster right before bed. I failed miserably at decreasing my inactive time yesterday. I was so busy at work that I got two reminders to get up and move and usually I don't get any. I did my short mobility session again this morning and stretched my feet and calves. I guess I'll get fussed at this afternoon, too, because I have a long-ish dentist appointment- hopefully the last of those. I've had to have all of my fillings replace; they only last for a few years- who knew??!- and all of mine were crazy-old and cracking plus it doesn't bother me at all to get all of those mercury-based amalgam fillings out of my body. Since hubby was off doing stuff, I didn't even bother with a real dinner last night and it most certainly didn't fit the template. I made tostones then had a few olives, a couple of spears of pickled asparagus and some really good sharp cheddar cheese but I did make a couple of trips up and down the driveway. Back to real meals today! I used to do handstands against the wall when I was a teenager but I'd probably kill myself if I tried that now- something to aspire towards! I like the legs up the wall thing, too. I need to add that in. I hope your marathon day 1 is a good one!
  15. Crazy weekend and I had to hit the ground running when I got to work. Whew!! Haha my shepherd's pie didn't happen either. Saturday was a comedy of errors that completely went sideways. I got a lot done but, except for a quick hoeing of the garden, it was nothing that I had planned to do. I cooked the oxtails in the pressure cooker but realized they are REALLY gelatinous. I don't mind but I know my husband won't eat it so I turned it into a stew-ish thing for myself. Now I have a pot full of collagen-rich meat and gravy stuffed full of vegetables: onions, 'shrooms, delicata squash and green beans served over steamed broccoli. It took two days but I got a 5 lb batch of Italian sausage done so that will go in the freezer this afternoon. I got a batch of kombucha brewing yesterday and made a hash with ground turkey, lots of veg and Lebanese blend to take care of breakfasts for the week. My big plan Saturday was to get some things done but interspersed with a Star Wars fix since my non-science-fiction loving husband would be gone for the day. Nope. We've been having wi-fi problems then it was compounded with internet access problems. On top of that, I realized that I couldn't stream Star Wars at all; you have to buy them. Then internet totally shut down so I decided it was time to overcome and adapt. I hopped in the car and went to the nursery to get some flowers for a couple of containers I have on the deck and everything was on sale for half off. I got a whole bunch of geraniums in shades of purple for my little containers and a bunch of begonias in beautiful shades of pink, red and yellow for the two big containers. Hopefully I'll get them planted this afternoon. On my way home with all of the flowers I got a call from some friends to join them for a chicken grilling potluck dinner. I took the easy route (for a change) and picked up some pretty heirloom tomatoes, spring onions and feta and made a balsamic vinaigrette to dress them with. It was a beautiful evening for sitting outside with friends. OK, Summer Reset: Day 1- goals- to complete the Summer Reset and see how many things I want to permanently incorporate into my life. I'm sure that's not what he had in mind for goals but that's it for me! Day 2- my ring did the tracking for me but I spent some time looking at the data and decided I would try to decrease the amount of inactive time in my day. Right now I average 8 hrs 21 minutes so I definitely want that number to go down. It's hard during the week because I sit in front of a computer most of my day. 1/3 of my day is sleeping, 1/3 moving and the remaining 1/3 is sitting on my butt doing various things- not good ratios there! Day 3- do the fitness thing you know you should be doing: I did some mobility work this morning and got back to my foot stretching/massage that I let slide off of my self-love agenda. Not too sure about the cold shower thing but if I get outside and get hot 'n sweaty this afternoon I may give it a try today. I think I like your hot cold spa plan better! How did your vet ambush go? Poor Spooky girl. And tomorrow you start your work marathon! Did you get inverted??