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  1. How nice that you were able to create nice places to journal! I love the idea of moving to your orange chair for dream journaling; it seems so fitting. I've gone back through some of our earlier posts when I was looking for a link or something and it's kinda weird but interesting: Did I write that??! Thanks for tip about the hibiscus tea crime scene clean-up! I can SO see me doing that. I make my own tooth powder instead of buying expensive chemical-free toothpaste and I knocked the open container onto the floor Sunday night. It looked like an explosion in a flour factory but smelled minty-fresh! Good for you not using the scale! It only went down a teeny, tiny smidge and then I had some (yes, more than one) cookies Sunday night and a couple of my favorite craft beers that they're not brewing any more so I save them for special occasions. I felt pretty bloated and puffy yesterday but did 40 minutes of stretching before work and a 50 minute KB hip mobility video in the afternoon to show myself that I can still show up after off-roading more than I had planned. My W30 ended on Dec 22 so I'll probably weigh myself tomorrow morning for an official 30 day post W30 number. The number isn't the end-all and be-all because I do feel better but it would be nice. I have been strong but not aas bendy as I would like so I'm trying really hard to work on my bendy-ness because I see it as a mechanism to move mindfully and correctly so I don't injure myself trying to get stronger. In all honesty, though, I think I need to push a little harder on both. I have been working hard on hip mobility and stretching quads and hamstrings is part of that and I can tell the difference. Yesterday KB showed me a way to bolster under my knee when I do lunge/squats so I can do them ONLY using my legs and not momentum or upper body counter-balancing or any of the other little cheats. Now I'm on a mission to be able to do them without the bolster! I thought I was going to be sore today but I'm not so I'll work on some more of those this afternoon. Not much cooking going on but I sure have enjoyed my tuna salad that I made on Sunday. I made sure we had leftovers for dinner last night so that was quick and easy- pork roast with some steamed cauli that I mixed with the sauteed onions and peppers left from our burger feast at the ball game. Your bean-y, pea-y Italian vegetable soup sounds hearty and warm. Time to run off to a meeting! Later 'gator!
  2. I would order Breakfast a la Lisbette! It sounds delicious and it's also a major NSV that you were able to figure out what was causing your gastric distress. The reward for that is getting to enjoy your creamy delicious cafe au lait. It's funny, we had a version of your breakfast for lunch yesterday- smoked poblano sausages with coleslaw so it was spicy and creamy. I'm planning on having the leftovers for a quick lunch before people show up for game time. Thanks for the IG mini tutorial; I found your message. I forget that the IG app has features that aren't on my laptop. I need to think about whether I want to start IG-ing or not but I may since I was able to get "Fermentopia" as my handle. I came up with that as a name for a possible fermenting business and have used it on labels when I made a batch of mead several (whoa, FIVE!!) years ago but I didn't buy the domain name or really pursue it. A couple of years ago I realized that someone in CA was using it and it wasn't available on IG either so I was mad at myself for not grabbing it while I could. It's out there again so I'm trying to gear myself up to do something with it. There is a guy in CA that started The Fermenter's Club and he posted that their goal for this year is to start 10 new branches of it worldwide. I filled out the application and submitted it but one of the questions was about social media presence. I responded that I had an inactive IG account but that that could change. Maybe that's the nudge I need to get Fermentopia moving? I know you both have to be disappointed about having to postpone your Mt. Whitney plans. It sounds like it's the right thing to do but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. Are you going to plan a less strenuous outing? I also need to focus on strength and weight loss and am being motivated by my big birthday coming up this summer. I am so very thankful that I have no chronic illnesses or debilitations (I count my shoulder as an inconvenience) and I very much want to keep it that way. "Mindfulness of movement is more important than how many sets/reps are performed."- gaithappens. So, while I want to be stronger, bendier (have your seen any of MU's Year of Strong and Bendy"?) and slimmer, I want to do it in a manner that protects and improves my joints and body. HA- I guess that's a pretty tall order, isn't it?! Patience! The scale number was a tad lower, which is what I'm aiming for, but the lure of the scale is the evil part. The real truth is that I'm feeling stronger and less jiggly Exactly! My husband and I had a little conversation yesterday. I started by asking him for help finding a way to make my morning routine work for both of us and told him I didn't want it to mean I was locking him out of a certain space. He responded back by saying that he felt bad because he felt like he was chasing me around the house so that cleared the air a bunch. I don't know that I have a definite plan yet but it's definitely a couple of steps in the right direction. Progress is what we keep looking for, right? It's about time for me to start getting ready for football festivities. So far, I think we have about 6 people coming over and that's a nice number. Our living room is an awkward shape so there's not much room for lots of people to comfortably gather around the TV. I got my breakfasts put together yesterday. On what planet does it make sense to take two things you don't like, mix them together and think it's going to turn into something tasty? I have duck meatballs in the freezer that I really didn't like (too livery) and also some smoked, stuffed jalape├▒os that I like but don't love that I've been thinking about incorporating into a breakfasty thing. I broke up the meatballs and sauteed them with all of the odds and ends vegetables in the fridge then scrambled a bunch of eggs and added the chopped up stuffed peppers to that and mixed them together. I could smell the meatballs pretty strongly so I'm afraid I just made something awful that I'm going to have to eat five times!! And I still have five more meatballs in the freezer. Enjoy your hibiscus tea. If you're looking for something pretty and sparkly, try brewing it double strength with a cinnamon stick and some ginger and allspice berries then mixing it with sparkling water. Delicious and festive! I think it'll be even better in the heat of the summer. Time for breakfast, hair washing and burger making. Enjoy your day off!
  3. It sounds like the main theme is showing up: in our communications, our intentions, our self love, all of it! I'm working on it; just being mindful of it is a big step. I struggle to communicate my needs/wants so that's a biggie that I need to show up for- today! Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for the holistic psychologist link. OK, I have to confess that I am unskilled in the ways of social media. I created an IG account so I could follow people I was interested in but have never learned how to actually use it. I tried to find what you sent me but didn't see it so I just cut and pasted instead. I'm going to make a project of actually learning how to IG; it doesn't creep me out like FB and twitter and I've come across so many things that bring me joy and knowledge. Aside from my breakfast stuff, I have no idea what I'm cooking up this weekend so it may be a "winging it" kind of week but that's do-able since I have produce, a bag of frozen shrimp, some chicken breasts and I'm heading out to pick up some ground beef. Yay for you both being off this weekend! My husband is off on Monday but I'm working. I've been being mostly compliant as well. I had a tiny serving of dairy last night and a couple of squares of dark chocolate but, otherwise I've been on-track. I'm a little disappointed that I haven't relinquished any more weight back to the universe, though. I was planning a major off-road this morning but the evil scale whispered some nice numbers so that discouraged me from making a decision that wasn't going to serve me well. I'm trying to set my mind not to go veering into a ditch tomorrow with snacky stuff. I know one person is bringing frozen french fries to go with the burgers so I should be able to avoid those. It will be interesting to look at the ingredient list on them, though! I'll bet you a dollar that there's sugar! I'd rather have a nice, festive glass of wine than crappy frozen french fries so that's the choice I'm making. The rain has slacked off so it's time to venture out so I can get stuff done. Enjoy your time off and watch plenty of "kitty TV"!
  4. Well, another day of KATT so I decided it was better to not say anything until I could say something nice and keep reminding myself that, this too, shall pass! I showed up for myself yesterday in spite of interruptions and managed 30 minutes of glorious peace and quiet this morning. I have had this discussion with my husband before and we were watching something one night (I can't for the life of me remember what!) that mentioned how meditative a movement practice can be and he asked me if I did that. I told him I did and that was why it was important to me not to be interrupted and to have quiet and solitude. He acknowledged it but apparently that has worn off so I need to have that conversation with him again but I needed to wait until I wasn't annoyed. Like Melissa's advice about not having conversations about food at the table over food, I want to wait until we are not in the process of getting out of the house/getting to work or otherwise distracted so I'm hoping maybe tonight or tomorrow. I think my best strategy is to ask him for a solution to the problem of him interrupting me. I don't want to bar him from certain locations in the house at certain times so it has to be voluntary on his part which means he needs to be mindful of what I'm doing and that's a tall order. I tried looking up The Wholistic Psychologist on IG but it came up with a giant list of results so I wasn't sure which one was the correct one. Yesterday I looked at Nedra Tawwab's IG and also Lisa Bilyeu's that did that interview with MU and that helped me get into a better frame of mind but it was a real slog. I feel much better today and am looking forward to having friends over on Sunday for more football. The Titans are the early game so we're going to grill some burgers (in almost freezing temps!!) around 5 after the game. My plan is to have lots of different toppings for the burgers so everybody can customize and other people are bringing snacks and sides. That means that I'll need to hustle tomorrow to get everything done for the game as well as for the week ahead! And it's Saturday so that means it has to rain! We've been leaning pretty heavily on boneless, skinless chicken breasts lately and I managed to put together a pretty tasty saute night before last. We cut the chicken into chunks and pan fried it and in a separate skillet sauteed onion slices, green beans and cherry tomatoes then we put it all together with some capers and a bunch of lemon juice. It was really, really good. We ate almost all of the vegetables so last night we just did another batch of onions, green beans and cherry tomatoes and added that to the leftover chicken and really enjoyed it again. Now I just have to remember it so I can replicate it. The stuffed collard leaves came out really good too and I have enough to freeze for one more meal. I've done it with Swiss chard before and that was good, too. I just make a meatball-type mixture and roll it up in the blanched leaves then dump marinara sauce on it and bake. Now I'd like to think of something to batch-cook for next week but I'm drawing a blank. Something will come to me, hopefully. What's on your menu this week? Good for you for showing up with some self love of your own! I think it's a pretty big NSV that we can slip back into these practices after pausing. I'd like to NOT pause: I am the person that shows up every morning for herself! XO
  5. Annnd...not such good sleep last night. Can't win 'em all and I know it's a process so I need to appreciate my victories and not dwell on the less-than-good nights. I managed not to snack yesterday and did an hour of Katy Bowman "how to squat" while my husband was stuck at the DMV so I had a good day. Squeaky "helped" me improve my squat by taking up the entire pillow I was using as a bolster. He also talked to me a lot and made me rub on his head every time I stretched. Funny? Yes. Efficient? Not so much! I need to do some extra work on strength, too. I did some weights yesterday and today so that plus my hour of "how to squat" left me with a few nice twinges of soreness to remind me that I showed up. I'm slipping back into my morning routine fairly easily; that's always been my favorite time to work out. It's too easy for me to have conflicts or make excuses as the day goes on. My main problem right now is my husband and I can't find a way to work around his routine that also suits my needs. He works from home two days/week and we carpool into town together the remaining three days and, even though both of us can come and go at work whenever we want to, he is always in a race to fly out of the door as soon as possible. I started to get up at 5 instead of 530 to make time for myself in the morning so he gets up at 5, too, and is ready to leave before 530 even though leaving at 6 was perfectly fine when I was getting up at 530. It's driving me crazy and I'm about ready to stop riding in with him. I hate to do it because it uses so much more gas but it might be worth it. He's also back to interrupting me during my mobility time so that's not helping either. Kill All The Things is not just for strict W30 anymore!
  6. The chicken and mushrooms looks delicious. My husband is mushroom-averse and only eats white meat but I think I might make a pan of that for me the next time I get one of those big packs of thighs from Costco. Or maybe I'll do what you did and use a whole chicken so I can have the dark meat and ALL of the mushrooms! I made a Costco gas + produce stop yesterday on my way home so it was nice to have dinner plus all of my work food all ready to go. I didn't have to do anything except vacuum up Asian beetles-ugh- they look like lady bugs but aren't! Your Waldorf salad sounds good too; I've been craving either chicken or tuna salad and, like my grandmother taught me, I always put lots of celery and apple in mine so I guess it's sorta Waldorf. I did another 30 minutes mobility session this morning and added in some weights for variety. I ride in with my husband for the rest of the week so my morning sessions will have to be a little shorter. Sorry to hear your knee is acting up. I have something wonky going on in my right elbow and I'm not sure what the deal is. I think it might be some flavor of tendinitis so I'm trying to be careful and mindful. The last thing I need is two dysfunctional arms! When it first started getting cranky, I was using a CBD balm and it really helped so I think I need to start that again. I slept really well last night!! I haven't been able to say that in forever! We went to bed a little later than usual so we could watch the LSU game but realized at half time it was already past our bedtime. I slept ALL night and didn't wake up until around 4 when my husband got up to go to the bathroom and the cat go out of bed shortly after but I fell back asleep both times until the alarm went off at 5. That's amazing for me!. My ring said I was awake for 39 minutes but I don't think I really was. I'm a little short on the number of hours I slept because we went to bed late but the quality of my sleep has been improving. That's real motivation to keep my off-roading to a minimum! I listened to an interview with MU while I ate breakfast this morning: and it was really good. This title is a little misleading; it's about so much more than that. Not sure what I did; I pasted the link in then it exploded into this giant pic/link!
  7. Happy Monday! We had almost 2 inches of rain- AGAIN! The water coming down the hill sounded like a river but all is well, even if it is rather soggy. Thankfully, we didn't have to go anywhere during the deluge and it was over by the time we needed to head into town for the show. The show was great!! We had some friends come by to watch the football games yesterday and that was fun, too. It was a last minute decision so our goal was to have something to snack on that didn't involve going to the grocery. I made MJ's spiced nuts and Michelle Tam's Asian meatballs. One person brought a nice cheese board (normally she cooks but was sporting a freshly sprained ankle so we gave her a pass!) and another brought sausage balls which I normally wouldn't have eaten but since she used a really good cheddar and made her own baking mix instead of using Bisquick, I had a few. That was my first exposure to wheat since November but I've never had a reaction to wheat so I didn't expect one this time either. They were good but not great so I should have stopped at one but it was dinner time and our selection was pretty slim. I think we're finally going to get our meatball party rolling! Since that was our primary snack, we started talking about how fun it would be to "have a ball" one night soon. One person has already claimed traditional Italian meatballs and someone else wants to make some truffles so I think we'll wind up with a nice variety. This never happens but I got everything done this weekend that I had planned on doing! I was out of some spice blends and some cleaning products and I got all of them made on Saturday since I didn't want to venture out in the weather. Yesterday I decided to make things easy for myself and defrosted a batch of hash that I had frozen back in September and used that with the last of my garden zucchini puree to make my breakfast casserole. I even have three lunches put together plus a few leftover Asian meatballs AND I made a big batch of stuffed collard leaves baked in marinara so that's a couple of dinners in the bag, too. Again, I took the easy route and used some of the marinara sauce we jarred during tomato season so it was super easy! I started today with 30 minutes of stretching and mobility! Melissa had two IG posts this weekend that were just what I needed. Nedra Tawwab told her "Whatever you say after the words 'I am' are the most powerful words you'll say all day." The second thing was "Show up!" to whatever habit you are trying to make stick or whatever it is that defines you, or you would like to define you. The two ideas went hand-in-hand this morning: I want to be a person that moves in the morning so I resisted the Monday morning inertia and showed up. I didn't plan to do 30 minutes but one thing flowed into another and it felt so good. I used the same mindset a week or so ago to get myself walking the driveway! I was trying to think of how I wanted to finish the "I am..." statement this morning and wound up with "I am the person that showed up!" and I'll take that.
  8. Thanks for the support and encouragement; I really appreciate it. I think I'm making really good progress breaking my mindless glass(es) of wine in the afternoon but remember Melissa addressing that habit and suggesting that substituting another beverage in its place may not actually be breaking the habit. I'm being mindful about it, though, and don't feel like I'm just substituting. When I have my pretty, sparkling glass of whatever, I'm not having it as a mechanism to not have something else but, like you said, even that is better than keeping up the old bad habit. All in all, I'm feeling pretty great today! I slept pretty well but woke up 30 minutes before the alarm so I put the time to good use and did 30 minutes of mobility and stretching. I've been slacking off in that department so it feels good to get back to it. I feel a little slimmer today, too, so that's nice. Once again, it's going to rain a couple of inches this weekend but may clear up by Sunday so any activity I do will have to be indoors. We have a concert Saturday night that should be really good, The Traveling McCourys and Sam Bush so it should be a great mix-up of bluegrass/newgrass/jam band and we upgraded to VIP in an effort to get seats in a venue that has no seating. My husband's back and knees really start screaming if he stands very much. The downside is that one of the football games that we'd like to watch is also Saturday night but since that game didn't even exist until last weekend, we had no way of knowing and have had the concert tickets for a couple of months. Oh well, the Titans will likely get their rear ends handed to them anyway. I'll have to find something fun to do during the other three games but we may have friends coming so that will make it fun. I have no idea what my cook-up will consist of this weekend but I do need to replenish a couple of spice blends. Maybe some tuna salad for lunches next week? I've really enjoyed soup as part of my breakfast this week and its nice to know I have three different textures as the base of my breakfast now: hash, quiche-ish and soup! I think I might do the quiche-y thing this week. I scored a bunch of grassfed meat at 50% off last week so I have a good supply of ground pork and some beautiful collards but need to go vegetable shopping at some point soon. Last night we blistered a bunch of carrots and brussels sprouts in ghee to go with a couple of the mini NY strips I got on sale. Apparently they have a hard time selling them because they only weigh 1/3 lb but I think they're perfect, especially for half price! I have a busy day today with an education-type meeting at noon so I'd better get a move on! Have a lovely day!
  9. So glad to hear that you found your journal. I hate when I do things like that; a friend of mine used to call it "self-created drama"! Ugh, our propane company did that to us a couple of years ago and we ran out on Thanksgiving day so no hot water to do dishes. Thankfully, we were able to find another company that's doing a really good job and they've even moved into the tech age and have an online presence and everything! The other company would (literally) pin our bill to the side of our garage door when they remembered to leave us one at all. Then they wouldn't refill because we hadn't paid the bill that they didn't leave us! Our heat is electric so being without propane only means no hot water or cook top; we break out our camp stove and use it or the grill that has a side burner. We have options but it's a pain in the butt. I very much loved the Earthsea series. The fifth one is several short stories that are in different places in the timeline. I tried to start it the other day but was having a hard time wrapping my head around who/when/where. I'll sit down with it again when I have some quiet time without football or whatever in the background. I have a 5 year-old niece and now I'm thinking she might enjoy the Catwings books; I'll check with my brother to see what he thinks. Of course, I will have to read them first! Have you read any of the Hainish cycle? I LIKE my pressure cooker and I think I would love it if I were more adept at using it. It's done a great job the few times I've used it but I have to research everything before I do. I like it for bone broth but the broth is really ugly and cloudy- still delicious though- and gets the job done in an hour. You may not being doing conscious movement right now but you're still moving so don't sell yourself short! Almost all of my work is at my desk in front of a monitor so I have to make myself get up and walk around- like right now. Heck, sometimes I feel like I need to remind myself to blink! And, I'm finally getting used to the new glasses and really like them. No one has said a word about them and it makes me wonder if they just haven't noticed or if it's more "if you can't say some thing nice..." I'm feeling pretty good about being in control of what I'm eating, too. I'm still staying mostly compliant and only veering off-road with a plan except for stopping at Trader Joe's a couple of days ago and buying a spur-of-the-moment Rx bar- banana, which is a flavor I had never seen. It was weird and I wasn't crazy about it but I ate it anyway I've been enjoying some sparkling water beverages lately and not just when we go out as a cocktail substitute but I'm starting to think that's how my brain's thinking about it. If I have one in the evening, am I just substituting that for wine? And is that OK? It's not like I'm craving a glass of wine or some other adult beverage and using the sparkling water as a crutch. It doesn't cross my mind to have wine/cocktail/beer but I want something tasty instead of just having another glass of water. I guess I need to pay attention here. Yesterday my husband was munching on some peanuts and, even though I didn't really want peanuts, it kicked off an urge to have SOMETHING so I had a Waterloo watermelon with a big hunk of Meyer lemon in it and it was just what I wanted. The ever-evolving process!
  10. Since I got home at noon with frozen chuck roasts and wanted to serve the chili Saturday night, I was rushing to get this batch done so I used the pressure cooker. I cooked the beans (20 minutes!) while I was browning the meat then put the meat and sauce in the pressure cooker then added the beans back in at the very end. It should have taken about 30 minutes to cook the meat but it wasn't getting tender. After 30 minutes +10+10+15+ another 10, it was FINALLY tender enough to shred. I like for some of it to stay in tender chunks and some to shred up to catch all of the juice. I've done 3-pound batches but that usually doesn't make enough to freeze. This way, it's not much more trouble and I get to stash some away in the freezer! I've been having crunchy bean issues, too! My black-eyed peas from NY and my beans for the chili both have some crunchy ones even though I keep re-cooking them. I didn't get to soak the Rio Zape beans overnight but I soaked them in hot water for a few hours and that usually does the trick. I tasted one and it was tender but there are quite a few that aren't. The bean/kale soup I made a while back wasn't pretty either but it was delicious. I still have some in the freezer, so even though I want to add some beans into my regular line-up, I still want to keep my bean consumption pretty low. I guess I'm thinking about them like I do the starchy vegetables- enjoy occasionally but not regularly. I managed a couple of laps up and down the driveway yesterday, got a couple of lunches put together (burger + brocc/cabbage slaw w cherry tomatoes), fixed a batch of lotion that had separated and finished the 4th Earthsea book. It was a nice afternoon even if I could have added more motion to it. I'm not sure why but I'm dragging today. I feel good but tired. Maybe a nice long walk down the hall will get me moving!
  11. Hopefully, by now, all of that kitty love has you feeling better! You had a kale fiasco and I missed it!? What happened? Lima bean soup sounds wonderful. I love limas even the big giant ones when they're cooked well and not all dried up inside. I've always had limas cooked with something meaty and smoky but one day a co-worker in Louisiana brought some to a potluck that had shrimp in them. I thought that was so weird and had to really force myself to try them but, oh man, were those delicious! I tried a new bean this weekend, Rio Zape beans from Rancho Gordo. I went to the farm store at an organic farm nearby hoping to get pinto beans for my chili but they didn't have any. I read the descriptions of what the did have and found these. They're in the pinto bean family and, apparently, this is the bean that got Rancho Gordo started. They're very delicious and creamy inside. I used one pound in a batch of chili with five pounds of of meat so it's not too bean-heavy but they're definitely there. It really came out good and now we have lots of leftovers. I wish I were but I'm not a whole-week prepper either and figure if I can get my five breakfasts done for the week, I'm ahead of the game. I've done it for so long now that I'm all messed up during the week if I don't have my breakfasts done. I decided to take a page out of @kirbz book this week and made a big batch of curried broccoli soup to go with my scrambled eggs and pork sausage. It's a bit of an experiment to see if it will hold me until lunch. I typically don't do well with smoothies or creamy soups but I'm thinking that having the eggs scrambled with the sausage and topped with some fermented radishes gives me enough to chew on that my body knows it's been fed. So far, so good but it's only been an hour Thanks for putting that in perspective. Instead of thinking about it as one more thing I need to do or "health maintenance", it's much nicer to think of it as self-care/love. Did you subscribe to Melissa's newest newsletter, XO,MU? She talks about "keystone habits" which are like "the first domino in a chain of other healthy habits." I think that every round of W30 has given me another link in that chain of healthy habits. I did a little intentional, pre-planned off-roading this weekend but I had no problem staying on track with other things. We busted out one of my homemade salsas from this summer and I had ONE tortilla chip so I could taste it properly. I had the beans in the, otherwise compliant, chili. I had ONE very delicious beer during the game Saturday and one more yesterday with some boiled peanuts while we watched the Saints not show up for their big game. Our Hoedown friends came over Saturday night for that game and we had a blast; it helped that the Titans won in a major upset. It took me a minute to talk my husband into doing the upgrade on the TV service but he finally decided to do it and now he's glad he did. Yeah, told ya so! We didn't even leave the house yesterday and I slept pretty well last night so this weekend felt like a big hug. For a change, I feel well-rested and recharged. Hmmm...Tigerblood-ish?! This afternoon I'll either do some laps on the driveway or a Katy Bowman video (or maybe a little of both) so I can keep the action AND motivation going.
  12. It was heavenly! So sorry you're under the weather; hopefully it will clear up quickly. I love having soup when my throat's sore- even sipping on bone broth feels so soothing and healing. My allergy appointment went pretty much as I expected. I'm not really allergic to anything, just a slight reaction to cat & dog so it's essentially environmental sensitivities: humidity, barometric pressure, weather extremes, scents and irritants. I've been trying one of the steroid sprays so they want me to increase that and add an antihistamine spray- apparently they have a synergistic effect when used together- and rinse my sinuses every day. I was whining to my husband yesterday about the amount of time I'd spend in the bathroom doing everything the dentist wants me to do plus what the allergist wants me to do. I need to plan out a routine that breaks all of these things up throughout the day so I can stay on plan. I'm thinking sinus health when I come home after work and oral health after dinner as part of my nighttime routine. It helps me to think about it as all part of the same big plan as W30- decrease inflammation, improve sleep and all of the good things that go with those things! Speaking of staying on plan, I have wiped down my cooktop every night since we did the deep cleaning on it and I'm proud of myself! I know it's just a little thing but it's one of those little things that turns into a big thing and it makes me smile to see it all shiny-clean. I fried up some bacon last night and had BLT wraps for dinner and packed some up for my lunch. I still haven't wrapped them in parchment but if I just munch on cherry tomatoes on the side instead of using slices of tomatoes, it's not messy at all. I was really dragging yesterday afternoon and really didn't want to cook or clean anything but I forced myself to put the wraps together, unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. It wasn't much but it fed me and made me feel like I did "something" so I called that good enough. I'm craving chili so I'm going to get a chuck roast this weekend and make a BIG pot of it. Other than that, I have no idea what I'm going to work on this weekend. How was the lemongrass chicken? I looked for it in Costco yesterday but didn't see it. Is it in the freezer section or with the refrigerated prepared foods? Lots of football this weekend so I'll have to figure out how I'm going to navigate that. I told my husband that I'd rather pay to upgrade Hulu for the month and invite people over to watch the games instead of going to a bar/restaurant to watch them and, no, I'm not going out to watch a 7PM game tomorrow night! I REALLY don't care about football but he really enjoys it so I try to participate but there's a limit. Take it easy and feel better! You know that lying on the sofa with kitties make everything better!
  13. Our NY/anniversary plans changed due to procrastination but it wound up being a good thing! We waited too long to get reservations at the restaurant we wanted and I couldn't find anything else that appealed to me or wasn't booked up. I defrosted a beautiful grass-fed NY strip and we picked up some really nice shrimp and a bottle of champagne. After dinner we watched the third episode of the jazz documentary. It was quiet and peaceful and perfect! Yesterday we went to a friend's birthday party and that was really nice, too. I ate a little before we headed over there but had a couple of ribs that probably had a little sugar in the rub but didn't have any sauce so they weren't total sugar bombs. The guys that I mentioned a while back that were doing a W30 were there and they're starting a W60 today so it was fun talking W30 with them. I've tried to get them to join the forum but they're not really interested even though they participate in the W30 facebook thing. One of them got booted off of a "kinder, gentler" W30 FB page which doesn't sound like the real deal to me. He said it was all about people trying to twist the rules to fit what they wanted to do then looking for approval. He kept calling them out about not following the rules and telling them that what they were doing wasn't W30 and they kicked him out! It was pretty funny; as he described different scenarios, my husband kept chiming in saying, "That's not W30!" and "That's not compliant!" So sorry to hear about your lost journal; that's awful! I hate carrying a purse and do it so rarely that I have to be really careful not to leave it somewhere. I got one of those little sleeves that stick on the back of your cell phone and have my driver's license, debit card and the all-important Costco card in it so if I lose my phone I'm really screwed! Anytime I try to change up my routine I always wind up getting things all sideways. Hopefully it will still turn up even though you've let go. Thanks for the link. I knew about phenols but didn't know which oils contained phenolic compounds: citrus, ylang ylang and tee tree are all oils I use but mostly citrus so I'll have to be more careful even though he's never had any symptoms. I try not to pet him if I've just put lotion on my hands and haven't gotten a diffuser because it seemed like a bigger risk. We never did get a cat tree because we don't have a good place for one and we were never convinced that out fickle kids would like it. I think Maybelle actually would have like it because it would get her above Squeaky so he couldn't bully her. I have an appointment with an allergist today to see if I can figure out the nighttime congestion thing. I'm still trying to improve my sleep one small piece at a time without resorting to prescription sleep-aids. They told me to plan on being there as long as 4 hours so it should be interesting. Since my appointment isn't until 10, that will include lunchtime so I'm trying to work around not getting a real lunch. My plan is to eat breakfast later than usual and I brought an RX bar and an Epic bar to eat there as well as a book and my earbuds so I can listen to music or a podcast or something to pass the time. I was going to take advantage of having most of the afternoon off and running some errand but we're supposed to get between 1 and 4 inches of rain today! I can't remember if it was an email or an IG thing but Melissa U had a great quote that I really need to incorporate in to my every day: Motivation doesn't always lead to action, but action leads to motivation.
  14. hollysmokes

    Whole30 approved Multi-Vitamin

    Try Pure Encapsulations and Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint has one but it's pretty pricey.
  15. Oh, yeah! We know all about thunder paws. It sounds like a herd of elephants running through the house. My husband said that when he was in the basement he couldn't tell if it's me or cats coming down the stairs. Now that Maybelle isn't here for Squeaky to chase, it's a lot quieter, though. Squeaky is a sucker for citrus! if I peel an orange, he'll grab my hand with his paw and start licking the juice/oil off and he'll sniff very closely if I have a citrus EO on. Other than that he doesn't seem to care but I know some of the oils, like peppermint, are toxic to cats so I try not to pet him if I've just used them. It's probably silly but I also worry that if I pet him with EO on my hands, am I making him more of a target for predators because he's smelly? We had a long talk with one of our neighbors recently about the exploding coyote population so that definitely didn't make me feel any better. That's awful about the woodpeckers! I had no idea they did that. We have pileated woodpeckers up here and they are huge but we don't see them as often as the regular ones. Before we put Hardie board on our house, they were destroying the house. The carpenter bees would drill into the cedar siding to lay their eggs then the woodpeckers would shred it to get to the bee larvae. We worry about being burgled as well. All someone would have to do is pick up one of the billions of rocks laying around and break the glass in a window or door. No one is close enough to hear a thing and it's pretty well shielded from view even in winter. Half of the time, we treat our house like a convertible car: leave it unlocked so if someone tries try to steal stuff there will be less damage. After all of the construction last year with lots of strangers around (and a contractor that was already committing some very questionable acts) we started locking up more consistently. I know several people that have gotten the little yard signs from alarm companies and put them in their front yards as deterrents; it might not be a bad idea. Luck has been the topic of discussion many times at our house! We are of the opinion that, for the most part, you make your own luck. When we were sailing, there would always be talk of so-an-so that did this or that different from the rest of the racing fleet and they won because they got lucky. The truth is that it usually involves a lot of work as well as the knowledge to take advantage of a wind shift (literally or figuratively) when it appears. Sitting around on your bum and waiting for something advantageous rarely happens! I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend, too. It involved a bunch of vacuuming and mopping, too, but we spread it out over two days and now the floors are all sparkly clean, laundry is caught up and we even super-cleaned the stove. I am making a resolution (not of the New Year's type) to wipe down the stove EVERY night with this great all-purpose spray cleaner I make so we don't have to spend an hour steaming baked on grease off of the stove. I made kimchi and got a pineapple vinegar started (new experiment!) and got a ginger bug started so I could make a batch of ginger beer. The ginger bug and the pineapple vinegar techniques are similar. You just put the pineapple skins (or ginger) in a jar with some water and a little sugar and swirl it around every day so all of the little lactobacilli can get to work fermenting the sugar. I didn't do much real cooking. We polished off some leftovers and I got breakfast done with lots of kale for today and tomorrow then pan fried some pork chops last night to go with a baked sweet potato. The original plan included sauteed asparagus but I lost motivation as the day went on and I started getting tired. Oh! Thanks for reminding me about the BLT wraps; that's what I had for lunch today and it was great! Feeling good, sticking with the plan and moving forward!