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  1. Hello, I am on my second Whole30 and doing it with a group, many of whom are first time Whole30'ers. One of the biggest deviations from the plan is that members of my group do not see the point in eating a meal at mealtime if they are not hungry. So, basically, they are skipping meals. I've pointed out that they are not sticking to the plan and posted the "build your plate" graphic, but I am getting a lot of pushback and a lot of "whys." I realized that I don't have a very succinct answer. Can you please help me formulate one? I can't stand it when people don't stick to a program and then say "oh, it didn't work for me." I just want to do what I can to prevent that from happening with my group.\ Also, I think that people are still in the "less food is better" or "I'm tougher than you if I can exist on less food" Advice? Thank you!
  2. I'm on day 29 and it's the same for me. I'm taking it as a sign that my satiety signals are now in good working order!
  3. Sometimes a short term fix gets you through to a long term solution. If the choice is between staying with the whole30 imperfectly yet compliantly or quitting because you're barfing all the time, I'd suggest the former.
  4. OUCH!

    Eating 2-5 servings of fruit depending on circumstance is okay according to ISWF. If your body needs 3-5 bananas a day, eat them, with meals if possible. Snacks ARE compliant, just less recommended, is how I read it from ISWF. Good luck!
  5. I sometimes have my stomach turn over at the thought of veggies in the morning. When this happens, I go with fruit. I cut up a banana and apple, sprinkle with cinnamon and ground vanilla bean, and dip it in cashew or almond butter. I realize this meal would probably fall into the "less recommended yet compliant" category, and usually I do need to eat a protein snack a couple of hours later (like celery with almond butter or a hard boiled egg), which also falls into the "less recommend but compliant" category However, it's way better than crying or barfing in the morning! Maybe if you do this at breakfast your body will be more amenable to veggies and protein at lunch? also, just a thought - might you be pregnant? Best, Laura
  6. Feeling bad

    I haven't found it to be a very big deal - maybe it's because I'm a pretty private yet direct person. If someone questions my decision to order a burger without the bun or whatever other menu adjustments I might make, I simply say "I don't want to eat the bun." If anyone asks why, I just shrug. My kids, for a while, felt bad when they would eat things in front of me that were non-compliant. I told them "Look, I'm eating exactly what I want to eat and not eating what I don't want to eat. If I really, really wanted that (cookie, pizza, etc), I would eat it!" And it's true. I want to stick to Whole30 and the benefits much more than I want to eat noncompliant food. I can't imagine anyone pushing past "I don't want to eat that" or "I don't care for any, thanks." But if they did I would tell them not to worry about me, I do what I want when it comes to what I put in my body.
  7. Here's how I handle it: nosy person: "why aren't you drinking?!" me: "because I don't want to" NP: "why?!" me: "*shrugs* because I don't. You can drink for both of us if you want" usually gets a laugh and a change in conversation.
  8. Feeling bad

    My response: "I eat the foods I want to eat" end of story.