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I am on Day 3, but I am going to start my log now. I am going a little starchy today just to prevent any binges later, I had my first half marathon yesterday and usually the day after a long run I am bingey. This is my upteenth try and I always give up. I don't want to give up again as my body needs to heal. Something in my diet is making me sick prior to trying this and I am on a mission to figure it out!!


broccoli and cauliflower

3 eggs

1/2 avocado

sweet potato


ground turkey

shredded coconut


sweet potato


chicken breast

1/2 avocado

broccoli or cauliflower

bone broth

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Sounds good! I run too, so this is a little hard in the first two weeks. I did it before and felt terrible on my runs for the few week or so, and then I felt incredible! I got my PR while running and eating paleo. I'm starting to train for my 10th half and i've got to remind myself it will be rough for a bit.

Keep it up! :)

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