Day 22 -- in a puzzling slump

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My Whole 30 pattern doesn't seem to follow the "Timeline" .

I know of course that no two of us remarkable humans are alike, and so I can't expect my results to necessarily follow a template, but mine seem somehow contradictory.

I had several days of complete euphoria at the beginning, and by the second week was noticing remarkable changes -- no more acid reflux, no more afternoon slump, clear, lovely skin, lots of energy (I could barely sleep for a while there). More good things happened -- I began to sleep more deeply, knew that I was losing weight in a healthy pattern, and some chronic cold sores disappeared.

I began thinking about how this might not just be for 30 days for me, but that this could really be about figuring out what foods were causing some of the little "aches & pains" and creating a lifestyle that would really make me much happier overall.

But then week three hit. My afternoon energy crashes came back. I had a couple of days of little appetite. My poor sleep patterns returned. I began to feel some cravings where none existed before. And I've been really diligent with the food plan, cooking and eating really lovely meals (big benefit -- I've always been an accomplished cook, but our meals and recipes are better than ever -- the flavors are cleaner and not muddied by starchy or sugary ingredients).

I'm just a bit down about it, because I was hoping for "tiger blood." Maybe I got my "tiger blood" in the early bit, and I'm having a sort of reversal.

Has this ever happened to others with a whole 30? Do I just need to keep doing what I'm doing, and wait for another "good wave?"

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Yes yes yes. I felt great the first two weeks. Day 15 I gave up my 1 early morning cup of coffee and replaced with 1 cup black tea. I was ok for two days, then the next several days I could barely function. Then as suddenly as it came, it left and now I'm fine again.

You're right, we are all different and at different stages of healing. Being off coffee showed me my true energy. I'm sure when I let go of black tea I will get to see more of an indication of where I really am in the process.

Good luck and know that feeling good again is probably right around the corner!

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Thanks, calee and percypat. On the whole, I'm having a pretty great experience, and something that was a 30-day experiment has me really thinking about re-inventing my life a bit, since I've been somewhat overinvolved with foods I'm not eating now (being the cook and baker for family birthdays, book group, staff meeting, what have you). I think this is going to lead me into a healthier relationship with food -- one where I don't necessarily rely on pleasing other people with baked goods, etc...

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