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I started this new way of eating 4 days ago. I made 3 days without my wine but on the fourth day I went out and had 2 glasses of wine. I did not have any alcohol yesterday. I have Lupus...but I have started this related to no alcohol? Anyone know anything about this?

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There have been a bunch of threads on this recently. Which isn't to brush you off, I just can't help but to say there were some possibly helpful thoughts in those threads.

The consensus seems to be that skin is often a detox organ, and there is often a lag between eating and skin eruptions. So maybe it's a sign of detox?

Maybe you aren't drinking enough water? Last year I kept thinking we had bed bugs. We were checked a couple times, no bugs. It was a weird rash. I was also dehydrated (and now I'm thinking was also suffering from leaky gut). When I upped my water intake it helped a lot.

Skin also seems to get worse before better.

But, yeah, you may find more help in previous threads. Sounds line you are definitely not alone and that this is a common w30 side effect, and prob not from alcohol. (My guess!)

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