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  1. Beets

    What fat sourcs should I be eating

    High quality fat won't make you fat. Period. Garbage food, sugar and metabolic issues, gut damage, etc.--these things contribute to weight gain. As others have said, it's all in It Starts With Food. Even institutional science is coming around and finally admitting that saturated animal fat isn't the boogeyman it was made out to be (in studies largely funded and publicized by multi-national grain conglomerates that are actually making people sick and overweight--I digress). This piece sums up recent dietary research well:
  2. Beets


    The easiest way to start is to find boneless and skinless sardines. I didn't and I totally gagged the first time I tried to eat them. I eat them now a couple times a week, more when I'm eating better. I love to quickly pan fry them in CO so they get a little crispy and then eat with sauerkraut (add lemon) or on a salad.
  3. Beets

    Need help, please.

    I will echo the others and say planned reintro has to be better than the stay the course till you totally fall off the wagon and dive headfirst into all of your old bad habits method I've followed. This Feb I did my third whole. I've stayed the course for months and months in the past (even AIP for the most part) but this time for some reason I really started bingeing when I came off too quickly. I've never done proper reintros and I'm feeling the pain. Don't be like me!
  4. Just send them these recent NYT links and tell them it's ok to move past the 80s, especially when it comes to science. My fave: ed Meat is Not the Enemy Nutrition Panel Eases Fat and Cholesterol Restrictions The Government's Bad Diet Advice I saw the one about the myth of the high protein diet. The thing here is you aren't following Atkins. You should be eating a lot of veggies. The template calls for a palm-sized portion of protein and the rest of your plate filled with vegetables. Some people really have a hard time letting go of the low-fat thing. My in-laws eat low fat everything, skim milk, etc etc. When I eat at their place I walk away from the table starving. Of course they top off the meal with a giant bowl of low-fat ice cream. Blergh. But I don't even enter the food conversation with them. It would be too jarring to change their way of thinking.
  5. Beets

    Where can I find Whole30 approved bacon

    I think it also makes sense to read this post on why bacon gets at best a yellow light on your w30. Also keep in mind that just because someone says "whole 30" it doesn't mean they are buying compliant bacon. Perhaps they read someone else's blog and saw bacon and thought, yay, I can eat bacon. As I just wrote on another thread, the w30 has taken on a life of its own online and it seems there are a lot of people operating under misinformed guidelines, like a game of telephone the rules are changing as they pass from Instagram account to blog to FB post. Handle with care! I love bacon as much as the next person but I've survived three w30s without bacon just fine. I'm also much more picky about sourcing my pork since I started thinking about pigs being the most abused and ill-treated food source animals.
  6. Beets

    Larabars - When to eat?

    Yes. I would suggest grass fed beef jerky as your double emergency super secret back up option your first time around. It can take a few days or more to adjust to this WOE and a piece of jerky can come in handy. The thing is, part of the challenge is to figure out how to feed yourself so you don't NEED emergency backup. +100 to the avoid Larabars or any "bars" or that matter. The point of the w30 is to learn how to fuel your body with real fuel, not prefab snacks in any form compliant or not. There are *plenty* of highly active people who do his without bars, prefab snacks or nuts/dried fruit of any kind. This isn't just a matter of "opinion." This IS the w30. Everyone commenting here isn't trying to sell you some special hardcore bossy pants version of the w30. This is the official party line. As the w30 gets more popular it seems there is a telephone game effect whereby a watered down version gets circulated around FB and Instagram etc. But the w30 is more than surviving 30 days without eating off a forbidden foods list. Do people eat Larabars and make it? Of course. But your w30 will be more of a struggle and you'll reap fewer benefits. If you're someone who likes to understand the why of things I highly recommend reading It Starts With Food. Print out a copy of the template, memorize it, live it, be it. It really pays off.
  7. Beets

    Quick and easy breakfast for toddler

    I made "Paleo pancakes" once and they were roundly rejected. Agree with Miss Mary that is doesn't make sense to go through the trouble of eating healthfully only to get your kids stuck on questionably healthy SWYPO options. All the preschoolers in my daughter's coop love hard boiled eggs. And tuna. Add some pepper strips and voila. Just like with grown ups, kids don't have to eat "breakfast" for breakfast. It's especially easy to give very small kids a template meal since they don't have the sweet gooey associations we have. If I was starting over with my kids I'd totally avoid all porridges cereals and pancakes. (Paleo porridge: seems a contradiction in terms, right?) We did baby led weaning and I never gave them cereals or mush--till they were older. Now I wish I'd stuck with whole foods all the way through. When they were babies and toddlers my kids both loved omlettes cut into strips. This could be a make ahead option to eat with some raw veg, or if it veg was mixed in.
  8. As someone who has suffered body-covering guttate psoriasis triggered by strep throat I sympathize. I had psoriasis in a very mild form since college but it only got bad after my second pregnancy (apparently this is common). Still, it wasn't nearly as bad as after that exposure to strep. From what I have read, psoriasis can be triggered by a sudden assult on the immune system. I will say that what helped me most was narrow UVB light therapy. I know Paleo Mom relieve herself of the symptoms of psoriasis by following strict AIP protocol. I was determined to do the same. My derm told me that guttate isn't affected by diet. I didn't believe her but the light therapy helped whereas changes to my only made things very marginally better. I do think that healing the gut helps over time but the light therapy gets things jump started.
  9. I struggle with evenly timed template meals. But I will tell you that when you get on that schedule and get in a groove it feels SO much better. I never really feel the full effects of the whole until I hit that groove. When I'm compliant but not eating three or four evenly spaced pure template meals I'm often snacky and unsatisfied, tired and stumbling from urge to urge. It's especially hard to resist the urge for a mid-afternoon sweet pick me up. (I have pretty successfully killed the after dinner dessert habit--it is possible.) Weekend prep helps but when you're home with little kids sometimes the weekends don't offer a big stretch of time for cooking. REmember you don't have to eat recipe meals three times a day. I eat a lot of ground beef. Even having a couple veggies prepped (like sweet pots and sauteed cabbage) helps a lot. I 100% agree that breakfast sets the pace for the day. Eat a good hearty template breakfast without fruits or nuts and you are halfway there. My kids are just turned 7 and almost four. THis is my third year of doing a spring w30. Each time I have struggled with getting that first meal in in a timely fashion, and with eating evenly spaced meals. Go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier and feed yourself. It's tough. I feel like no matter when I get up my kids gets up five minutes later! But making it a priority has made it happen more times than in the past. CRazy mornings with two kids, one of whom is ADHD and has some oppositional issues, a 3.5 year old who hears nothing I say, a dog who needs to be walked. My husband travels and even when he's in town he leaves early and gets home late. I have anxiety issues and ADHD myself. A few weeks before this whole, I broke down crying when we were trying to get out the door. I felt like I was about to have a mental break and wasn't sure I could make myself keep moving. Mornings are hard. I know how easily your morning can get off track. But if you can do it a couple days in a row you will see how much of a difference it makes to eat that template meal within an hour of waking. A really fast breakfast: boneless, skinless sardines fried in a little CO with sauerkraut. True I don't usually eat my breakfast/m1 in total relaxation, I'm often standing up or jamming food into my mouth but even that is better than eating dried fruits/nuts or waiting till later. It's worth it!
  10. Beets

    Your Whole30 Island

    I might be able to find sweet and acidic fruit and maybe figure out how to make coconut oil. I'd also have to process some flake salt. I guess also on most tropical islands you could find taro and some kind of green. But within the bounds of the purely hypothetical: sweet pots whole chicken (meat and broth, fat) ground beef cabbage (some for sauerkraut, too) ginger lacinto kale red leaf lettuce (or combine into "greens" and add pork shoulder) olive oil avocado limes
  11. Your best bet is to make sure you're eating enough food and following the template. If you're eating template meals (and following serving size recommendations) you won't need protein shakes or any of that. There are many people who follow this way of eating and who also expend a lot of energy. There is no reason to be hungry! It takes a little bit of time to adjust to three meals a day (and you may have to readjust and keep fooling with portions as you change your exercise) but if you do find yourself hungry eat another template meal versus snacking on nuts or even eggs by themselves--that's really the key to success. Print a copy of the template on your fridge and follow it. A lot of people find that nuts lead to bloating and less than ideal results. They are great in an emergency but not as a main source of energy.
  12. Ditto what Ultrarunner said about brown rice. While eating whole, I have found that I MUST MUST MUST keep up my carb intake or I will get anxious and depressed. I can get into a thing were I'm just eating leafy greens or salad for a day or two and I will have to force feed msyelf a sweet pot or other carb veg. But I don't think brown rice will be helpful. The inflammatory properties of the rice hull will probaby negate any benefits of the carbs. Also I have found an almost instantaneous plummet into depression from eating wheat. A couple years ago I was eating whole and then had pizza and that evening my brain was veering into fleeting, low-level suicidal ideation. It is more noticeable when you're going from eating whole to suddenly flooding your body with whatever is hurting you. Some foods (like dairy) make me bloated, some make me itchy and tired (soy) but some foods immediately impact my mood in a more radical way. Sugar makes me depressed for sure even in smaller amounts. I can see this clearly when I go from whole to not-whole eating. Yesterday I hear a doctor who wrote a book called Moody Bitches (her words, not mine) and she was citing a bunch of evidence that an anti-inflammatory diet can have a very big impact on depression and anxiety. I'm not sure about all of her theories but that is something I've definitely read and heard elsewhere. Emily DEans at Evolutionary Psychiatry writes a lot about diet and depression. Here is something she wrote for Whole 9:
  13. Beets


    Also it's normal to feel that way about food where you are on the timeline. I'm on my iPad and I need to get my kids to bed but if you google "whole 30 timeline" you can find it. Very helpful. Your appetite will come back. Eating starchy carbs can help during PMS, especially before bed.
  14. Beets


    I agree with Shanny. My first whole gave me one of my worst PMSs since adolescence. It also came late and I felt like I was waiting for it to hit for days. But the following months were way better than usual. (Eating mostly on track.) I was less moody and had fewer cravings. In fact despite usually having bad depression and anxiety during PMS I've been taken by surprise by my period a few times while eating this way.
  15. Beets

    Mayo as SWYPO

    It isn't SWYPO. Homemade mayo is the real deal. If anything the jarred stuff has its pants on. But it can no doubt be FWOB (food without breaks). SWYPO is something like "paleo cake" or other often gross, often disappointing recipes that commonly rely on almond flour and taste nothing like the real deal but that keep you psychologically tied to old habits. It sounds like you are using it as your fat source. As long as it isn't taking the place of veggies or protein on your plate and you're sticking with the template guidelines I would think it's ok. I know when I first discovered it I ate a ton of it. Then that leveled off. I personally do well with a lot of fat, especially in the early weeks when I'm adjusting away from burning sugar as fuel. The more fat I eat the more fat I seem to drop. Some people feel that eating too much fat doesn't give them results they are after. So *after* their first w30 they might play with fat servings. Actually I just read that you're only having one small batch a week! Dear God woman, I would sometimes eat that in two days. (And I lost somethg like 20 lbs in three months to get to a lean size 4/6.) You are fine!!