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  1. Beets

    Whole 21

    Day 8 I think. A bit rocky while away this weekend. Was a mother-in-law's and Friday my parents were here. Mom brought sandwiches, my favorite donut, other bakery treats I usually dive into. But yet I resisted. Oh, that was back on Day 5 anyway. Sat was hot as hell and we drove to NH. I made myself some lamb burgers for breakfast that I ate with a salad. I made some for the kids, too. We all love lamb burgers. I got some larabar type things from Patagonia (last min camp shopping) for sustenance in a pinch and otherwise I didn't eat anything on the road. I always love a Diet Coke on the road so this was a bit of a "oh I wish I could" or "well I could just start over tomorrow' situation but nothing major. When I got to my mother-in-law's (typically a place where my eating falls apart, though has also been a place where I've been super on it) I really really wanted to dive into the bakery stuff my mom sent with us for the house. Or eat any of the crap food in her cupboards or the beer I don't usually drink at home but have when I arrive after the long drive. I did not. Starting to feel a little more streamlined. Sun was Day 7. I had a very small amount of sleep but still I woke up with my mind feeling more clear, more ME. Felt good. I made myself some pork and cabbage and ate it. We stopped at my favorite drive-in amazing hot dog burger onion ring old-fashioned dream place to eat. I ate a lobster roll without the bun and nothing else. I'm sure the mayo was made w something awful but I decided not to freak out about it (I dont even think the w30 is as strict these days as it used to be about seed oils while eating out). Dropped son at camp. Was HEINOUSLY HOT especially for coastal Maine. Was great. Back to m-in-law's where I finished rest of the cabbage and pork. WAs famished really. I ate another larabar and some other thing that was compliant if not ideal. Day 8 nothing remarkable. Lamb burgers and salad, larabars. I was hungry when I went to bed but I was exhausted after driving in a Level 10 deluge for six hours. Day 9 Had pilates, ate some smoked trout before (remembered I should be eating just protein before working out, no idea if this is still regarded as the protocol). Food shopped on way home, really really wanted a nice chocolate bar from the market when I shopped. Came home, housed a bunch of cherries and and cooked the salmon and bok choi. I like this combo a lot. Plus the bok cooks up quickly. pre WO smoked trout m1 salmon, bok choi snack: PB larabar m2 same I know, the larabars aren't ideal but eh I'm working my way up to this. I love feeling like my brain is working. I'm clear headed.
  2. Beets

    Whole 21

    Hmm I am really focusing on my weight/appearance I’m supposed to be talking about my health and that too. I always think I’ll miss drinking the most but actually I feel a lot better without booze esp in this swamp heat. Tomorrow am I’ll make vinaigrette for salad and cook pork and cabbage. I got three cans of the good canned mackerel always good in a pinch.
  3. Beets

    Whole 21

    Day 5 Day 4 was ok. Temptation at every turn but really the ease of the whole 30 is you just can’t eat anything off list. It’s a lot easier than life. I was sorely craving some Diet Coke after cleaning the house, as has become my gross habit, I don’t otherwise drink it except on long road trips. Also I craved chocolate truffles at the butcher, and chocolate every time I opened the fridge. (Also my habit: eating chocolate when I’m hungry instead of food.) Today I went to Pilates in the heat and ran errands. I hate running errands but we are driving to NH tomorrow and staying with mother in law for three days. Love her but her idea of eating healthy is Special K and I’ve had a history of falling off the wagon at her house. I really wanted to get some good food. Fantasizing about eating salmon and cabbage for days I spent $30 on a big filet at a fish market. Got bok choi and cabbage and salad ingredients. Came home braised the bok choi was delicious ate it with the quickly-cooked small flat end of the salmon filet, left the rest of the salmon on the stove left the house for four hours. Fortunately it was on low unfortunately it was only a tiny bit edible when I returned. House not burned down tho Packing my son up for three weeks of camp and just ironed on eight million labels. Jammed some smoked trout in my mouth. Gotta get to bed it’s crazy late but another day down. Party. Now on to template meals. Saw a pic of myself tonight and maybe these pants are just unflattering but well I’m not gonna beat myself up. I am not skinny but my arms look nice. I feel better too.
  4. Beets

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    Getting in the “I’ll start over tomorrow” cycle is really easy but also (for me) a big pitfall. Bc, my brain says, if I’m starting over tomorrow I can and should eat all the bad stuff I mgiht want to eat after I start. I think as far as doing it together goes don’t wait for him. If he gets healthier and develops a liking for healthier food that’s awesome. Don’t let him derail you though. As far as him eating your prepped food? Ack that would also drive me crazy. I’d def put my foot down there. As you know the hardest but also best thing is prepping and planning all your food. I’d be like if you’re on this w me great if not don’t eat all my food! Labeling the “ok to eat” and “don’t touch on penalty of ___” in your fridge is a good idea. ETA: I just read your first post and I 100% relate. I was here 4-5 years ago and finished 3 or 4 Wholes including a long stretch of super strict AIP eating. It was really hard to get back on the program and I started and stopped a few times. I also dealt with a lot of family stuff anxiety etc etc. Every time I’d consider starting up I’d be like, ehhh but then I can’t drink on vacation or when X happens etc etc. So I’d do it partially—like I’ll do it all except I’ll still drink wine—-and that never works. The all or nothing thing works well bc there is no gray area. I saw some pics of me from this weekend and I was like that is it I’m starting today and I still haven’t shopped but that all or nothing thing kept me from having a drink at the beach. (My ritual.) And you know what? It was 1000x easier to get my kids to bed and I woke up with a clear head and it’s starting to feel like I can get back to the old me.
  5. Beets

    Whole 21

    [from] Day 3 I need to go shopping but I'm not letting it stop me. These really aren't meals yet but I'm holding it together M1: tuna and melon M2: ground pork and cabbage M3: " S: nuts and raisins on beach Iced coffee iced green tea hot green tea not much water Really wanted a drink on the beach didn't have it and you know what it made getting home and getting kids to bed so much easier. Also I was alive to the beautiful storm. Day 4 today m1: rest of pork/cabbage Went thru all my b/a pics from previous Wholes and damn I was so fit and small it’s like the thing of when you were 20 you focused on the one thing wrong w your body and now you’d eat through a car to look like that and in 20 years I’ll feel the same about now, but now I feel like that about five years ago. Also sad how down on myself I would get oh my belly isn’t perfectly flat oy. But yeah no wonder I can’t wear my clothes from then. Anyway the good news is I was able to get myself in good shape in a couple months. We will see how much my metabolism has changed. One thing that’s great about reading my old logs is reminding myself how much better it was for me when I planned and started the day with a “template meal,” ie not my habitual waiting till 2pm to jam chocolate in my mouth.
  6. Beets

    Whole 21

    Day 2 food plan m1: sardines and sauerkraut m2: pork and sautéed cabbage m3: burger? Not sure snacks: nuts fruit iced green tea (homemade) Need to shop and notes to self: salad, peppers, cukes, tomatoes, beans, melon, grapes, bok choi [that sautéed bok choi was so good this weekend], more lamb etc etc oh lime for sunshine sauce
  7. Beets

    Whole 21

    Day 2 Yesterday was a bit wobbly but I made it. Don’t think I ate dinner but I had a couple small lamb burgers mid day, raw peppers. Some nuts on the beach, salami and a lot of coffee. Def not my best but I jumped into this on a whim totally unprepared, which has been my best way of doing it. When I plan I keep pushing it off “I’ll start Tuesday, no I’ll start next Tuesday.” I was looking at old pics of myself through my previous Whole 30s, the first of which I did five years ago. The good news about now is I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates and I’m strong underneath the extra layer. Anyway. Today I’ll do some shopping, cook up my ground pork and cabbage (staple) make some Sunshine Sauce (staple) and buy a bunch of salad stuff. I am super into smoked trout on a simple salad these days. It’ll be my go to. It’s gonna be crazy hot and usually that’s hard for me bc my kitchen is hot and I hate cooking. But I’ll just eat a lot of salad. I feel motivated. My boobs are going to shrink but it’s ok I want to feel good and not hide in pictures.
  8. Beets

    Whole 21

    Day 1 I’m coming back here to keep myself on track. I can’t do a W30 bc I’m going away w friends where we are all sharing meals but if I can get started I’ll maintain Want to feel healthier, eliminate a bunch of the sugar and fake food that’s taken over my diet. Also of course I have gained weight and I hate it. I feel so much better when I am fit. Not just how I look but how I feel in my body. I am a stranger in my body and I need to feel connected. So. Day 1. Just weighed myself for first time in years. Have been doing a lot of Pilates and feel strong but I don’t think I’m *that strong. I felt so damn good in my strict AIP days. Was a super pain in the ass to eat anywhere but home but I felt so awesome. Food was sustenance not pleasure. Tasted good too but I liked feeling like an ascetic. Found an an old pic from those day where I was taking a bathroom selfie and my little daughter was looking up at me. I want to be a good role model in terms of health not fretting about my weight. But feeding myself good food and feeling good not wringing hands over what I’m eating would be good. Also my kids eat too much sugar. Gonna do it.
  9. Nice tip, M! I'm waiting for my vessel and will then try to conjure a SCOBY from bottled kombucha. My water kefir is coming out sooo fizzy with zero effort. I'm on autopilot with the process--possibly easier bc it ferments in 24-48 hours depending on heat. Curious to see how the kombucha process compares.
  10. Awesome, Lady M! I found a post on one of the big kombucha supply websites recommending keeping a scoby in the fridge. I was going to send to you but I figured you'd find out soon enough! I'm going to start. 😠I've been reading, hemming and hawing and trying to decide if I'm going to do CB or batch. I didn't want to spend $ now to spend more later. I finally settled on doing a siphon CB--came to me in a fever dream--joking--and then I saw other ppl do it. Anyway. Now I don't have to mess around with a metal or plastic spigot or a gunked up spigot and I can buy a $5 beer brewing siphon when I'm ready to CB. I have a bottle of plain GT's in the fridge waiting for my vessel.
  11. Desert Rose pottery. I have all the plates too. I grew up with it and my mom was going to give it to the Goodwill. I said uh uh..I'll take it. I've used it as my only dishware for 30 years or so. •••••••••••••••• Beautiful pottery. Agreed.
  12. Aw! Cute doggins. You should be able to pick size. I learned from Nadia to pick small. I think she said there is a way to set that as default.
  13. Yes. There is a photo icon at the bottom of the screen. This is Tapatalk 2/HD. Like I said sometimes it tells you photo sharing is disabled but if you delete/reinstall it will let you post again...weird. I just mean PB serves a purpose bc I use a junk gmail account that (I hope) cannot be traced back to my name, on the off chance someone wants to stalk my Internet presence. :-\ I guess I could do the same with Picasa but PB feels more anonymous in its crappiness.
  14. " I use instagram + webstagram ." ----- What does webstagram do? I have instagram but I'm picky about what I post. Wouldn't post a pic of my rashy, veiny legs for ex. But if it's easier than my current process I'd create another account.
  15. Ha! Photobucket is ok. It's just very slow. And cluttered with ads, bad fonts, ugly photos and hideous UI. Adding them directly through tapatalk is easiest, but every once in awhile I have to delete/reinstall the app when it won't let me add photos. Still, I think that process is faster than adding to Photobucket and copying and pasting. That said, uploading photos to either PB or Picasa (3rd party app--I use one called Best Album, I'm also a photo app collector) or Flickr is faster through the phone than in the computer.