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  1. Nice tip, M! I'm waiting for my vessel and will then try to conjure a SCOBY from bottled kombucha. My water kefir is coming out sooo fizzy with zero effort. I'm on autopilot with the process--possibly easier bc it ferments in 24-48 hours depending on heat. Curious to see how the kombucha process compares.
  2. Awesome, Lady M! I found a post on one of the big kombucha supply websites recommending keeping a scoby in the fridge. I was going to send to you but I figured you'd find out soon enough! I'm going to start. 😠I've been reading, hemming and hawing and trying to decide if I'm going to do CB or batch. I didn't want to spend $ now to spend more later. I finally settled on doing a siphon CB--came to me in a fever dream--joking--and then I saw other ppl do it. Anyway. Now I don't have to mess around with a metal or plastic spigot or a gunked up spigot and I can buy a $5 beer brewing siphon when I'm ready to CB. I have a bottle of plain GT's in the fridge waiting for my vessel.
  3. Desert Rose pottery. I have all the plates too. I grew up with it and my mom was going to give it to the Goodwill. I said uh uh..I'll take it. I've used it as my only dishware for 30 years or so. •••••••••••••••• Beautiful pottery. Agreed.
  4. Aw! Cute doggins. You should be able to pick size. I learned from Nadia to pick small. I think she said there is a way to set that as default.
  5. Yes. There is a photo icon at the bottom of the screen. This is Tapatalk 2/HD. Like I said sometimes it tells you photo sharing is disabled but if you delete/reinstall it will let you post again...weird. I just mean PB serves a purpose bc I use a junk gmail account that (I hope) cannot be traced back to my name, on the off chance someone wants to stalk my Internet presence. :-\ I guess I could do the same with Picasa but PB feels more anonymous in its crappiness.
  6. " I use instagram + webstagram ." ----- What does webstagram do? I have instagram but I'm picky about what I post. Wouldn't post a pic of my rashy, veiny legs for ex. But if it's easier than my current process I'd create another account.
  7. Ha! Photobucket is ok. It's just very slow. And cluttered with ads, bad fonts, ugly photos and hideous UI. Adding them directly through tapatalk is easiest, but every once in awhile I have to delete/reinstall the app when it won't let me add photos. Still, I think that process is faster than adding to Photobucket and copying and pasting. That said, uploading photos to either PB or Picasa (3rd party app--I use one called Best Album, I'm also a photo app collector) or Flickr is faster through the phone than in the computer.
  8. If mine gets really gooky I pour it through a fine mesh strainer. No way am I wasting $4.
  9. Well supposedly kombucha is what made Lyndsay Lohan (no idea how to spell her first name and refuse to google) violate her parole mandated BAC test. I've definitely felt a buzz from even the regular (not 21+) GTs.
  10. Grolsch bottles: my aren't they useful! In high school we used to use them for another recreational activity. I can't even remember how exactly but it was something to do with smoking grass.
  11. Oh dear. Don't feel picked on. I measure in cups as well (though metric is more appealing to the part of my brain that wants my computer structure to be perfect and all my spices exactly alphabetized). Jacques Pepin uses cups in his cook books. Maybe not at home. Whatever.
  12. True. That prob would take a bunch of time. A link to a good FAQ is fine. (Just so Nadia and Susan don't have to keep answering the same Qs over.)
  13. I think that's a great idea. I know I'd appreciate it. Like an FAQ and favorite links.
  14. I'd definitely buy a SCOBY from you, Nadia. I'm sure it'd be packed up very safely--and look cute. I'm thinking of ordering one online bc I don't have patience to grow on from GTs.
  15. MM and other people who've grown a SCOBY from GT's: I've read in a couple places that since they reformulated their kombucha in 2010 it's really hard to grow a SCOBY. Have you grown yours recently? Was this the regular kombucha or the "special" GT's that's sold with beer and has a big "21 and over" label on it? This is supposedly more like the old GT's… I've only seen that variety in one place.
  16. When I quit sugar and grains (was still eating dairy) in Feb my period totally shocked me. Which never happens. I get very bad PMS and am usually weepy and paranoid for days. On my W30 my period took forever to arrive. I felt like I was 40 weeks pregnant and paying attention to every minute sensation in my body. I completely felt my lower abdomen getting heavier, filling up. I felt my mood change. Once my period arrived, it was more crampy than the previous one. My last period (post W30 but following AIP) was early and my PMS significantly less of an issue. Period also seemed shorter and less heavy.
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