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No more hot flashes! *happy dance*


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About two months before trying the Whole30, I started getting hot flashes.  I just turned 48 in April.  I went from no hot flashes in March 2013 to having up to 20 hot flashes per day/night in May 2013!


So, hot flashes quickly decreased when I started Whole30 at the end of April.  In the past week, the only time I've had a flash was when I broke Whole30 7 days ago.  I am so amazed!  I am still doing the Whole30 since I broke it 2 times in the past 40 days and have been unable to string 30 consecutive together...


I think it is sugar.  Not the dairy.  Not the grains.  Not the gluten (I've been gluten free off and on for several years).


Now, the real question:  will I be able to use honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and such with cooking after I end my Whole30 experience?  That was my goal.  I wanted to get rid of the processed, white/brown sugar, the baked goods, and the processed foods but never intended to go completely sugar free!  The days I was noncompliant, I ate the good old fashioned sugary cookie dough, ice cream and chocolate cake.   :angry:


Anybody else go through this?


I was also hoping to get my period during W30.  My period became very regular when I was Paleo for 8 months, but then disappeared in November when I fell back to eating less than optimally.  It could just be my time for menopause (augh), but I am still holding out hope that this clean eating will keep me out of menopause.  Not that I want to have children; I'm just not ready.  I did just see a post where someone said they only ovulated when they ate grains, so I have to look at that more closely.  I have had grains the days I broke W30, but other than that I've been clean.

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I am 62 and STILL having a lot of hot flashes.  They started when I was around 50.  Was on Bio-identical hormones, which were WONDERFUL and straightened me out, but had to get off of them about 3 years ago.  I have tried all kinds of things, black cohosh and all those natural supps.  Just waiting for them to stop!

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I'm the same as NH Girl. I've had them on and off for 8 years. I was also on HRT, but since I've had some breast issues, I had to stop taking them. I do think that the frequency and intensity of the hot flashes have diminished since being on W30.


However, I don't want my period back! I stopped a few times during peri-menopause and would get sad, but then when it came back, I was like, HELL NO!!!!

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