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  1. Bet

    Can I have anything at panera bread?

    They have a steak salad which is good but ask for it without cheese.
  2. Bet

    The crazy things people say

    I posted a bunch of pictures on FB of my 'gluten free Thanksgiving' and so many people commented on 'no stuffing!!!!!'. I think stuffing is aptly named. Because it would make me feel too stuffed.
  3. You turn down the office 'free' lunch because it's always some kind of food that you can't eat (and really don't want to....)
  4. Bet

    The crazy things people say

    Ugh, just had this reaction to a 'gluten free' thread on another forum (not food related) So you decided to go Gluten-Free because you saw a dietician, doctor, physician or some sort of expert, explained your issues and were given this advice?The placebo effect and confirmation bias has made this gluten-free fad an amazing financial success. I need to get my head around the next possible craze and start it soon. I should write a book on the New-Age Paleo, Gluten-Free, Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Atkins diet. All kidding and cynicism aside, if it makes you feel better good on you. I personally don't eat quite a few foods because my stomach can't handle them. I have never been tested for any allergies, or conditions though. I should probably take my own advice. Personally, I would reccommend you continue on your normal diet and start cutting out the ones that consistently bother your stomach step by step. It just peeves me that people making positive steps to control their own health are being told it's just a fad. Yeah, it's a fad that I don't want to have to go running to the bathroom a few times a week.
  5. You buy the gallon size of coconut oil (I really wanted the 5 gallon one, but hubby nixed that idea.....)
  6. Usually it dissolves or there isn't a lot of meat on them. The only time I do eat the meat is when I do a ham stock with a smoked ham hock. Yum!!!
  7. I did 400 degrees for one hour. I used this recipe for the broth and stew
  8. Thanks, I will try the vinegar and other tips! I did roast the bones first, but I might do it longer next time.
  9. Bone broth question. I have made chicken bone broth before, always on the stove, and it always gelled quite nicely. Last week I bought some grass fed beef bones and I wanted to make stew, but had to make the broth first. I put the bones in the slow cooker overnight. The broth tasted great, but didn't seem to have that much gel to it. Did I not cook it long enough or hot enough? I may try it on the stove next time.
  10. Bet

    Brand of mayonnaise ???

    Even the mayos that say they have olive oil in them also have soybean oil. I'm off eggs, so I use olive juice on tuna or canned salmon. Avocado is also good mixed in.
  11. Bet

    High Cholesterol!!!

    If you are eating eggs, make sure you get good ones, pasture eggs if you can. If not look for Egglands that have a lot Omega 3 in them.
  12. Bet

    High Cholesterol!!!

    It's not that bad, considering you had a bad diet. Now that you are on W30, if you continue, your triglycerides will do down and your HDL will go up. The food on the plan is what you need. Good fats and real food. What you were eating before is what made your cholesterol what you see there. 3 weeks is not going to make a huge change.
  13. Bet

    High Cholesterol!!!

    Celina, HDL is good, I was told the good range was 60-80, so you are good. My HDL was 69. It's really the ration to HDL/Triglicerides that is important. The closer they are, the better. I'm not sure about the protein levels, sorry.
  14. You make sure to bring your reading glasses to the supermarket so you can read all the labels carefully (while your husband stands by and rolls his eyes).
  15. Bet

    Whole30 compliant B12?

    I also take a sublingual B12, I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure it has sugar in it. I am down to 3 times a week. I was severely B12 deficient and had to have shots at one point. But with healing my gut and taking HCL (which helps to digest B12) I don't need to take it that often.