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  1. Bet

    Heal my Gut

    I would cut out FODMAPS, many cruciferous veggies are FODMAPS and cause bloating, gas and constipation. Also veggies like onions and stone fruits are also FODMAPS and can cause similar problems.
  2. Bet

    Garden over run by cucumbers!

    I love them with just some oil and salt & pepper. some balsamic is good too. I've read that cucumbers are high in silica, which is great for joint health.
  3. I have hashis (AI Thyroiditis) Sjorgens ( AI causes eye and mouth dryness) and possibly RA. When I did my first W30, I did the AIP version because I knew I already had a sensitivity to tomatoes (but I didn't realize the other nightshades). After 5 days, this awful pain in my elbow disappeared. I had injured it and then had tendinitis which kept getting worse. Now, I'm not allergic to eggs, but had been eating them every day because I had already given up grains. So now I avoid them as much as possible. Maybe just taper off the nightshades. I love peppers and eggplant. But I realized that after eating them I had issues. Eggplant actually turns my mouth numb. I never ate raw tomatoes because apparently I had a reaction when I was little and my mother put the fear of God in me so I never had them again. I've eating cooked tomato sauce without issue, but have mostly given that up.
  4. Bet

    Coffee Sugar Dragon

    I read a trick to put a pinch of salt in with the grounds to cut the bitterness. I have tried it and it seemed to work. I use coconut milk, but it's not as sweet and creamy as 1/2 and 1/2. I never put sugar in my coffee, so I guess the 1/2 and 1/2 was sweetening it.
  5. Bet

    FODMAPS- when will I feel better?

    It shouldn't take that long. I'd say a week or two max. Unless you have an underlying condition like IBS.
  6. Bet

    Hypothyroidism and Whole30

    If you are hypothyroid it may take longer for your hormones to adjust. And being sick and stressed (I think you are focusing too much on results rather than experiencing the journey). If you've been a life long junk food eater, you can't expect miracles in 30 days. W30 is a reset, it's to give you a blueprint to how you can change yourself. For me, the first time, it kicked in around day 20-25. I'm doing my 3rd right now after getting off the bandwagon a bit and felt the difference almost right away. It's different for everyone.
  7. Bet

    give into one craving?

    I was craving chocolate so bad yesterday. I stayed up late on Thursday and that put me off. I ate my regular breakfast and lunch, but started getting very yawny and almost fell asleep while driving home!!! I did add some almond butter to my dinner (baked salmon and green beans) and crunched on some raw carrots and celery. Not great, but better than downing some chocolate. Sometimes it's really tough.
  8. Bet

    Well hello bathroom

    I'm very happy here too. Never underestimate the power of a good BM.
  9. Bet

    Older women following Whole30

    Hi, I am a soon to be 58 3rd time W30er. I did two in 2013 and have been pretty good since then, but got into some bad habits lately. So I need to get back on track. I started on the 1st. This being my 3rd time, it's been a lot easier for me than the first two. I just have to stay motivated. In addition, I am doing the 10,000 steps program to try to be more active. I already feel improvement by eliminate that evil sugar dragon from my diet.
  10. I eat sweet potatoes in the morning. I prebake them and then slice up a few and heat them up. This go round, I've added in some prebaked asparagus. I have issues with greens, so I mostly eat root vegetables with some greens. But it's up to you how you feel and how many other starchy veggies you have during the day.
  11. Your TSH is high, yet your symptoms are more hyper thyroid than hypo. Are you auto-immune hypo? It is possible that by doing a W30 you have lessened the inflammation that can cause AI Hypo (Hashimoto's) and your thyroid is now working normally. Are you on any meds at all? I've had all of these symptoms when my Synthroid was increased and it was too much.
  12. Bet

    Potatoes...and arthritis?

    What Lulabelle said, white potatoes are nightshades and can cause inflammation, especially if your arthritis is the auto-immune type. Other nightshades are tomatoes, eggplant and peppers (not black pepper). Also tobacco.
  13. I'm not an athlete, but I do suffer from chronic tendinitis. I had a lot of issues with my PTT and did physical therapy for that and that helped. But I also gave myself tennis elbow pruning trees. The initial injury wasn't bad, but it stayed for months and was getting worse and worse. At times I could not lift my arm at all or hold a cup of coffee in that hand. I did my first W30 partly because I read that it may help with tendinitis. I have hashi's (auto immune thyroiditis), so I decided to do the AIP W30. 5 days with out eggs and the pain was GONE. I used to get this hot searing pain when I took a shower in the morning and went to lift my arms to wash my hair. I was in the shower and actually winced from habit when I noticed my arm did not hurt. I had gone paleo a few months before that and was eating 2 eggs for breakfast every morning. I don't completely avoid eggs, but they are not a staple in my diet. The pain has not returned. Just something to consider.
  14. Bet

    Start date Aug 1

    Breakfast day one. Coffee with coconut cream/milk. homemade pork patty, 2 slices bacon, bok choy sauteed in avacado oil and some pre-baked sweet potato with cinnamon.