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Day One- June 10


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Hello All,


I'm very excited to be 5hrs into my first day of Whole30. I have been paleo since March 1st but haven't been strict enough on myself. I have continued to enjoy my paleo sweets and alcohol.  While I have already had benefits from the paleo living I wanted to challenge myself even more. I am surrounded by many friends that follow the Whole30 lifestyle and I have seen amazing improvements to their body and abilities in the gym. I'm an avid crossfitter and seem to have hit a plateau that I hope to get over.


My weakness will be again, the sweets, my red wine and my daily coffee that I have been adding almond milk and honey to since going paleo. I have NEVER drank coffee black so wish me luck. I am excited for the changes in my body that are going to occur and look forward to the journey. 





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I'm on Day 1 too! Hitting the forums to keep me accountable. The next 30 days will be challenging! It would be great to help support each other. I think there's a support group/forum for June 10 starters...but I'm not 100% sure of where it is.


I crossfit, too. But slowly getting back into it after a hiatus.


Good luck!



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