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KEW's Post30, histamine-minimizing food log


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So, I don't know if I have histamine intolerance, but I do know that I have had hives since late December, and while anti-histamines have it sort of under control, I've had to increase my dose of anti-histamines, and it occurs to me (belatedly) that in doing W30, I have significantly increased my intake of high histamine foods, such as leftover meats, bacon, avocado, and spinach.  (I would say that I have been eating spinach 7-10 times a week, and leftover meats 8-14 times a week.)


I recently cut out tomatoes, sweet peppers, and eggplants (nightshades), and even more recently cut out seed spices (cumin, coriander, and hot peppers), which is part of the autoimmune protocol (AIP).  But having done a little more reading, I think perhaps the histamine plan may fit my case better. I'm going to go back to the allergist soon, and I may learn more, but in the interim I will try to cut significantly on the high histamine foods I am eating.


For me, this means:


NO spinach, avocado, berries (especially strawberries), citrus, tomatoes, eggs, cured meats, canned fish, leftover meats (unless they have been chilled rapidly and frozen), soy, cheese, tea, regular coffee.  


I will have some decaf, because no coffee AND no tea is just too miserable, but if I have to, I will "go there" too.  I haven't figured out whether ghee and heavy cream are potentially ok for histamines, so I will not have them for now.


Unfortunately, unbleached wheat flour and a variety of grains are low in histamines, so it's a particular challenge, I gather, to eat in a Paleo/W30 way AND reduce histamines.  Oh, well....





decaf coffee & EV coconut oil

sweet potato, coconut flour, & red palm oil  [threw out most of this, botched experiment.]

bread & wine @communion


ground beef

steak green beans

butter [froze my ghee by mistake...]

sweet potato

coconut milk



beets?  {Not sure if they were beets, came from farm share....wrong color for beets but right taste.}


Really felt a craving for the cookies left in my house the other night.  But it was more of a wistful craving than an "I gotta have it!" feeling, at least.  And I could tell it was purely emotional: frustration over the allergy thing.  I tell you, experimenting with AIP and this low-histamine approach makes me think a plain W30 would be luxury!

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Best of luck with this.  I tried a low histamine diet earlier this year for my eczema (trying to feel like I was doing something while I waited out the three months to see my dermatologist!), but that was before I discovered paleo/Whole 30 and was still eating grains so could eat things made with unbleached flour and whatnot.


Butter was ok, so I should think ghee would be fine.  Cream was out.  Though I did find lists of low-histamine foods varied a bit so who knows!


I did not get any noticeable results (and my skin had reached a point where any help I could give it was probably negligable) but from what I've read, it appears that taking this approach sees more improvement with hives than with eczema.  So you might be onto something!  Really hope you get some relief from this and soon :)

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Decaf with EVCO

ground beef, carrots, cauliflower, CO, all leftovers, but the ground beef from lunch yesterday was frozen asap rather than refrigerated.




mostly Decaf with EVCO (this is part of the whiny-pants craving pattern that has set in....)

steak (leftover, rapidly chilled)

salad mix



EVOO, rice vinegar, salt, garlic powder

1/3 sweet potato & coconut milk.



chicken breast, baby corn, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, onions, broccoli?  Something green needs to be in the mix.

Coconut aminos and oil, Red Boat fish sauce, garlic, ginger



After M2 I was plotting to make a non-Whole30 banana-egg pancake....even though I am avoiding eggs!  More whiny-pants. Sigh.

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I'm done with this thread, because I'm done with AIP and worrying about histamines in foods.  My allergist said that at least in my case, there is no solid reason to connect my symptoms with food, and having eaten a bunch of the things I was avoiding with no reaction, I have to agree.*  I don't like the idea of mystery causes, let alone no cause at all, but I'm happier living with that uncertainty than with the "glass of water" approach I was reduced to.  If the hives get more out of control and the necessary meds start to have ugly side effects, I will re-evaluate.


In the meantime, I am happy to be back to "mere" W30-style eating!  And also very grateful for all the support and good ideas in these forums!  Some fabulous people hang out here and give so generously of their time and experience.   :wub:



* Dairy and gluten provoke something of a reaction, but not allergies.  I am still off nuts and haven't bothered to test legumes in general.  I have probably been "soy'd" a little bit, but I haven't tested that specifically, which I should do soon.

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