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Weekend out of town


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Research restaurants for dining out options, review their menus online, pick 1-3 candidate entrees per place (something that looks good as is or can be easily tweaked).  Places that cook to order or offer gluten-free menus will likely be easiest. Call each place ahead of time, explain your situation (I use the "I'm on a medical elimination diet, and while I can have many foods, there are specific items I cannot have"), and ask about the entrees you selected: if they work as is or can be modified. 

If something comes with a grain/potato and vegetables, ask them to hold the grain and request a double-order of the veggies.

Make no assumptions on what anything is cooked in or whether or not it's pre-marinated (and in what) - ask.


When you're seated, ask them to hold the bread.

Call the place that is holding the wedding, speak to the catering department to request a special meal. Explain your restrictions. 

I've been gluten-free for over 6 years and this approach has worked well for me.

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