Organic Meat = Humane/Grass Fed? **Canadian Rules**

Beth Christie

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Does anyone know what the rules are if meat is labelled as organic in Canada? 


Even though I know it's a very intricate process to get Organic Labeling there doesn't seem to be a definitive checklist that says Organic Meat has to be grass-fed, allowed to free roam a certain amount per day, etc.



I hate it when the farmers websites say things like "We believe in ethically raising our animals" but don't go into any details! I want to see pictures of their happy chickens frolicking in the sunshine :)


It's so hard to find meat explicitly labelled as 'grass-fed', so it would make me all sorts of happy if organic was equal to grass-fed and humane.  


Also, I'm in Victoria BC if anyone has any hints! I usually get my meat from 




Also, what is the 'correct' diet for chickens???? Should they be 'grass-fed' too? 

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I can't speak on the Canadian meat terminology, but I do know that vegetarian fed eggs = wrong. Chickens are supposed to be scavengers, eating bugs (not vegetarian), seeds, etc. Free range (especially if you can confirm that free range is actually free range, in a pasture) or pastured are probably the best bet you have. Bugs are protein and calcium for the chickens, so you definitely want those!


(Can you tell I've been reading up? I'll have a backyard flock in two months! Squee!)

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Organic just means the animals are fed organic corn and soybeans and aren't given any antibiotics or hormones.


The meat should be labeled "pastured" or "grass-fed" In the case of beef, they mean about the same thing, but generally poultry and pigs are omnivores and will eat whatever they can get. Pigs will eat mice and bugs they find in the field, as well as tubers and roots and grass. poultry eats bugs, worms, seeds and grass (our chickens even devoured some baby pinky mice we made them aware of that had been born in their coop) We feed our chickens kitchen scraps mostly, plus they are allowed to forage around the back yard.

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