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  1. Need ideas...

    Doing my weekly meal plan and cannot find anything to make. Nothing sounds good and meets my one extra criteria beyond whole30: i cannot eat tomatoes. They cause my psoriasis to flair up horribly. I need quick, easy recipes, one pot if possible (hate finding a great protein recipe and then trying to find sides to go with it) I own every kitchen appliance except a vitamix including an instant pot, slow cooker and nu-wave oven.
  2. What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    I find that eggs as my sole protein source in a meal do not keep me full very long. If i add in some meat though, it keeps me full much longer. I am a 5'9" female, 250lbs, and i can hold 5-6 eggs in one hand (i have done it when i gather eggs from my chickens) but i have a hard time eating more than 3 eggs in a meal with fat and veggies, especially for breakfast.
  3. These are a bit too expensive to use all the time at $0.99 a pack, but they'd be great for fat as part of an emergency meal stash, or for traveling, hiking, etc.
  4. chicken pot pie

    Ok, obviously I'm not asking if I can have regular old run of the mill chicken pot pie. I haven't eaten wheat/gluten in over 3 years. When I make chicken pot pie, I skip any bottom crust because it's useless, and usually just put like a drop biscuit topping on it. I've found that cassava flour makes great biscuits and baked goods. I know that it's allowed to use alternative flours (like cassava) to make breading/coatings for meats, and I know it's ok to use them to thicken gravies and sauces, and I also know that SWYPO and paleo baked goods are out per the whole30 rules. What about a biscuit topping for chicken pot pie? Is that too much like making paleo baked goods? This would NOT be a food without breaks for me, if that helps.
  5. This might be a silly question, but do you think mixing LaCroix soda water with a little fruit juice would be allowed? What about with a little fruit juice concentrate? When I'm not on a whole30, I like to take about 1.5-2 tablespoons of juice concentrate (100% fruit juice, no added sugar) and mix it with LaCroix or other brands of similar flavored soda water. When I use the concentrate, I do not mix it in the same ratio as one would on the directions. I think it's 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water. I do about 2 tablespoons (1/8 of a cup or 1 ounce) to a 12 ounce can of LaCroix, so it's more diluted than if I was following the directions for reconstituting the juice on the package. Thank you
  6. RX Bar Discount! (limited time)

    I tried the apple cinnamon one, just more out of curiosity than anything else (I was not on a whole30 at the time) and I thought it was rather good. I didn't find it too sweet either. The texture was a bit odd, but overall it wasn't bad. I prefer having an Epic bar around for emergency protein, but they have added sugar in them, so they are out for whole30 (at least the Bison one, which is my favorite, and one of the few I can eat because it is Nightshade free) so the RX bars would probably be my second choice.
  7. How to drink tea on Whole30???

    Natural flavors are fine. LaCroix sparkling water is endorsed by Whole30 and it has natural flavors.
  8. How to drink tea on Whole30???

    When I went on vacation to Seattle in October with my best friend, we went to Teavana and bought about $130 worth of tea. My favorite so far is the "Spice of Life" it's got cardamom, coriander, white tea leaves, cinnamon sticks, coconut flakes, and dehydrated apple chunks in it. If you try green or white teas, make sure you brew them at lower temps and for shorter times than black or herbal teas. Green and white teas are much more delicate and can scald and become bitter and burnt tasting if brewed in water that is too hot, or if allowed to steep too long. Both should be brewed at about 175 degrees. Green tea should be steeped for only about 1-2 minutes, and white for 2-3 minutes. Flavored teas should be steeped on the longer end of the scale, plain teas on the shorter end of the scale. Oolong and black tea should be steeped at about 195 degrees for 2-3 minutes, and herbal and rooibos teas can be steeped in water just off the boil (208-210 degrees) for 5-6 minutes.
  9. Chipotle pork carnitas copycat

    I find that roasting in the crock pot causes a nice crust on the outside of the roast, so I don't broil it or anything like that. Juniper berries are what flavors Gin, so if you've ever had that, that's what they taste like.
  10. I based this on the ingredient statement from Chipotle, and used the technique from nom nom paleo's Kalua pig. It's one of my favorite things to make. 2-4lb. pork shoulder roast about 1/2 to 3/4 tsp. salt per pound of meat (the finer the salt, the less you'd use) black pepper 1- 1 1/2 tbs. juniper berries 3-4 bay leaves 3-4 sprigs fresh thyme Place the pork roast in a crock pot and sprinkle all over with salt and lots of black pepper (lots!) scatter juniper berries, thyme, and bay leaves around the roast. Cover and cook on low for 8-16 hours (I usually do 9-10 hours, but the Kalua pig recipe says 16) Once the pork is finished, remove from the pot and place in a bowl. Pick out the bay leaves, juniper berries, and thyme sticks and shred with two forks. Strain the liquid left in the crock pot into a bowl and then add a little liquid at a time to the pork until the seasoning is to your liking.
  11. What bowl do you use for your salads?

    I use this from world market. While it's labled a serving bowl, it's much smaller than most serving bowls. Its about the same size as the bowls they serve pho in at vietnamese restaurants.
  12. Alternative flours

    Cassava flour? I've just discovered it as an alternative flour and I'm loving it, it allowed me to make the most incredible fried onions to go on my green bean casserole for christmas. Could I use it to lightly bread chicken or fish while on a whole30? Or what about thickening a sauce? It works awesome for that too. I realize using it to make pancakes, muffins, or tortillas (or fried onion rings for that matter) is not in the spirit of a whole30 (though it makes fantastic tortillas and onion rings) but if I remember correctly it's acceptable to use things like almond meal or coconut flour to bread meats, so I'm guessing Cassava flour is ok too if used just for a light breading on meats?

    I'll actually be starting on 12/31 because that's my first day off of a 4 day weekend, and i would like to get the carb flu out of the way as best I can before I have to go back to work. I've been really bad these last few months and I really need to get back on track. I'll be doing a modified AIP whole30, as I react to Nightshades and some nuts and seeds. will there be an official FB group as well like there was last year?
  14. I'm doing a few things for exercise. I have a video set by Beachbody called Turbofire that is mostly HIIT and cardio with 3 resistance band strength training workouts, plus I have a kettlebell that I swing around and I do bodyweight squats, pushups, lunges, etc. On Sunday I did a 30 minute cardio workout, so I think that's why I was so hungry yesterday. I'd like to workout in the morning, but there's so many mornings I just can't make myself get out of bed until 7, even if I set my alarm for earlier. It's funny you mention eating a can of tuna, yesterday I was craving kipper snacks. I even have a can of them in my cupboard, I think I'll throw them in my lunch bag, maybe with some guac to have too. I know I can lose weight while not being hungry for hours, but I still don't want to overdo it. And I definitely could stand to drink more water. The big issue is that my job is pretty fast paced and sometimes I forget to take breaks to go drink water. Maybe I can set an alarm on my phone to remind me. And I can't have water next to me, as I work in a lab. Thanks for the suggestions!
  15. I started working out again after almost 2 years of not doing any sort of exercise. So far it hasn't been an issue eating like I always have, but today I was SO HUNGRY. I get up at 7, have breakfast around 7:45 (3 eggs, 2 slices bacon chopped up and sauteed with brussels sprouts, about 1/2 cup, and about 1 cup sweet potato hashbrowns, fried in ghee) I start work at 8:30. At about 11, I was already getting hungry. Normally I am fine until lunch. I made it to lunch at 12:30 and had about 1.5 palm-sized portions of dark meat roast chicken, about 1/2 cup roasted kabocha squash, and a half pound of green beans with ghee and garlic, an orange, and a LaCroix lemon soda water. It was a huge amount of food and I was totally full, until 4:00 and I was hungry again. Dinner was a bit hectic and a bit late, around 7pm and was a ribeye steak, salad with kalamata olives and red wine vinaigrette, and sweet potato hashbrowns in ghee, plus another orange. Lastnight I ate like normal and was starving before bed and had to eat something so I could get to sleep. While I did not work out tonight, I did work out yesterday. I'm thinking I'm just burning more calories and my body is hungry. However, I am trying to lose weight, I have about 40 pounds to lose. I either get up in the morning and work out early, in which case breakfast basically is my post workout meal, or I workout in the evening after dinner, (usually 6-7pm) then I work out around 8-9, and go to bed at 10. So...when do I fit in pre and post workout meals? Pre workout meal in the morning is fine, I can have a HB egg or something before I workout as soon as I get up, but I can't eat 2 breakfasts in the span of an hour before I get to work. And then after work, I eat, workout, go to bed in a span of 4 hours?